Persona 4- Good Ending Final Boss: Adachi and Ameno-Sagiri (1/4)


The final battle of Persona 4 against Adachi and Ameno-Sagiri

-Chie is the main damage dealer her (WOW 1,600 WITH CHIE's HAND)
-I got all my chars to 99 using the autoleveling trick

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Author Erick Gonzalez (11 days)
This conversation right here changed my philosophy on life . 

Author Sam Corbett (23 days)
BS means bull shit it's a naughty word

Author Shaney D'angelo (4 months)
I literally just beat persona 4 on ps2 and watching end credits right now.
I didnt get to fight adachi. Did I do something wrong? Was I supoosed to
throw namatame into the tv or tell dojima I wasnt satisfied or something?
Plz help, I wanna fight adachi

Author Dremain Moore (4 months)
I liked Adachi's conversation. He was one of the more interesting
characters. I ended up finding him more entertaining than most of the main
cast! Still, I'd prefer if the whole team was fighting at the same time.
It's always odd to have a posse of 6-8+ characters preparing for battle and
then go to a battle screen with fewer characters actually in the battle.
Makes me think the other team members are just chilling out watching the
fight when they could be helping like Rise does.

Author Reynard Cheah (1 month)
What is BS ? I mean this word Rise spoke .

Author Garlandmrimmortal (5 months)
Adachi is THE best character in any media. Period.

Author greencomet2011 (5 months)
Adachi and Hazama from Blueblaz really need to hang out. I want to see that

Author Jmerzio (2 years)
2:00 Lmao, Adachi says what all police are thinking. Destroy police

Author demonkiller234 (1 year)
What did you to records this?

Author mysteriousonefive (1 year)
what's the auto leveling trick you did? just curious is all.

Author GreyMatter00Duh (2 years)
@RayAndFlare Well it's like Adachi said, these kids do not know what kindd
of shit he has been through.

Author SpetsnazDeltaTV (2 years)
Note to self: Never mess with Naoto's case.

Author BelmontDEmperor (1 year)

Author DarkFrozenDepths (2 years)
this is the same team that i used for 90% of the game

Author Steven Hall (1 year)
This isn't the true ending. Where's izanami?

Author trikoalt (1 year)
the best game ever and forever

Author gearboyno77 (1 year)
Own age yayayayay!

Author Noobzlikeu (1 year)
What level were you when you did this? I'm currently level 67, and I want
to know what level I should be at.

Author HashSlingingSlasher (1 year)
well I don't like him given the fact he killed 2 people and caused the
death of another and killed poor nanako. he also has a warped view of life
and truth.

Author GreyMatter00Duh (2 years)
@Fnarf221 Oh shut your whore mouth.

Author ronald bastian (1 year)
yes man

Author AoiYukinoMisharu (2 years)
Wow, someone actually using Yosuke, most people use Teddy

Author Ced Rickets (9 months)
i watched that in the animation but not true :( its cool that theres 2
endings here again

Author zaqareemalcolm (1 year)
But not many people think being successful in life is just about being
happy. Besides, there are people who are happy because of money and power.

Author GinpachiSenseii (1 year)
Also, Yu is very monotone, which is why he's the proswagonist. When Johnny
Yong Bosch is monotone, not going to sound very...mono. Lol that makes no
sense, but I think you get it.

Author loopyfists (1 year)
I think that both parties had a good point on either side. Real life does
kinda box you up like Adachi said, but letting the entire world suffer
because of your melancholy? Really?? Real life isn't always a nice place,
hell, it could be horrid if it wanted, but only a bitter, adolescent child
confuses realism with pessimism...which is all I see Adachi acting like.

Author iisanulquiorrahara (1 year)
I think so too, but it was a justification for murder, so that's why it's
considered "wrong."

Author Shado nouz (1 year)
You don't need to be some mastermind to be a villain..and he's not even the
main villain behind it all lol. He's just a puppet, how much depth in his
reasoning did you expect?

Author kakeh (1 year)
yeah he sees the dirty and all the negative things about the real world,
but yet his downside is he can't see and accept the good things that are
there. He is just one of those people who had a cruddy life and no matter
what he did he always got the short end, which happens more than not. It
just happened someone gave him some power, and I believe someone in reality
would very well act the same if they got power so suddenly. he really is a
believable antagonist

Author iisanulquiorrahara (1 year)
True, and then there is also earlier on which may be even more of a

Author RayAndFlare (2 years)
I love how at 7:40 he's all like "come at me bro" I found Adachi a lot more
relatable in this scene, some of the stuff he says kind of makes ya think.
Everyone else was all like "NO U" but I guess in the end he was just a
worthless criminal

Author ScReWaTtAcKeD (1 year)
I personally think that Adachi had this evil deep in his mind, like
everyone else in the world, but it only sprouted when he found out he had
the power to enter TVs/have a Persona. In the end, Adachi isn't technically
evil. He just went mad with power.

Author Tinytunes2133 (1 year)
3:34 Why can everyone cuss except Rise? lol

Author ParidoxGaming (1 year)
Adachi why?!?

Author Eru Utanade (2 years)
Actually is voice actor is the same.

Author Universe Arcana (8 months)
Adachi was a sense.

Author Naoto Shirogane (1 year)
im pretty sure he obtained this ``power`` and wasted his powers trying to
be `` God`` he chose to become a god. but he thought doing This... He
thought he would ..... lets just say `` eliminate `` the people in the ``
game`` that didn`t trust in the ``Gods`` power. the ``God`` controlled him.

Author jonathanaprillio98 (2 years)
adachi's voice same as nero from dmc 4 am i right?

Author Anidem9 (2 years)
Made me kind of sad to find out that it was Adachi :( I liked that guy...

Author antisadism (1 year)
0:12 Naoto: Allow me to Adachi: NO ONE ASKED YOU

Author LinNeTule (2 years)
Adachi shoulda been a philosophy professor, lol... He's pretty good at
that, so mebbe that's his talent 8D;

Author MasterOfSparks (1 year)
he's imagining a perfect world in his eyes, it may be diffrent then what
people have in mind but it makes sense when you think hard enough on it

Author TimeWarrior14 (1 year)
He is right,believe it or not. The people in this comment section who
disagree's with him are the people who hate him for being the bad guy. He
commited one crime: Trying to make a decision on global change by himslef

Author Keihzaru (2 years)
I like this fight even thought Adachi is kind of a pushover. But that was
by desing and theme. He is a pathetic figure, he thinks he is bigger and
smarter than he actualy is and tries to make like his tantrum is deep or

Author zaqareemalcolm (1 year)
yeah, except the part where he acts on impulse and causes trouble for
others because he can't have his way.

Author antisadism (1 year)
Thanks to video games, life doesn't have to be boring anymore

Author Fate Averruncus (2 years)
"Let's be honest. There's nothing great about the real world, is there?
It's just dull and annoying as hell. No one accepts that's the way things
are... They're just stuck with it because they can't deny it, either. Those
who actually succeed in life... They just happen to be born with the magic
ticket called 'talent'. If you don't have it, you can either accept or deny
that fact until you die. That's your only choice." ...And THIS is the
reason Adachi is one of my favorite characters.

Author テング コッパ (11 months)
LOL When the video ends with "Dammit…You're all such a pain in the ass!
I'll kill you, just like I did those other ones!" a lot of pictures of
videos pops up and one of them contains a badly drawn Dojima saying,
"Adachi what the hell are you talking about" XD

Author 777tWill777 (1 year)

Author DMCorDOTA (2 years)
damn i need an infinite sp here

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