Lego Digital Designer 20th Century Fox Logo

Well I think you all know what 20th Century Fox is.
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Author PolskiPRO ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (20 days)

Author connor marston-neal (4 months)

Author Jessecostoya72 (1 month)
The lego of 20th Century Fox logo.

Author Angeltope100 (3 years)

Author samusthpf (3 years)
@tek32272 :D not really ;)

Author Shane Toon (2 years)
how u get that 20th century fox i need it . i have a lot of lego

Author Thomas Kain (2 years)
@samusthpf What Do You Mean "Not Really"? I Said I Want One With The Fox
Interactive Logo On The Back! |: |

Author SimoSlipknot83 (3 years)
omg! :-O

Author Thomas Kain (2 years)
@samusthpf Meh. I'm Bored With It Now. DX

Author brick studios (3 years)

Author samusthpf (2 years)
@tek32272 good :D

Author samusthpf (1 year)
thx ;)

Author pothaamp005 (2 years)
so fast

Author samusthpf (3 years)
@IceLucario2012 thx :D

Author samusthpf (2 years)
@tek32272 ah! now i understand! you WANT one with the fox interactive logo
on the back! i thought you said that it already has a interactive logo on
the back :D you want a file with the interactive logo.... well no i won't
give you the file. Maybe I'm gonna do a video with the interactive logo but
I don't think so, sry :(

Author Scdaniel Greeny (2 years)
Hey, where do i get the 20th Century Fox Logo on LDD? It says No results.

Author Thomas Kain (3 years)
I Would Like A File Of That.

Author Matt Schultz (3 years)
Why is pomp and circumstance playing on this video ? :)

Author phamanhkiet66 (1 year)

Author christain wwefan (1 year)
how can peapole dislike this 8 its better than there face

Author looneymariofan (11 months)
not now it's 21st century fox's company

Author brandon williams (11 months)
how did you build that

Author Scdaniel Greeny (2 years)

Author Thomas Kain (3 years)
@samusthpf , Never Mind.

Author 0DryBones0 (1 year)
I was saying that model.

Author Vendetta101films (1 year)
oh i dont want the model i just wanted to know where you did it, can you
give me a download link of dijital designer.

Author TheShadowboy8 (2 years)

Author Axel Dragani (1 year)
Awesome!! :D

Author samusthpf (1 year)
yep. check the video-description

Author samusthpf (3 years)
@PenguinsFanatic87 because i like it and because i think, that the part at
the beginning fits to the lego bricks, that are falling down fast. But It
hasn't got anything to do with 20th Century Fox. It's just for fun.

Author Sammy TheSecond (2 years)
A news corpation company

Author Dominic Muralles (3 years)

Author samusthpf (1 year)
I haven't uploaded this anywhere, you can't download it

Author samusthpf (3 years)
@CocoFiordel nowhere :D it's unique. everything in Lego Digital Designer is
unique. I am the only one to upload it and buy it, sry :(

Author 0DryBones0 (1 year)
But you can't. Please post a download link.

Author samusthpf (1 year)

Author Thomas Kain (3 years)
With Fox Interactive Logo On The Back.

Author Ilham Nanda (1 year)

Author Zain Safdar (1 year)

Author samusthpf (2 years)
Because it only exists on my pc

Author James Taylor (2 years)
Wow! That's Nice!

Author Vhong Nolasco (2 years)
20th century fox:-)

Author samusthpf (1 year)
btw the hole musical piece is the 'graduation music' but only the part from
2:02 is famous and used

Author samusthpf (1 year)
dunno. wasn't too long. I knew the logo off by heart back then

Author Vendetta101films (1 year)
how do you download this? please reply to me.

Author ElAdministrador Feis (3 years)
Like, and to favorites.

Author sbrauen5124 (1 year)
My 3 year old is crazy about this model and is begging me to build it. Is
there any way I can get the LDD project file from you?

Author burningphoenix36 (1 year)
2:02 graduation music lol

Author Alex Kruzicki (1 year)
How lond did you make the model?

Author Zepha Rio (1 year)
Perfect !! 'o'

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