Minecraft on Xbox 360 with Cupquake

Minecraft on xbox 360 comes out May 9th!!

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Author Heather Igloria (1 month)
We're part two?

Author Wanhwachoi Annie (4 months)
Does any girl have an xbox?

Author Undespicable Gaming (3 months)
I got this game may,12 I played it for hours I still do sometimes COD or
gta v but yeah it's an awesome game

Author Makinzee Monyona (23 days)
Can you start a minecraft xbox 360 series! Who agrees?!

Author Arthur Rebancos (5 months)
Do you know how to play minecraft xbox 360 I know how to play the minecraft
xbox 360 edition

Author PeaceGirl Kyla (1 month)
I love this video thanks I learned a lot now thank you!

Author Mohammad Alshawabkeh (2 months)
Xbox 360 yah I have it

Author GingerCatXD (2 months)
please do another episode of minecraft n the xbox!!!!

Author emily Crenshaw (15 hours)
Do more ok I love you vide thay are awesome

Author Blowyguitar17 (2 days)

Author Ian Hosford (7 hours)
me to arthur

Author Jordan Cruz (14 days)
Did you now that if you use dimend picaxe it will give you 2 as much as
other picaxes

Author Haily Counterman (9 days)

Author Magdalena Soria (11 days)
Press start and go to options go to change skin and their are different
kinds of skins

Author Lindsay Robison (11 days)
do you have gold membership if yes give me a friend request my name is
mastermuncher 12

Author Steve Contreras (15 days)
My dad loves you and he calls you my baby

Author Bubbles_ Are_all_i_need (25 days)
Where's cupquakes very first video

Author Wendilush Dyer (23 days)
I play minecraft on xbox im lots of stuff and lots of worlds even a lets
play world

Author Courtney H (17 days)
me and my sister plays minecraft on xbox

Author Klaus Gohlke (21 day)
Whats your xbox account in know you you like withchery im a person that is
starting it will you help me

Author david monroy (1 month)
If you want to be my friend on Xbox 360 send me a friend request my name is

Author Blowyguitar17 (2 days)
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dr.who cake

Author Leland C (27 days)
Good job!

Author Ian Hosford (7 hours)
is it tu 13 r 12?

Author Emilia Mena (3 months)
Do pocket addition

Author GeekyGamer:) (1 month)
The X-Box version is WAYYYYY better than the ps3 versoin...just saying

Author Haily Counterman (9 days)
My cuz dose

Author Terry Clemo (3 months)
I ment Abby I do

Author Skylar Park (1 month)
i do

Author Nina Johnson (1 month)
I play xbox and this is very anoning

Author Jill Showen (3 months)

Author Macie Johnson (1 month)

Author Barbra Sheep (1 month)

Author kahlil irvingkids (1 month)

Author Sydney morgan Redden (1 month)
I am 8

Author Caroline Fitzsimons (1 month)
Cupqake can i let you cum to my haos ? ;)

Author Lily Ellis (1 month)
I know how to play bofe sorry I cane spell i'm 7

Author GeV Walker (3 months)
What is your gamer tag

Author edwa anna (2 months)
I have an Xbox 360 i play lego movie

Author Ian Hosford (7 hours)
tu 12 wtw

Author Emilija Taylor (1 month)

Author valencis tay (2 months)
Ur accent ...

Author erika smock (1 month)
Love you . Do you like sky does minecraft

Author Gray Girl (5 months)
Noob noob lol 

Author Michelle Tam (1 month)
Me I have minecraft on xbox

Author Milly Boehringer (2 months)
I do

Author Cher Sue Moua (2 months)
You can actually change your skin for free some do pay just press
start of whatever then click option then it will say change skin.

Author Jay The Panda (5 months)
OMG AHAH! I LAUGHED SO HARD!! Yor commentary was funny! xD

Author Diana Richter (2 months)
Why did the cow cross the road? Cause he wanted to go to the mooovies

Author crafty queen (2 months)
Wats ur gammer tagg

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