Insanity 60 day results

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Author kristie ville (1 year)
thanks for the recommendation you gave to us on your other video. i am
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Author Lisa Smith (2 years)
the stretch marks on her belly are probably from having a baby you idiots!!
alot of women have them.. n it takes alot of time and hard work to lose
your baby fat so well done :-)

Author Ana Arruinamendi (1 year)
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Author unicyclerider15 (2 years)
0:32 like this comment if you looked really close.. and saw titties

Author Wael Aloud (2 years)
Whats on her stomach? eew

Author chathura443 (2 years)
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their website you will find a useful free video. This made it possible for
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Author veryslyfox (2 years)
Fvcking video made me deaf. TURN DOWN THE AUDIO, IDIOT!

Author Joan King (1 year)
wanted to get my body ready for next summer, so i bought the planning you
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Author cowboybatman (2 years)
I dropped 46 pounds within the first couple weeks of having my second son..
You're doing a great job! But remember losing too much too fast can be
devastating on your body. Always pace yourself! (shockingly I don't have a
single stretch mark.. I was lucky o.o)

Author Brunewicz (2 years)
@AleciaNicholeWilson no sweetie they really dont they sit at the computer
and watch me all day :D

Author Tony Graham (1 year)
Anyone looking for way to lose excess body fat? Try it yourself:

Author AviusL Headquarters (2 years)
In 6 weeks I lost 22 lbs only by stop eating candy and started walking a
bit every day :) It all went great...then I got the flue and were back on
step one again 8[

Author lilpandanesegirl (2 years)
omggg i have more fat that that!

Author grizelda1986 (2 years)
@Brunewicz Bio Oil is meant to be really good on stretch marks! :)

Author Punk N Disorderly (2 years)
Pop out a kid dick wad and see what happens to your tummy... fuck yo COUCH!

Author bikash baral (1 year)
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Author cnaatwork (2 years)
What about before and after?

Author este gonz (1 year)
im confused!

Author Freedom4561 (2 years)
@BigDady313 theyre called stretch marks

Author EasyFoxTube (1 year)
Nice results. I've just started Insanity and am documenting my progress
through videos on my channel. Any tips and advice are always
welcome...particularly from 'Insanity Veterans' like yourself. :)

Author Thomas Hall (1 year)
Please check out my HYPNOSIS videos. The videos have been specifically
designed to help with a wide range of problems including, stress, anxiety,
weight loss, smoking, confidence, sleep and much more... Thank you :)

Author HeathersGrim (2 years)
@BigDady313 I had no stretch marks on my tummy before I had my son... and
now I have some. Some people get them (especially during pregnancy) and
some people don't.

Author Kɑtɑlıɳɑ De'bɑuɳɑre (1 year)
Good for you...? I think that no one asked for your life history. :P

Author Lakshmi Aparna (1 year)
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Author alphasig293 (2 years)
I think you are doing great, keep up the good work, I have all the p90x and
the 10 minute workouts, i've been lazy for about 6 months tho, need to get
back into it

Author Miranda Verhoeven (1 year)
No you can get those stretch mark to, if your loosing weight too fast

Author alexsisD88 (2 years)
Stretch marks are not preventable they are genetic. Some women get the and
some don't. I have them from having 3 kids and it is the true mark of a
woman. They are beautiful and people should learn to love them. Those of u
saying stretch marks are gross, are too absorbed into this shitty society.

Author Tabrez (2 years)
@cvanich LOL

Author ERICK PRINCIPE (1 year)
hi i m erick i have been doing Insanity for 2 years now

Author Robert Lake (1 year)
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Author cesar chavez (2 years)

Author lo moon (2 years)
right?! you're body isn't ruined from having children. You're a damn tiger
whose earned her stripes! Wear them proud!!

Author Madde Madison (1 year)
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Author Flo Cullen (1 year)
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Author pubeafro (1 year)
what the hell is this

Author LadyDarq52 (2 years)
LMAO!! Fuck yo couch! Best... come back...ever!! Effin Rick James... bitch.

Author Orangish100 (2 years)
Hi!I'd love to have those results on my after the programme. Just a
question, Did you take any proteine powder? Cause Idon't know if that is a
must. Thanks :)

Author Brunewicz (2 years)
the stretches that are in the workout

Author Freedom4561 (2 years)
@BigDady313 ..stretch marks on the stomach is the most common. lol

Author MrIlikecheeeeese (1 year)

Author olga frou (2 years)
@twisteddiana It really hurts, but stretchmarks and cellulite are as much
part of being a woman as are our boobs. Some get them from gaining weight,
pregnancy or just by growing during puberty. So if you have them you are
stuck with them for life and you'd better learn to live with them or you
will feel miserable. It is great to have a nice body, but it's not all.
Some things are more important than your appearance. If you are of the 10%
of women who will never get marks please ignore this post

Author Gabriel Giovanni (2 years)
lol shes a fail andd a troll its just sad

Author AleciaNicholeReadman (2 years)
@Brunewicz haha, I just can't believe how 1 track minded people can be,like
they've never seen stretch marks in their silly little lives before. I
applaud you for doing this. I know loads of slim women like yourself with
stretch marks. Well done to you though for doing Insanity,I've got the dvd
set but haven't found the courage to do it just yet lol :D

Author Ms2010bitches (2 years)
is there 1 workout per video? if so do you just repeat the videos for the
60 days??

Author Nikki m (2 years)
Believe it or not my mother had 3 children and she didn't get any
stretchmarks, but my dad who used to lift weights a lot when he was younger
has them on his shoulders since he no longer has the big guns. I ended up
with my dads genetics in that area :(

Author kristie ville (1 year)
thanks for the recommendation you gave to us on your other video. i am
going on a cruse and also sometime after will be getting married. i would
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Author Megadeth6633 (2 years)
@bluecrow00 you should of done it slowly and not like a crazy person...
it's on you

Author twisteddiana (2 years)
@alexsisD88 Are you serious??? Stretchmarks are the true mark of a woman?
It's like saying that a big beer belly is the true mark of a man.

Author MouLoud Seghier (1 year)
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