1200 HORSEPOWER worth of pulling in the snow! A MUST WATCH

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Author A MaC (7 months)
Carnage. Looks fun

Author Nathan Roberts (3 months)
Cummings shits on them all.. 

Author lucas young (3 months)
description is such a fail 1200 hp.... OK

Author tyler clawsonn (6 months)
Way to go Dodge ram fu ford

Author Drake Quigley (5 months)
So who won? Just doing a big ass donut!

Author Bateristain805 (6 months)
Look at all the pointless fanboys. You know nothing about cars. It wouldn't
even be logical to sit here and tell you guys about trucks just because you
would talk out of your ass and go fanboy mode.

Author Shafiq Maaskamp (5 months)
lol hill billys fighting on each others truck. at the same time they all
drive the same type of trucks. i love dodge ram laramie and the sport
version.. i also like the ford raptor and the F650, im sure the F650 would
win with even less HP, it has 350HP or something but the weight of the
truck is heavyer than the trucks in this video,, it also has 4 rear tires
like a semi truck and you need weight to get gripp on ur tires

Author dada lala (4 months)
go do that on paved roads.

Author Lucas Meyer (5 months)
modded to the walls dodge vs ford, dodge wins, same dodge vs GMC , GMC says
"fuck you junk" snaps chain!!!

Author Jacob Ford (6 months)
And this is how global warming is made. 

Author Kyle Bullard (16 days)

Author XD65 (27 days)
Dodge FTW

Author g00dl00kinb0i (1 month)
That RAM 3500HD tuning on axis in snow and blowing exhaust up in the air is
a fucking savage, stupid but a savage :)

Author brent morrison (7 months)
Can't believe the chain lasted that long

Author Chris Boerstra (6 months)
How bout them church parking lots lol

Author cosmo olversatil (1 month)
my testosterone levels went up 100% by watching this video

Author romfreely (5 months)
give the south some snow watch hat happens 

Author Republican Pachyderm (2 months)
The original is from DIeselSellerz.

Author Cam Hickerson (2 months)
Truth be told people think these kind of games show off a trucks utter
power.. when in reality.. its not all about the power. Though yes power is
a thing, its mainly about the vehicles traction. The more powerful truck
can power its wheels forward as much as it wants but if the weaker truck
has better tires than the weaker truck is going to win regardless. Want a
fair fight? Put both trucks in the same tires, size and everything.. and
put them both on nothing but hardcore blacktop so that it is completely
even when it comes to the traction. Once these conditions are met.. then,
may the best truck win ;).

Author m2350 (3 months)
well id like to say that wasn't a waste of time but...

Author vanpenguin22 (3 months)
Clean green technology!

Author ITZEXILE1 (7 months)
yall stupid Chevys a good truck Ford's a good truck and dodge wall sorry
RAM is a good truck

Author chris scott (7 months)
i wanna hook mine up

Author Kevin M (5 months)
their dancing

Author brent morrison (7 months)
And whoever said ram won it didn't outpull tge other trucks even if the
modified ram clearly won that means it just had a little more weight or
traction just my two cents all nice trucks tho

Author cosmo olversatil (1 month)
ok horsepower is important, but torque is what gets to you on a truck. 

Author Ethan Johnson (8 months)
Its fanboys like you ppl upping the power of all these. Can't tow more than
10k the lot of you by law. We are going to have 600hp 1000tq 100k$ stock
trucks by 2025 that grenade every 5k miles. Even though they will never go
over 26,000 gcwr unless they add a set of tandemns.

Meanwhile you have sandnigs running 150hp 1/2 tons with AA guns in the
back, overthrowing dictators making you guys look like chumps.

Author SN34 (25 days)

Thats a GMC

Author jtm11995 (7 months)
This.. Is the American way of life

Author esther Adame (27 days)
The black was a GMC not a ford?!?!

Author chris driscoll (4 months)
Gmc is by far the best then fords then fuck dodge 

Author Fabio Quirino (20 days)
Cars in USA are cheap. God bless America !!!!! :o)

Author outback1424 (4 months)
All I see is dodge diesel winning 

Author oneshot1k1 (5 months)
Dodge had the wheels turned the whole time controlling the other trucks
making circles...sick!! 

Author Tristain Mccutcheon (5 months)
okay well this is a diesel vs a non diesel. thats what happens. diesel is
more torque and heavier which matters in pulls

Author ORios (6 months)
yeah to bad the dodge and gm cant build their own pay back the
tax payers money,

Author kubotamaniac (4 months)
Wow! That was a really true scientific experience! We all learned tuns of
interesting things with this video….

Author Dragonwolf560 (8 months)
I'm going to double check but I think the Dodge pooped out a Tundra about
halfway through that video.

Author Tim Pham (7 months)
everyone who think ford or cheavy or gmc is the best but the over all
winner is dodge now stop ur lil idc and ur no cheavy/ford/gmc is better

Author Ed L (6 months)
Bunch of fags. Stupid people doing stupid shit. Bet these douchebags are in
Alberta where every oilfield punk has a big gay lifted truck. All noise and
no power. 

Author Tyler Brooks (6 months)
That cummings was blowin smoke out the side and the stacks and that
powerstroke wasn't even smokin!! Another for ford. 

Author Tim Mounce (6 months)
Ram will always be an off brand!

Author Michael Moeller (8 months)
Too bad Ford makes both these motors.. Therefore Ford wins always! ;) 

Author Dl Jones (8 months)
D ead
O r
D ying
G uttles
E ngine

C racked
H eads
E very
V alve
R attles
O il
L eaks
E very
T ime

FORD Found Off Road Digging
Rescuing Dodges

Author fallsgrave (6 months)
The real test comes in 100,000 miles when the Dodge's shitty power-train
spills its guts and the tranny goes out.

Author logan klein (6 months)
dang that's wicked tug of war. who won?

Author Kevin Noneman (7 days)

Author Dan Gomes (10 days)
screw you guys, i got a Freightliner

Author ALLxoxoxoxo (10 days)
You can say mine is better because of the name on the side, but there are
too many factors to put a blanket statement on it for that reason alone.
1200 HP don't care if they are made by Chevy Dodge Ford Lamborghini or
Suzuki. Who had a bad last night when they were building that part that
went to that part that was part of that assembly etc. etc. or on the
vehicle assembly line. Did the guy bolting on that aftermarket part do it
right? Get it tight. is it the right one? Who's got the best tires. Who's
got his wheels turned and throwing the other truck like a toy? Sounds like
he got it One Piece at a Time!!

Author rob dub (14 days)
love this vid

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