Skyrim: Hearthfire - How To Hire a Steward

Skyrim Hearthfire
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Author skyrimultima69 (8 months)
does this work if your married to your follower???

Author jy8fe5 (1 year)
well she is wearing a complete daedra armor with me :O

Author 555Arijan555 (1 year)
you talk like feluc baumgartner

Author machoopechoo (1 year)
the ladies lob duh boots

Author ryanwhelo (2 years)
I cant hire any of my followeres

Author wolf wight (1 year)
thanks :) that will help me a lot thanks :)

Author Dylan Lanier (2 years)

Author RickGamesight (2 years)
have you tried to build and complete your house? then take a follower to
your house( for example lydia or the follower in the video)

Author Josh Bonus (1 year)
Helped tons! Thanks.

Author iwantmods1000 (1 year)
can you do this with somebody other than your follower

Author GameSightNetwork (1 year)
Actually we don't know xD we have never tried it and as far as we know she
can only wear Vampire Armours

Author slender123123 (11 months)
Hoezo nederlands...have my like

Author Nickallsopp92 (1 year)
I barely found out you can marry lydia too.

Author RahNinjaBlade51 (1 year)
You can make Lydia as a Steward :3

Author Archangel Tyrael (1 year)
Are you Dutch?

Author IllusiveZoroark46 (1 year)
Can Serana be a steward

Author Sage Harpuia (1 year)
No, check the wiki

Author Spencer Lord (1 year)
can serena be a stewart? also can she wear anything i give her? all she
wears is boots -_-

Author 1ThaMen1 (1 year)
I bet you are Dutch.

Author Saskeks1 (1 year)
Help me! Lydia was fucked up enough to kill the courage! How do i fet him
or someoen else to be courage

Author wolf wight (2 years)
Can you hire Kharjo as your steward?

Author Thurion Heavenshield (1 year)
Go check out the Skyrim wiki page and look up "homestead", which'll lead
you to stewards and who can be hired.

Author wolf wight (2 years)
Can you hire Kharjo as your steward?

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