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Author Noel Blanco (1 year)
critical mass reduces cd on crits and if crits high enought and fast cd
always up even on heath pots

Author swampdonkey90210 (1 year)
how the fuck do you find ledgendaries? i have 298% MF on MP3 farming act 3
and i havent EVER found a ledgendary... 89k dps wizard and poor as fuck...

Author Anunbis777 (1 year)
How th fuck you have cd on 0 evry time you cast spell??? o.O

Author Dead8Bird (1 year)
of course with that amount of money i could pull off crit mass anytime,
would you donate me gold? haha

Author Fernandogdc (1 year)
Yes, I've built one like that spending around 300 mil. Although mine is
still at 150k DPS.... wondering what I should do to get to 175

Author Ruselo Riva Asentista (1 year)
mp1 is the very best place for farming legs. Yep, legendary drops are based
on killspeed... not MF. It's pretty broken actually.

Author drioood (1 year)
cool :o thougt cm was dead

Author Vincent Jack (1 year)
looking at your gears, total worth should be about 300 mil gold.

Author 3v3ryus3rnam3istak3n (1 year)
Nice commentary, thanks.

Author swampdonkey90210 (1 year)
thanks for the advice, i did some lookin up and realized that MF just
increases the chance a grey will be blue, a blue will be yellow, and a
yellow a ledgendary, i started doing MP1 and got my first ledgendary last
week, then another and another. thanks for the advice!

Author KonAtDotA (1 year)
aaaaa poor keyboard!!!!

Author NeverEndingEmpathy (1 year)
I put money you're a WW barb lmfao.

Author nicknickph (1 year)
Hi, have you considered "Diablo 3 Maxout Turbo" (do a Google search for
it)? On their website you can watch a nice free video explaining how you
can speed run Diablo 3. This made it easier for Pete to speed level in
Diablo 3 and consequently max out his character very fast. I hope it helps
you also...

Author Ruselo Riva Asentista (1 year)
on mp10... tanking the swarm is better than avoiding it... cause it will
drag the fight too long... magda enrages on 15 mins(i think) and will spam
the insect attack and stand on arcane laser's eye (no way you can get near
her without risks)... the insect attacks deal roughly 3x damage too. A
small bubble mistake here would gain you hatred from your partymates

Author Emil Tang (1 year)
He is playing MP8

Author capolot (1 year)
Kinda new to D3 (HUGE d2 fan) and I finally got a cm wiz up and running....
BARLEY! Its ok.... It's sorta harder to keep track of whats going on though
with all the explosions and twisters etc. tbh im pretty horrible at it lmao
i die SO MUCH. that might be because i dont have as much life as id like. I
kinda wish i went with a ww barb tbh. Good video

Author James Hetfeild (1 year)

Author metalhino (1 year)
english suxxx

Author FuckUKunt (1 year)
I Have Just Gave This Build a Try For Myself And It Works Great ! I Am Only
Puttin Out 65k And Clearin Monster Power 3 No Problem ! You Can Tank Diablo
In Inferno Monster Power 3 !

Author Ruselo Riva Asentista (1 year)
Actually... a lot of strategies don't work on mp10... cause of the enrage
timers. First, you can't separate kulle/SB anymore cause SB enrages on 8
mins. Second, you can't avoid non-raging insect attacks that much cause the
running time will also be too much and SK hits for 300k damage (unreduced
by armor/res). Third, a small mistake in bubbles will be insanely fatal...
I do my bubbles when magda is inside... so there's no danger.

Author Ruselo Riva Asentista (1 year)
Stretch time bubble is not unique to you dude. But people will not like you
if you use that thing in the magda+sk fight.

Author Da1337DoOD (1 year)
stone of jordan 20-30% on elites + elemental dmg and bonus for some of your
skills, also arcane... gg

Author Toni Dorotić (1 year)
really nice build and items man.. but i think its better to switch
explosive blast with meteor.. you could do much much dmg and stil get a
lots of crits.. you 170k dps.. and 300% crit its a shame not to use such
mighty weapon as meteor :))) you could do probably over 1 mil dmg :)

Author Dexter Morgan (1 year)

Author Michael Ho (1 year)
How much have you spent on the gears

Author Marcel Muth (1 year)
actually mp3 is too high as a farming difficulty. i used to play mp5 in act
1 but only had legendary drops like once a week. now im farming on mp1 act
3 and now my drop rate is at ca 3 legendaries per hour although i'm only
paragon lvl 15 and not using any mf gear. (100k dps wizard btw)

Author Marcel Muth (1 year)
when me and my friends are in this fight all of us are considering it a
easy way to avoid maghda's insect swarm attack. of course you should keep
distance from the bubble when it's about to disappear as the stacked swarm
will deal hell of a dmg ;)

Author NeverEndingEmpathy (1 year)
Monster power -_______-

Author NeverEndingEmpathy (1 year)
It's the most common OP build in the game. Would be ironic if he was one.

Author MasterJay1k (1 year)
I use bubble too.

Author MasterJay1k (1 year)
I take down elites faster than you with 2x less sheet dps. Rethink your

Author Kevin Love (1 year)
yeah but hes a damn n00b so thats y hes using a commom retarded build. LOL

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