Minecraft on Xbox 360 with Cupquake

Minecraft on xbox 360 comes out May 9th!!

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Author Wanhwachoi Annie (2 months)
Does any girl have an xbox?

Author GeV Walker (1 month)
What is your gamer tag

Author Jill Showen (1 month)

Author Gray Girl (2 months)
Noob noob lol 

Author Diana Richter (2 days)
Why did the cow cross the road? Cause he wanted to go to the mooovies

Author valencis tay (3 days)
Ur accent ...

Author Mohammad Alshawabkeh (7 days)
Xbox 360 yah I have it

Author Sydney Mosier (7 days)
DO MORE!!!?!?!?!?!?

Author Jay The Panda (3 months)
OMG AHAH! I LAUGHED SO HARD!! Yor commentary was funny! xD

Author GingerCatXD (7 days)
please do another episode of minecraft n the xbox!!!!

Author Dylan Ammons (8 days)
What is your name on Xbox???

Author Cher Sue Moua (8 days)
You can actually change your skin for free some do pay just press
start of whatever then click option then it will say change skin.

Author Arthur Rebancos (3 months)
Do you know how to play minecraft xbox 360 I know how to play the minecraft
xbox 360 edition

Author pineapples rule (11 days)
my sis

Author crafty queen (11 days)
Wats ur gammer tagg

Author Twilight Sparkle (11 days)
I do

Author HipergeneticD (13 days)
I have mc on xbox

Author spy girl (17 days)
hi ihascupcake i so whesh i cod see you

Author Digs259 (3 months)
that update is soooooooooo olddddddddddd

Author Kaelyn Pershey (19 days)
I have a Xbox and I'm addicted! But girls can play Xbox. So don't be so
judge like

Author MarsBars Cat (21 day)
5:40 Is very creepy

Author Karlieandnani (23 days)
More plz

Author Devi Manbode (24 days)
I have Xbox 360 and Xbox one

Author Karen Ackart (25 days)
I love xbox360 mihecraft!

Author Kaydence VanDyke (1 month)
First I like to go to creative mode and then change to survival. Do you
know how to do that? :(

Author Silver Shiner (1 month)
I have xbox

Author Valerie Lane (1 month)
I have a Xbox .

Author Christina Thompson (1 month)
Thank you

Author Rainbow Dash xx (1 month)
Go to xbox 360 live so I can be your friend and play whith u and my gamer
tage is rainbow dash xx

Author Shari He (1 month)
I do

Author Triton Plays (1 month)

Author crafty queen (11 days)

Author Andrea Anderson (1 month)
I'm a girl and I have an xbox and I have minecraft

Author Undespicable Gaming (1 month)
I got this game may,12 I played it for hours I still do sometimes COD or
gta v but yeah it's an awesome game

Author Maria Gomes (1 month)
But herobrine exists in your version! 

Author scott barnes (1 month)
I'm a girl and I have an Xbox .p.s this is my dads account

Author Kevin Vang (1 month)
My cousin has a xbox

Author Brianna Pereira (1 month)
Same but not a lot more girls have pe not xbox only boys do not a lot of
girl do :( but bays do:) ps I am a girl and I am going to have xbox :D shh
don't tell my mom OK 😽😋 I am trying on you 😊

Author Myrna Rivas (1 month)
Come and join my world my
Gamer tag is crazy lala248

Author Noa Bella (1 month)
Play agin I like it because I have it

Author Isaiah Cintron (1 month)

Author danielle g (1 month)

Author Emilia Mena (1 month)
Do pocket addition

Author Michelle Nguyen (1 month)

Author Bret Ledoux (1 month)
Hi i love this vedio

Author james bowman (1 month)

Author Aaleah Martho (1 month)
2012 oh

Author SweetDeeAnn23 (1 month)
This was soooooo funny

Author Terry Clemo (1 month)
I ment Abby I do

Author Angelica Lopez (1 month)
I have an xbox 360

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