1200 HORSEPOWER worth of pulling in the snow! A MUST WATCH

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Author m2350 (14 days)
well id like to say that wasn't a waste of time but...

Author lucas young (17 days)
description is such a fail 1200 hp.... OK

Author vanpenguin22 (19 days)
Clean green technology!

Author Nathan Roberts (24 days)
Cummings shits on them all.. 

Author romfreely (2 months)
give the south some snow watch hat happens 

Author Shafiq Maaskamp (2 months)
lol hill billys fighting on each others truck. at the same time they all
drive the same type of trucks. i love dodge ram laramie and the sport
version.. i also like the ford raptor and the F650, im sure the F650 would
win with even less HP, it has 350HP or something but the weight of the
truck is heavyer than the trucks in this video,, it also has 4 rear tires
like a semi truck and you need weight to get gripp on ur tires

Author Drake Quigley (2 months)
So who won? Just doing a big ass donut!

Author Lucas Meyer (2 months)
modded to the walls dodge vs ford, dodge wins, same dodge vs GMC , GMC says
"fuck you junk" snaps chain!!!

Author dada lala (1 month)
go do that on paved roads.

Author jeffrey gussman (8 hours)

Author xXMAXIMIZMANAMEXx (3 days)

Author Zeke Delgado (3 days)
i just wasted 3 minuts of my life thats a very stupid video didnt prove a
dam thing ....

Author Brian Hamilton (4 days)
These pissing contests are never a measure of power, they're a measure of
who weighs more and has more traction. So all of the "Yeah that Cummins has
all the power!" comments are worthless.

Author Mechanical Engineer (6 days)
ford and dodge are equal but chevy lost lol

Author Nick Arnold (6 days)

Author Dennis Cunningham (4 days)
Whoooo dodge!!!!

Author steven memez (8 days)
nobody won. just a huge ass donut haha

Author Marco Montana (14 days)

Author Roger Dolan (11 days)
Probably the most badass dodge ive ever see 

Author Seth Watson (19 days)
Is this your entry into the "Dipshit of the Year" contest? Not even a valid
contest since is on something slippery. Once all tires are spinning, it's

Author Salts (19 days)
don't take truck pulls to seriously ..comes down to traction in most cases

Author illbreakthat (18 days)
No one won that, although the Chev did fall back only when he hit the

Author payaso1393 (22 days)
song name.?

Author SaveEarth StopCorruption (23 days)
that dodge isnt stock, to test the capabilities all of the trucks should
run stock. might as well supercharge one of them and see which one wins

Author SpockMcoy Issmart (2 months)
a lot of money in trucks there.......

Author Mark Vlazny (22 days)
What a bunch of Goobers. What does that say other than you boneheads like
to rip up your parents yard and spew exhaust all over like an old rickety
ass train?

Must be real proud.

Author lance sullivan (26 days)
well i wish i knew how to post a big Ram sticker! woo hoo!!!!! if yyou want
to see which one is built tougher,obviously the cummins is the bet diesel
but anyways check out the ram 3500 vs f350 frame flex test. in the "heavy
duty class" ram ram ram!

Author Max Christenson (13 days)
Knew that dodge would rip it

Author John ming (1 month)
damm redneck!

Author TwistedWayzSoCal (2 months)
Hell ya!!!!! Beautiful!!!

Author ZesmaGaming (2 months)
i like dodge 

Author chris driscoll (1 month)
Gmc is by far the best then fords then fuck dodge 

Author FeuerToifel (2 months)
dancing trucks!

Author taglionilives (2 months)
So do diesels burn bituminous or lignite coal for fuel?

Author Lego504BoyTv (2 months)
They doing spin a war

Author cmac brown (2 months)
Lmao at the idiot talking about global warming

Author outback1424 (1 month)
All I see is dodge diesel winning 

Author oneshot1k1 (2 months)
Dodge had the wheels turned the whole time controlling the other trucks
making circles...sick!! 

Author DragonHawk45 (1 month)
I think this is a good analogy for the arguments about whats a better
truck, you're just arguing in circles, they're all badass!

Author ZetaReticulli1 (1 month)
next time take a tripod, also if you can find this camera man, please run
him over, useless retard shakes like he has parkinsons

Author Wannabe G-String (2 months)
How in the hell did i get from homemade sex toys to got his dick stuck then
to barbara walters nipslip, and here I am? 

Author Babi Tre (1 month)
There all great here. The dodge is a little bit more in control than the
gmc and ford. But there all badasses!!

Author Tristain Mccutcheon (2 months)
okay well this is a diesel vs a non diesel. thats what happens. diesel is
more torque and heavier which matters in pulls

Author kubotamaniac (1 month)
Wow! That was a really true scientific experience! We all learned tuns of
interesting things with this video….

Author Bryon Buhecker Jr (2 months)
This why women live longer. A real test is cross country long haul test
with max weight MA to CA . This could have a close call moment. 

Author Redemption HD (5 months)
I was talking about the PowerStroke diesel engine for mid size trucks...

Author TheBigdog69420 (5 months)
that's a lie ford trucks had diesel engines in them before 1994! u don't
know anything about fords

Author foolongtea (5 months)
I think these guys are on to a new way to cultivate.

Author Sup3r6f0ur (6 months)
This is the first time I've seen a dodge beat a Chevy or a Ford in tug of
war, Normaly Fords dominate and sometimes Chevys, never a dodge.

Author Cody Clark (6 months)
haha that is so cool the Dodge and the Ford

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