1200 HORSEPOWER worth of pulling in the snow! A MUST WATCH

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Author ornithoptr62 (1 month)
These people are the cause of global warming

Author Aaron James (26 days)
If only Dodge would just swallow their pride and buy into Allison 1000's to
put behind the Cummins; I would gladly buy one. 

Author reese whittaker (8 days)
Ring around the rosy

Author odinsmeadhorn (1 month)
I got caught shoplifting at the chevy dealership.

Author Nathan Roberts (7 months)
Cummins shits on them all.. 

Author Duck (1 month)
People be like "cars only produce pure carbon no pollution there"

Author Hunter The Redneck (3 months)
Fords suck and Chevys are way better. 

Author brazelle barajas (3 months)
Dodge beats everything!! That's all muscle baby, I should know I have a

Author Roman Fedorov (1 month)
Dude hold your balls before I rip them off that is not a tug a war a tug a
war is when tow trucks go straight
This is some kind of rig around the rose
Ford built For Over Running Dodge ford get let them go

Author CanadianBoy234 (3 months)
is it just me or can you even hear the ford? fucking fords are pieces of
shit and sound liek smart cars

Author rollinupgoood (2 months)
what is that a stock f350 vs a stacked up dodge? lol 

Author pass dtedr (2 months)

Author lucas young (7 months)
description is such a fail 1200 hp.... OK

Author Fabio Quirino (4 months)
Cars in USA are cheap. God bless America !!!!! :o)

Author rafael vergara (2 months)
Love the ram with the smoke staks

Author FishingTheGreatLakes (3 months)
Dodge is just straight up killin the competition :) 

Author Deoxus5023 (3 months)
Dodge fucking owns.

Author hermit guy (5 days)
that is one of the best lookin dodges i have seen

Author Christina Perdue (3 days)

Author Dj Smith (1 day)
If u wanna haul a heavy load get a chevy, if u wanna swallow a heavy load
get a ford ...

Author fuq yeuh (12 days)
you could probably get people to pay for shit like this hahaha

Author david stewart (12 days)
Haha this was a good video.

Author Austin Peavey (2 months)
Take that you pice of fucking shit ford fuck fords

Author Darren Betker (13 days)
Who was the dimwit that thought this would turn out any other way?? Snow!!!
Fuckin idiots!!!!!!!!

Author bryst0n (14 days)
Definitely one of the better tug of war vids out there 

Author Likasumboodie DROME (15 days)
And there goes 100$ worth of gasoline!

Author cosmo olversatil (3 months)
i became a man watching this.

Author Jim Marcum (12 days)
that's what I like to see. some stupid asses take 50,000 dollar pickups
and tear the hell out of them. real smart.

Author aimene hakim (23 days)
yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh bro......that's my life oohhhh fuck

Author I'm Jaymaladee (26 days)
fucking americans man 

Author Rueben Cross (19 days)
I can smell the toxic fumes from here! Damn that's a lot of smoke! Cool vid

Author masterbrice (20 days)
2:23 If that dude fell out of the car he would have been squashed. Bad idea
even if your only trying to show off. 

Author Blancaa waz here/_\ (21 day)

Author Erik R (25 days)
Interesting video, not much of a tug of war, like the way the ram looks, me
personally if this video is trying to prove something it isn't but
a entertaining video none the less. Now when it comes to choosing a truck I
would list it like this only cause I'm a fan of the big three (before ram
went Italian) it would be a 80's model chevy, a late 90's model dodge ram,
and a current 2010's ford. this is my opinion but I think ford has the best
current model out right now, not including the redesigned chevy. Now why
wouldn't I chose a current ram or chevy model, because ram is not American
anymore and chevy has way to many recalls right now and I kind of prefer
the current redesigned gmc.

Author Cam Hickerson (7 months)
Truth be told people think these kind of games show off a trucks utter
power.. when in reality.. its not all about the power. Though yes power is
a thing, its mainly about the vehicles traction. The more powerful truck
can power its wheels forward as much as it wants but if the weaker truck
has better tires than the weaker truck is going to win regardless. Want a
fair fight? Put both trucks in the same tires, size and everything.. and
put them both on nothing but hardcore blacktop so that it is completely
even when it comes to the traction. Once these conditions are met.. then,
may the best truck win ;).

Author 404marc (29 days)
I want my 1:44 back. This is just stupid. 

Author modernwarfare2204 (1 month)
That fords a ragdoll 

Author bigtruckseriesreview . (3 months)

Author Jonny kaeningsegg (1 month)
I Like Every Truck Brand. I don't understand why people think one truck is
better than the other Lmao, Fords frames like to twist, Dodges Tranny's
like to break, and Chevy's have electrical problems and tend to catch
fire. So How is one Brand Better when all three have Problems? Because one
has stacks and a Programmer and the other doesn't?

Author KY Mech (1 month)
If you really want a build , get Jessie and the boys up in PA do a build
for you.Warren Diesel are the masters, everone else are just catching up.

Author wq1299 (1 month)
I gotta say this make about as much sense as the no sense these guys have.

Author Rod Petersen (1 month)
Put it this way. When you buy a Dually who cares about gas milage. My built
454 will tear those trucks up !

Author 2MUCHGOBBAGOOL (1 month)
red red red red redneck!

Author John Fisher (1 month)
this is should be under the gay category in pornhub

Author Justin Bikowski (1 month)
Thats not a ford it says GMC 😐

Author Billy Rohrbough (1 month)
Must...contain...testosterone...Gotta' say, for a stock F-350 going up
against a jacked up Ram, that Ford is pretty damned powerful. 

Author William Stewart (1 month)
The w goes to dodge

Author Nightimeglobe5 (1 month)
Circles were all going in circles

Author Cyrus O Jones (1 month)
I always do dodge ALL THE TIME but that monster Ram brook that chain lol

Author CHRIS NIRO (1 month)

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