FIFA 13 | 15.000 Fifa Points Pack Opening


Hey guys, here is my first ever pack opening video. Hope you guys like it ;)

Here is the livestream video:

Be sure to check out this website:

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Author Bradley Conroy (1 month)
Gudjon little tip don't start something then pussy out and ask Ksi to drop
it u faggot. And I know what's coming a reading mean tweets cause he has to
steal Ksi ideas and I have dyslexia before u bitch about my English u cunt 

Author Lewiis Tagell-Cooke (2 months)
Still can't believe u used ksi and your not even 500k subs fag

Author Bradley Conroy (1 month)
The ksi army will not stop from saying how it is disin ksi on copa90 was
the most childish thing you could do he has millions more subs then you he
is nicer to his fans and treats his friends with respect #RESPECT you cunt 

Author Swag Master (1 month)
i have heard lots of stories about you, yet, i don't know exactly who you
are and what you have done, but after reading the comment section for about
only 4 minutes, i have come to the conclusion that you are a pathetic,
moronic, incompetent idiot that completely used your friend/famous
youtuber/one of my favorite youtubers, KSI, just for views and subs. you
have wasted enough of my time. i shall be leaving now....BITCH FAGGOT CUNT

Author Connor Buettner (8 months)
When Benitez popped up I teared up a little

Author Free fifa points (11 months)
Hey if you want free fifa points or any player send me an email with your
email adress and password and security question.
I work for EA Sports so i can give you what ever you want.

Author Brandon Isaacs (5 months)
Am i seriously the only person here that read's these taglines and expects
a video of a dude jerking it into his own face? Damn near a million
views..and no one finds this situation insanely pathetic? Why do we allow
these kinds of people to make money? This shit is just depressing..

Author Dylan Boyce (9 months)
That kid that got 100 packs off Fifa in Fifa points

Author Thomas Denman (11 months)

Author Momtaj Khatun (1 year)
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Author Tetrismannnn14 (1 year)
R.I.P Benitez

Author IplayFNV (1 year)
dont always pick a player because of their pace because ambrossine is a
good player

Author Magnus Ravn Andersen (1 year)
3 TOTW Pretty Awesome

Author Bhavya jain (1 year)
He is boring

Author Dabeast239 (1 year)
This was 8 months ago..

Author xliverocker16 (1 year)
Gets TOTW, raises eyebrow like wtf

Author Oj Morris (1 year)
When I get fifa 14 I'm going to get 4200 Microsoft points

Author Arun Moorthy (1 year)
@yjgxpog for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there also! dude check
it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while >>>\nYE6

Author Kristofer Renucci (1 year)
You get an inform nothing, you get a rare gold rafael your happier???

Author MrJoshissocoollike (1 year)
Newcastle badge in one pack then Coloccini in the next pack... It's no

Author Sam Littlewood (1 year)
Hey can someone please buy this bronze player for 20K. His details are:
Level-Bronze Formation-4-2-2-2 Position-ST Nationality-England
League-nPower League 1 Club-MK Dons. I am ps3 and my club name is Its
Nothin FC i also listed player for 3days.

Author thomas bodijn (1 year)
It's so bad of fifa/ea

Author dylan boffa (1 year)
what process did u take to receive the new player .

Author Joe walsh (1 year)
at the start of fifa di natle when for like 80k

Author Jeremiah Huddlestone (1 year)
Hey FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM players, some people really struggle financially
with their teams and lack a beneficial amount of coins and quality players.
It is really easy though to make your dream team by simply formally sending
one of the ea members an email that comprises of a complaint about missing
players of coins. They respond within a 48hr period and usually turn out
having good news for you. But you need to play smart and don’t make it
sound to unauthentic/ email:

Author Blaasel (1 year)
no one cares

Author Matty mufcHD (1 year)
Guys I emailed saying some crap about me opening a
pack and getting disconnected from the ea servers and losing team of the
season bale(its believable as their servers are shit). After a few email
exchanges and me explaining that I am extremely angry as id spent real
money on the game, they sent me tots bale through their servers and
apologised. I couldn’t believe they fell for it. I tried again but they
know me now and dont be stupid when you type to them, play smart!

Author Mike Edwards (1 year)
2:21 - I make you 100% sexist pig.

Author kakia (1 year)
press rb and a when you open a pack you get a good player

Author jamesrw17 (1 year)
good packs keep it up

Author Harryboy wonder (1 year)
U are so lucky!!!

Author Maxi Kristensen (1 year)

Author TheFozzybear97 (1 year)
that was not 100 packs

Author Eli0t1771 (1 year)
GD was right about being shy! look at the difference from this vid to his
new vids

Author martijn blue (1 year)
free FUT coins

Author Oisin O'D (1 year)
Not even joking but i got sanchez yesterday

Author AmberKhaliq41 (1 year)
hes 21

Author jennalouisetaylor08 (1 year)
How do u get a sponsor

Author nishan rana (1 year)
me please if your on play station 3

Author mikal sas (1 year)

Author james kauch (1 year) hey guys, check this out, FREE fifa points :)

Author rebelinthere (1 year)
Just email ea and tell them you lost coins and they'll put them in your
account. Just email easportsfifa13troubleshoot. with your
info(coins or players lost, user email, password, security answer) I got
200,000 and messi in less than a day.

Author nishan rana (1 year)
me please if your on play station 3

Author danings11 (1 year)
Bad pack

Author Cod monster (1 year)
Benitez was a good player but now he is dead that is sad

Author Robert Coats (1 year)
Cool virus

Author SuperAviProductions (1 year)
EA totally uses hotmail. Your really that stupid.

Author Jack Dawson (1 year)
there are no real generators... prick.

Author Justcauseassasin (1 year)
U think ur really cool but trust me u are not

Author SuperWubDub (1 year)
why the fuck does ronaldinho have 58 PACE???

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