1200 HORSEPOWER worth of pulling in the snow! A MUST WATCH

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Author Nathan Roberts (6 months)
Cummins shits on them all.. 

Author brazelle barajas (2 months)
Dodge beats everything!! That's all muscle baby, I should know I have a

Author rollinupgoood (1 month)
what is that a stock f350 vs a stacked up dodge? lol 

Author pass dtedr (17 days)

Author lucas young (5 months)
description is such a fail 1200 hp.... OK

Author Fabio Quirino (3 months)
Cars in USA are cheap. God bless America !!!!! :o)

Author rafael vergara (21 day)
Love the ram with the smoke staks

Author FishingTheGreatLakes (1 month)
Dodge is just straight up killin the competition :) 

Author Josie Wales (22 days)
Truck dancing.

Author Hunter The Redneck (1 month)
Fords suck and Chevys are way better. 

Author Deoxus5023 (1 month)
Dodge fucking owns.

Author RosterPlays ~ Quit ~ Back Later Nerds (1 month)
is it just me or can you even hear the ford? fucking fords are pieces of
shit and sound liek smart cars

Author Austin Peavey (1 month)
Take that you pice of fucking shit ford fuck fords

Author cosmo olversatil (1 month)
i became a man watching this.

Author Cam Hickerson (5 months)
Truth be told people think these kind of games show off a trucks utter
power.. when in reality.. its not all about the power. Though yes power is
a thing, its mainly about the vehicles traction. The more powerful truck
can power its wheels forward as much as it wants but if the weaker truck
has better tires than the weaker truck is going to win regardless. Want a
fair fight? Put both trucks in the same tires, size and everything.. and
put them both on nothing but hardcore blacktop so that it is completely
even when it comes to the traction. Once these conditions are met.. then,
may the best truck win ;).

Author bigtruckseriesreview . (2 months)

Author William Stewart (3 days)
The w goes to dodge

Author Nightimeglobe5 (1 hour)
Circles were all going in circles

Author CHRIS NIRO (4 days)

Author Tyler Sparkles (9 days)
GO FORD we tossed that piece of shit and tin Dodge around.

Author 35CreeperPwner (11 days)
Ring around the Rosie.

Author Nico Syufy (8 days)
All I see is a Canadian built Ram spewing unburnt fuel and a Ford ruining
the Ram's day, as a stock truck. I realize Cummins is a better engine
manufacturer but Dodge sucks at chasis and body.

Author Kyle Bullard (2 months)

Author jr andablo (13 days)
that fucking dodge looks like a fucking monster

Author GBBbeta (6 days)

Author todd j (15 days)
Doesy doe

Author Leonardo Mateos (4 days)
Cummins wins by far haha but then again it's a ford 

Author sldl04 (4 days)

Author Royal Aust (11 days)
i'll buy Chevy for its gas motors, but for diesel I'll definately buy

Author knightryderbelow (15 days)
Now that looks like fun

Author Iamastronomy (20 days)
If the gmc had better tires that would of won super easy
I want to see them verse me with my 600 hp durmax dually 

Author XD65 (3 months)
Dodge FTW

Author g00dl00kinb0i (3 months)
That RAM 3500HD tuning on axis in snow and blowing exhaust up in the air is
a fucking savage, stupid but a savage :)

Author Joe Morin (20 days)
that's some expensive toys these boys have

Author RiderSteel (22 days)
Hey meatheads, if you look closely looks as though the Dodge and Ford are a
Tie as neither is gaining ground. The Dodge vs the Chevy the Chevy is the
clear loser. 

Author jose elias (22 days)
Ford echo boost all day 

Author Jennifer Natalie (27 days)
Look at these idiots just burning diesel away, if I had a truck that nice I
wouldn't be trying to blow my motor up.

Author SIKKMAD3 (29 days)

Author zachn11 (29 days)
Even though this looked AMAZING, someone could have died when that chain
broke, little tip for ya, next time, use a nylon rope designed for pulling,
that broken chain link flying through the air is DEADLY after having that
much force exerted onto it. 

Author slowzoe85 (1 month)
Definitely a tie between the Cummins & Powerstroke I'd say.

Author Shafiq Maaskamp (7 months)
lol hill billys fighting on each others truck. at the same time they all
drive the same type of trucks. i love dodge ram laramie and the sport
version.. i also like the ford raptor and the F650, im sure the F650 would
win with even less HP, it has 350HP or something but the weight of the
truck is heavyer than the trucks in this video,, it also has 4 rear tires
like a semi truck and you need weight to get gripp on ur tires

Author Jacob Ford (8 months)
And this is how global warming is made. 

Author Brayden Cromar (1 month)
dumb rednecks

Author mr lemon (1 month)
That was doge and gmc!!!:-(

Author fly000125 (1 month)
that ram looks badass

Author Black Hawk (1 month)
Everyone is arguing about which truck is better and I just wanna know the
name of the song?!?!?!

Author ej nieto (1 month)
freaking cool

Author iRateAt308 (1 month)
I love the beach boys..

Author halo5fan123 (1 month)
Gmc......never heard of it

Author Frank D (1 month)
Better bring daddy's trucks home

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