Minecraft on Xbox 360 with Cupquake

Minecraft on xbox 360 comes out May 9th!!

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Author Wanhwachoi Annie (1 month)
Does any girl have an xbox?

Author Devante Nelson (6 months)
More ep on xbox 

Author Arthur Rebancos (2 months)
Do you know how to play minecraft xbox 360 I know how to play the minecraft
xbox 360 edition

Author Abby Adam (3 months)
do you play minecraft on playstation

Author Noah Gonzales (16 days)
I got this game may,12 I played it for hours I still do sometimes COD or
gta v but yeah it's an awesome game

Author Emilia Mena (28 days)
Do pocket addition

Author yologurls (2 months)
3:07 so me when i am alone in my bedroom playing minecraft xbox 360 so
funny and random

Author Terry Clemo (1 month)
I ment Abby I do

Author kayla lightner (6 months)
i want to add you on xbox I love ur videos n I just over all love wat u do
and how u r

Author Alyssa Botbyl (3 months)
Your tutorial voice is scary

Author Terry Clemo (1 month)
Abbyi do

Author Terry Clemo (1 month)
Me I have an Xbox one

Author JayJayLeigh Morin (3 months)
OMG AHAH! I LAUGHED SO HARD!! Yor commentary was funny! xD

Author Jill Showen (14 days)

Author jaylynn pavick (6 months)
Haha noob my firsttime on this vershion I built a manshion u suck

Author Digs259 (2 months)
that update is soooooooooo olddddddddddd

Author Kane Shirley (6 months)
you are such a freeking noob hate it

Author SamKelLivEm (5 months)
Are you that dumb 

Author Pheonix Bird (6 months)
(im going to get so much hate for this comment) I KNOW ALL OF U PEOPLE HAVE

Author Gray Girl (2 months)
Noob noob lol 

Author wendy perales (6 months)
Mincraft on Xbox is hard

Author MarsBars Cat (14 hours)
5:40 Is very creepy

Author Devi Manbode (3 days)
I have Xbox 360 and Xbox one

Author Karlieandnani (2 days)
More plz

Author zanfina cocaj (8 months)
you should make a series

Author Shari He (15 days)
I do

Author CrystalGem1 (1 month)
I love you Cupqwake

Author Joseph sada (6 months)
I wonder if she ate suger because she is so hiper

Author scott barnes (17 days)
I'm a girl and I have an Xbox .p.s this is my dads account

Author Ronin Johnston (6 months)
I luv u cupquake! This vid is awesome! :DDD

Author Layne Drew (5 months)

Author Chasity Mach (5 months)
Have a new series on the Xbox version!
(like my comment if you agree for Xbox version)

Author Maria Gomes (16 days)
But herobrine exists in your version! 

Author Silver Shiner (13 days)
I have xbox

Author Christina Thompson (13 days)
Thank you

Author Kitten Glacier (2 months)
Cupquake plz add me on xbox live i am a greaaaaaaaat fan of yours i am

Author Victoria Arce (3 months)
change your skin

Author Joan Aboyo (2 months)
Do you still play sims?

Author Jaden Law (6 months)
whats ur name on xbox??? cause i would LOVE to add u!

Author Audrey Worrell (6 months)
Keep playing

Author jeffery smith (6 months)
I have the demo version of the game and I'm thinking of getting the full
version someday.

Author LoveSkitty212 (5 months)
You should do more minecraft vids on xbox
With an HD TV you can split screen multiplayer or if you have 2 xbox 360s
red can join your game over xbox live
Or you can do a single player series

Author Baby Quake (6 months)
It is so dark I do not wanna go down! Welcome to my world cupquake. Having
an had TV makes it worse.

Author Suzanne Danco (1 month)
i have minecraft xbox

Author Myrna Rivas (21 day)
Come and join my world my
Gamer tag is crazy lala248

Author Michelle Nguyen (29 days)

Author SweetDeeAnn23 (1 month)
This was soooooo funny

Author Tracey Owens (1 month)
I am a girl that has a xbox

Author Kaden Koen Maggie Casey (5 months)
Wait u have an xbox?

Author John Fraser (5 months)
What's ur name on Xbox I would love to add u

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