Dogs mating and stuck

Dogs get stuck during mating!

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Runtime: 1:47
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Author Andrew McGregor (2 years)
Omg did they ever unstick?!

Author Alireza Shokouhi (1 year)
read earlier comments!

Author Raegh (1 year)
Err, that's normal, you know? Dogs have a so called 'knot' that swells up
during them mating.

Author sadie savage (2 years)
how long where they really stuck i wonder

Author devin norton (1 year)

Author Jack Le (1 year)
Doesn't matter, had sex!

Author xISceneQueenIx (1 year)
@freakybone2003 no, it doesnt

Author Alireza Shokouhi (2 years)
15 minutes

Author Daliah Lopez (1 year)
that's the way the girl dog actually gets pregnant duh

Author kelly jm (1 year)
omg and you make it an 1minut and 47 seconds film off

Author abdalla El-Karneeb (1 year)

Author Alireza Shokouhi (2 years)
Yes, they eventually unstick!

Author Andrew McGregor (2 years)

Author ahmad shahverdi (1 year)
u should have started few minutes earlier

Author Carlos Pena (2 years)
LoL my brother got my 2 dogs while they were stuck and swang them, they

Author Alex Kk (1 year)
lolxxx HOMO dogs!! male n male happens like this!!!

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