Amazing Grace on Bagpipes

A police department drum corps playing Amazing Grace on bagpipes at a memorial service in Dallas, Texas earlier this year.

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Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
The earliest Irish mention of the bagpipe is in 1206, approximately thirty
years after the Anglo-Norman invasion. Obviously the instrument began to
catch on in Ireland but as to whether it was the English or French variant,
is anyone's guess. It certainly was not the Scottish Great Highland pipe,
the Piob Mor, because that instrument had yet to work it's way up from
England. Both England and France used the bagpipe in processions

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
As part of the plantation scheme, English customs were introduced to the
young people. English dancing, music and language began to supplant the old
Gaelic ways and customs. Ireland now became an indoor society and much less
warlike. As there was no longer a need for loud instruments and bardic
traditions, the harp and great drone bagpipe fell out of use. Young Irish
people became more attached to the soft pastoral sound of the English
Northumbrian and Scottish Border Pipe of the planters

Author kolotion (6 years)
as i am a scotish man i have to say that this is some of my family's best
music!this song has been used around the world by us scotts this is also
known as the freedom song

Author evo1dee4life (5 years)

Author cycloneCJproducts (5 years)
I hate that humming sound!!! but like everything else

Author Francis Conway (4 years)
Life is the most important thing you can have,Horrors happens during
wars,it has happen for decades or even centuries,but Heroes were born as
well,like the helicopter pilot,a world in peace would be the best thing to
have but is an uthopia,they are three types of soldiers who fight a war,the
blood thirsty beasts who kill for fun,the average soldier who kills to live
or to protect ,and the Heroes like the helicopter you mentioned
before,all life is sacred.

Author Luis Eduardo Valverde Marín (5 years)
So Do I!!

Author Tigger137 (7 years)
The humming your hearing is the drones you stupid Yank, they're meant to
sound like that.

Author Rodd Bawcum (5 years)
Who are you? The friggen bagpipe police?

Author fightinscot (5 years)
The "humming" sound is made by the drones, they are part of the pipes, all
will do it.

Author traustifreyr (5 years)
Im from Iceland and I dont know what it is but bagpipes touch every fiber
of my soul. There is surely, no greater instrument.

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
In later periods it was not always called "clogging", being known variously
as flat-footing, foot-stomping, buck dancing, clog dancing, jigging, or
other local terms. What all these had in common was emphasizing the
downbeat of the music by enthusiastic footwork

Author Achey (7 years)
poor show most of them are out of tune come on america atleast try to learn
how to play properly

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
there is no gaelic culture here ...... this is british culture .... English
and lowland scots ... not gaelic ... tartan isn't even gaelic

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
The dance has origins in Wales and England. In the fifteenth century the
all-wooden clog was replaced by a leather-topped shoe with a one-piece
wooden bottom. By the 16th century a more conventional leather shoe with
separate wooden pieces on the heel and toe called "flats" became popular,
from where the terms "heel and toe" and "flat footing" derive

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
it was wrote by an Englishman called john newton

Author hedburgfan115 (5 years)
i love the sound of the bagpipes its simply spectacular

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
Both in the USA and in England clog dancing was also known as "buck and
wing" dancing. The "wing" referred to is the step where a foot is kicked
out to one side, striking the ground as it goes

Author Karkat Vantas (4 years)
survival is a war without end..and As for war...war never changes... RIP my
fellow soldiers,you may rest in gods arms now were I know you are safe and
away from danger...

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
For the Appalachian tunes...have far more affinity with the normal English
folk-tune than with that of the Gaelic-speaking Highlander

Author cjemeterio (5 years)
the pipes all ways make me think of GOD and our fight for FREEDOM and LIFE

Author Consensual Conservatism (5 years)
Eh hem, the heritage of the bag pipes when it comes to the police
departments originates from the original irish officers.

Author familymahoneII (4 years)
reminds me of star trek 2

Author bflyte (6 years)
beautifully done.

Author zhuowu (7 years)
very good~~am asian buy like it thank you for post this~~

Author reseik (7 years)
i'm french, but i like it

Author punchdrunkatheist (5 years)
Right, the majority of white ethnicity in the states is German and

Author ttusdeath67 (6 years)
america has let in so many immagrants and fought vienam for the french and
we lost 58,000 men for them so you can shut the fuck up

Author Cybermiel2 (7 years)
AWESOME :) Yes sir :)

Author unionfallen (5 years)
can your "kings" play pipes? if not, I'm entitled to pipe culture more than
them...are you actually from the UK? I am...moved to the US 2 years ago for

Author girltube5318008 (6 years)
yeah William Wallace FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Author richysigh (6 years)
yes I have to that this is Beautiful my Mother,s from England I was in the

Author jennifertbby (4 years)
Much respect for our troops from Alabama and also a ton of Scottish pride:)

Author Mang Led McGee (7 years)
Reread my comment, please... Do you understand now? It is not at all about
the song any more, its about people getting off track, way the hell off
track. No one else will listen to 'em so they have to resort to posting off
topic stuff. Believe me i treasure this song and have heard it many times
on occasions that press my heart and soul to sorrow as well to great joy at
the very tune of its beauty. The bagpipes themselves represent a long
history and pride for many as well as me.

Author Seanmurdoch66 (5 years)
no just Murdoch . . .

Author John Smith (5 years)

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
Despite the implication of this commonly used name, the Irish flute is not
an instrument indigenous to Ireland.[3] It is in fact an English version of
a transverse wooden flute long-known as the German flute, modified by the
English, and radically changed by English inventor and flautist Charles
Nicholson Jr.[4][5] It was Nicholson's father, Charles Sr

Author texasiraqveteran (5 years)
the kilgore clan loves em

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
There is no evidence for the expression Uilleann or "ellen" being used
prior to the twentieth century, the Irish simply referred to it as "the
bagpipe" or "the bagpipes". However, nationalism and romance required a new
Gaelic association. We may be certain that the new Irish pastoral pipe is
not ancient

Author Jenny F (5 years)
sliante (cheers in gaelic) to that

Author njmiller31 (7 years)
No offense taken. Why in the world would we take offense to a closed minded
person of any nation. But hey, I guess not every country can call
themselves the "Melting Pot" of the planet. Don't worry... we'll still let
you guys watch our movies and back out of our wars.

Author DRfinest02 (5 years)
Damn, I want a kilt so bad. I am not a Scotsman but I love the bag pipes
and the kilts

Author michiganfireman (6 years)
I weep at funerals when I hear this song. It is very moving. I get
goosebumps thinking about it.

Author willyz611 (6 years)
hearing this song on the bagpipes always hits a nerve with me, it brings a
tear to my eye

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
even the song is English ... LOL

Author Eugene Evans (2 years)
I love amzing grace on bagpipes, I cried very hard when they played it at
my aunts funeral. three years ago. she was a major in the army many years

Author airsoftbuddy83 (3 years)
@BUGWEZZY idk where u live, duh, but see if there are any local pipe and
drum bands in your area. i'm sure someone in the band would be happy to
teach you some basics

Author LoveBagpipes (5 years)
The hand movements are very out of synch with the sound :-(((( I also think
you need to find a better frequency to tune at - in my humble opinion

Author HelelbenShahar86 (7 years)
i wasn't talking about scotland becouse my mother is from there... i was
talking about USA. Im sorry for this misunderstood

Author anglobrit smyth (1 year)
The border origin of the Scotch-Irish is supported by study of the
traditional music and folklore of the Appalachian Mountains, settled
primarily by the Scotch-Irish in the 18th century. Musicologist Cecil Sharp
collected hundreds of folk songs in the region, and observed that the
musical tradition of the people "seems to point to the North of England, or
to the Lowlands, rather than the Highlands, of Scotland, as the country
from which they originally migrated

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