Every Man Has Got To Find A Good Woman By Jamal Bryant (Part 1)

Here is the Part 1 of Rev, Jamal Bryant's sermon "Every Man Has Got To Find A Good Woman" which was featured in Savvy, Single & SACRED Saturdays.

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Author Abron Hawkins (3 months)
After watching this sermon, I've became bitter because I give up "finding"
a good woman. After going though a divorce, being called names although I
have been straight laced refusing to go to clubs, partying and so forth, I
wound up with those who partying acting ghetto and so forth. I decided to
stop looking because to me it's not worth my time. And you wonder why some
black men either date and marry interracially or consider foreign women.
Something some men would consider since 99 percent of these church women
are crap to begin with.

Author Colanda Dorsey (1 month)
Wheeewww, LORD!!! I'm about to shout at work!!!! GOD breathed through this
man...this is TRUTH!!!

Author JoeManeTv (6 months)
Correction: every man has to find the "Right" woman..

Author Ruth Kwamboka (5 months)
He said 'Kenya'?.... Amen and Hallelujah, I represent
God bless

Author Tracy TruthTabloids Miller (6 months)
Tracy's Notes

Be A Princess of Wisdom
Be ye a WISE and Not Foolish for you represent the Kingdom daily.

"In the Old Testament God always uses a WOMAN as
(physical-personality/characteristics) representation of the Church" -
Pastor Jamal Bryant

Sermon of Ref: Every Man Has Got To Find A Good Woman P.1 & 2 **
Scripture Ref: Proverbs 31;1Peter 3:1-22; Titus 2:3-5; Matthew 25:1-13

**Link: Every Man Has Got To Find A Good Woman By Jamal B…:

Author boob butt (3 months)
I bet it took god 8 years to build that five head

Author Acedra Harris-Hand (2 months)
Every Man Has Got To Find A Good Woman By Jamal B…:

Author Jamelle Woods (6 months)
Every Man Has Got To Find A Good Woman By Jamal B…:

Author cladybugm (8 months)

Author sandra banks (9 months)

Author boob butt (3 months)
What a hater

Author Dorothy Henry (6 months)

Author Howard Eddie (11 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author redthicklady (10 months)
on point

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
The problem of the Pharisees was not that they were text and letter driven.
The opposite was true. They taught the truth, but they didn't LIVE by it,
as Jesus pointed out (Matt. 23:1-4). It is written that we should not speak
against each other? Really? That's not Biblical. When the disciples were
wrong, Jesus spoke against it (Mark 9:33-35). When Peter was wrong, Paul
spoke against it PUBLICALLY(Galatians 2:11-21). So, I indeed read and have
understanding by word and Spirit.

Author Tani Chambers (1 year)
Paul dealt with Peter privately FIRST... (for the betterment of the
Movement - TheGospel). They had come to an agreement. When Peter started
acting "Brand New" when the men of James arrived... Paul confronted him

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
I actually do study my Bible for myself, and this is why I said what I said
about him. He is often times off track and even wrecks theologically. Even
his title is not completely Biblical, since Jesus Himself spoke of how we
all have different callings, which means "every man" was not meant to find
a good woman (Matt. 19:12).

Author 1BrotherMack (1 year)
Excuse me but isn't this the man who cheated on his beautiful wife? So now
he knows how to find a good woman? Yeah OK !

Author Tani Chambers (1 year)
I can agree on some level because I feel MOST ministers do this in some
way. However, not with malicious intent, but just to illustrate their
"lesson" or point usually to give a practical understanding. The bigger
issue is with those who just listen to the PREACHER instead of READING THE
BOOK for themselves. Oh and what about actual BIBLE STUDY?... "Ain't nobody
got time for that..." is the common response. So most are left in the dark,
hanging on the word of the man not the Word of God.

Author Tani Chambers (1 year)
One more thing.... The Pharisees DID move by the LETTER of the law and not
by the Spirit. Jesus makes that very clear in the parable of the Good
Samaritan. Didn't that Pharisee step right pass the "unclean" Samaritan.
One operating by the Spirit of the Law, walking in Love, would have stopped
to assist.

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
Cont'd: The Pharisees were letter and text driven and therefore sinful and
far from Jesus, but laiden with text, yet having no understanding. Hearing
and not understanding. Seeing and yet blind. Pray for divine understanding
when you study then you will understand that it is written we should not
speak against each others, especially in a public forum, this practice
cause division. Many have access to the word and can read, but not all

Author Teresa Ainsworth (1 year)
well said Tani

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
By the way Croad or should I rename you AlwaysRight:) I do not attend any
church because I am disgusted with the way the churches are operating, and
when I did I never was one to get close to the Pastor or Minister. God has
warned me to pay attention to the WORD only and not man. I do not know Dr.
Jamal, but I do know when I am hearing Truth. Good evening to you

Author Sharee Benson (1 year)
a lot of men do fine a good woman in their life but the problem is when
they get that good woman they don't know how to treat them. So let's pray
for our brothers all race to treat a good woman right when they get one.

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
I said overall context. While you can preach on a focused topic, you can
also mention other things linked to that overall context, which was related
to a man finding a good woman for marriage. Jesus Himself said they taught
truth. Did you not read the passage? There is a vast difference between
disregarding the spirit of a law, and getting that law totally wrong in
your preaching, and then having someone point out that wrong, as I did in
speaking of Jamal.

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
Cont'd: You are using the literal and text of God's word to speak against
his called one. I nor anyone else is going to convince you, because you
have convinced yourself that you are right. I will pray over you, because
at least you are trying, but your kind of understanding and knowledge was
wrong in the biblical times and Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees for their
twisted type of teaching and lack of understanding. We must pray for each
other and not riducule and look for what is wrong!

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
I don't know if I can say "most" ministers do this in some way, but in my
experience it seems, sadly, that most African-American ministers do this
who have not attended an accredited ministry school. I agree that most of
the time it's done in ignorance and not evil intent, but good intentions
can lead to bad results. I can also agree with you that too many people
don't study for themselves. It's sad but true. But most ministers should
know and do better.

Author 33remc (1 year)
A woman worth having will require compassion. The same compassion Jesus
showed the woman who washed His feet with her hair. That devotion to anoint
her Messiah with oil from a sacrificial offering and anoint His body with
her "crowing glory": was reciprocated by His devotion to protect her from
public ridicule.

Author 33remc (1 year)
God willing and wise or demonic disguise Needing a lil Godly intervention

Author 1BrotherMack (1 year)
Correct me if I'm wrong , but the bible says the only grounds for divorce
is infidelity ! So his wife had Gods blessings to move on, but what about
him ? Don't you think he will pay for his infidelity ? I do, but that's up
to God, to decide. I think preaching on how to find a good woman is the
last thing he should be doing.

Author Dr27B (1 year)
"Without a woman, you have not found favour from God... A real friend wants
to see you faithful! He is not your boy cuz he covers your infidelity" The
realist truth ever told!!!

Author 6583Adrian (1 year)
he is not God. He is human and whatever he went through as well all go
through -it doesn't mean we don't have a message, we don't hear from God,
nor that we can't speak a word. What if your failures were put on blast? Do
you just disconnect with God because you did wrong & don't speak of his
goodness? Absolutely not. Receive it for what it is if it benefits you- if
not youtube has millions of other videos you can go look at. You don't have
to be on here & whew that word was AWESOME

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
Yes, you just wrote he found a beautiful wife and beauty run skin deep. I
actually enjoy his ministries more because of his mistake. I know there are
many who are hiding behind the cloth of God, and believe it is ok that they
sin as long as they do not get caught. However, God will sometimes allow a
weakness in a called or chosen one so that they can speak from experience
of the sin. I do not always appreciate listening to Joel Osteen because of
his lack of life experiences.

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
I'd be very careful if I were you. Trust me when I tell you that I will
pray over you this is something you should be very glad about. You speak
very presumptous, you do not know me and God has blessed me with eyes to
see beyond the physical senses. You love to be right and I am going to let
you be right. Jesus has warned us of the types, but you believe even the
Pharisees were right even though Jesus said they were wrong, and they were.
You be theological and I'll be God's child.

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
While I appreciate the idea you want to "pray over" me, I would also
suggest you pray for greater discernment. It is the lack of discernment
that leads to people dying in places like Jonestown and Waco and Heaven's
gate cults. As I said before, I like Jamal, but at times he is simply WAY
off in his theology. That much is a fact.

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
Yes, they did operate by letter but they also were hypocrites, as Jesus
pointed out. Jesus said to do as they say (which means it was correct) but
do not do as they do, because they spoke but did not truly believe and

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
While that is true, Jesus also made it clear that every man will not marry
as the text I referenced makes clear. The pastor in this video I believe
was focusing on the husband/wife relationship. We can't ignore what the
text says for the "spirit" because we FIRST must read the letter, and then
deduce truth by the Spirit.

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
You see, the problem with many ministers these days is that they don't
preach the Bible but easy to remember cliches and popular sayings. So
people learn those but not the word. Bryant made a number of Biblical
errors in this message. My question to you is, did you catch even one? By
the way, I myself am a minister with a Th. B. and I'm working on my
Masters, and been saved for 30 years now. So I know Him, and I know
Scripture (studied Hebrew and Greek also).

Author Tani Chambers (1 year)
Although a fool learns from experience and a wise person learns from
others... experience is still an awesome teacher. Is it possible he is
sharing the lesson he learned from experience?

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
I can say the same for you at this point. You don't know me, and yet you
claim I am like a Pharisee. No, I'm not. I am a discerning Christian
minister who just happens to be able to tell when other ministers are off
in their preaching. I don't "love to be right," but it's better to be right
than wrong. I suggest you read the text I referenced, since Jesus Himself
(not me) said the Pharisees were right, but not to do as they do. I suggest
you learn to ALSO be theologically correct.

Author TheJOHNNY224 (1 year)
Jamal Bryant needs to take his own advice and stop dealing with multiple

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
Tani, all I can write about your responses is Amen, Amen and Amen!

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
Actually he doesn't always throw a scripture in his message to backup his
message of point, but if WE read our bibles for OURSELVES we can pull the
scriptures into his message and know he is absolutely on track biblically.
Study to show yourself approval, that way no form of trickery teaching will
toss and blow you about.

Author Tani Chambers (1 year)
Amen! Nothing GREAT ever comes easy. Thank you for spreading the Love. I
have a NEW & IMPROVED season of Savvy, Single & SACRED launching shortly.
Please subscribe & stay tuned.

Author Helena Jones (1 year)
Ms. with all due respect to you when God made Adman he said, God said, "It
is not good for man to be alone." Finding a good woman does not necessarily
limits to the intimate type of a husband and wife relations. This could
mean a female relative who is godly, a female pastor or any godly spirit
filled woman. Listen with your spirit and not by the letter of the word.
Study is to read and understand with spirit and not flesh.

Author 1BrotherMack (1 year)
Hello are you there ? This man is supposed to be a man of the cloth, a
preacher man, he had God, God blessed him with a good wife, beautiful
children and he threw it all away and for what ? a quick trick, don't let
these preacher's fool you they all are weak in the flesh, all of them
should have learned their lessons before they said I DO. Tani what would
you do if your husband cheated on you ? Would you leave him, or would you
stay ? This man is trying to win back his church !

Author kameladancy33 (1 year)
Preach Black man!!

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
At this point it is simply evident that you like Jamal so much that you are
unwilling to see that he often distorts Scripture, makes false claims about
it, and even makes things up not found in the Bible. And this blinds you
and keeps you from seeing this truth. That's understandable, but not
commendable, as Scripture must always be paramount, not any preaching of
it. God is our Source, not His ministers.

Author CRoadwarrior (1 year)
No, I am doing what Scripture says to do. I gave you examples. You ignored
them. We are called to be discerning and not to believe everything someone
says (Proverbs 14:15; 1 John 4:1; 1 Thess. 5:21). Truth is truth. If Bryant
is wrong in something he says, he's wrong. Period. I can prove it from
Scripture, and Scripture is our standard, not our personal preferences. You
simply lack discernment, and yet claim I am like ancient Pharisees. But the
claim is false and Scripture is true.

Author william neal (1 year)
This man is preaching what God gave him. We are not perfect and neither is
he. God will deal with him the way he choose. You people need to stop
judging and enjoy the word. If that's a problem then stop watching

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