Minecraft on Xbox 360 with Cupquake

Minecraft on xbox 360 comes out May 9th!!

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Author Alyssa Botbyl (11 days)
Your tutorial voice is scary

Author Devante Nelson (2 months)
More ep on xbox 

Author kayla lightner (2 months)
i want to add you on xbox I love ur videos n I just over all love wat u do
and how u r

Author Katherine wong (5 hours)
Ender men tellaport in day don't try to kill ender men in the shroghoodther
are 100000 in ther

Author Melody Langston (4 hours)
So do u like it do fare? 😺😸😼🙀👯

Author Barbara Hale (20 hours)
Cupquake wats ur name on xbox n do u have numbers

Author Madelyne Ansley (2 days)
Awesome u r pretty and I watch oasis

Author Jessica Lucas (3 days)
Can you do a nother xbox 360 episode please

Author Roseayn Dalere (4 days)

Author Katherine wong (5 hours)
You need diamond sword and gere to srivie evil mobs like ender dragon you
also need Golding apples to srivie to get diamonds you haf to have a iron

Author melanie romano (7 days)
your voice is like an old lady

Author Irina Montano (5 days)
My friend has that

Author Christie Rossney (9 days)

Author Victoria Arce (12 days)
change your skin

Author Sandra Tan (12 days)
You can change your skin by going to options without buying a mod

Author Leslie Garcia (11 days)

Author Lindsey Bowles (10 days)
I want to be you, and come see my on my chanle

Author Lindsay Paul (21 day)

Author Joseph sada (2 months)
I wonder if she ate suger because she is so hiper

Author Nerd Alert (19 days)
What is ur gamer tag? I watch ur videos everyday and I love them.

Author Ronin Johnston (2 months)
I luv u cupquake! This vid is awesome! :DDD

Author cherrygaming123 (13 days)
A ep on ps3

Author Layne Drew (2 months)

Author Chasity Mach (2 months)
Have a new series on the Xbox version!
(like my comment if you agree for Xbox version)

Author Jaden Law (2 months)
whats ur name on xbox??? cause i would LOVE to add u!

Author LoveSkitty212 (1 month)
You should do more minecraft vids on xbox
With an HD TV you can split screen multiplayer or if you have 2 xbox 360s
red can join your game over xbox live
Or you can do a single player series

Author Kaden Koen Maggie Casey (2 months)
Wait u have an xbox?

Author John Fraser (1 month)
What's ur name on Xbox I would love to add u

Author lilbug (2 months)
you can change your look

Author Filluptag (1 month)
Play more Xbox games!

Author Dylan Patrick (2 months)
Do u have I red have a playstation 3

Author Endersisters (1 month)
😂😂 you were such a noob lol the sword could of been stone 😂😂

Author branda cha (1 month)
It is harder than it looks I played minecraft X box

Author Celeste Ancog (2 months)
Your the best

Author domonic Taylor (17 days)
friend me domonictorich

Author willow star (2 months)
I now

Author jacob hood (1 month)
Press START to change your skin

Author Pheonix Bird (2 months)
(im going to get so much hate for this comment) I KNOW ALL OF U PEOPLE HAVE

Author S WildCarley (1 month)
Do an athoner minecraft xbox 360 edomtoin

Author Mike Sloan (2 months)
u should play with red

Author Jessica Clark (2 months)
also you play happy wheels too

Author Anita Jones (2 months)

Author xxMidnight Wolf (2 months)
Make me ur friend im ur biggest fan

Author Jason McAllister (1 month)
Please join my world its called anime girl

Author Christina Dossett (1 month)
Hey your doing great my first time playing this I struggled to but if you
want to heal eat one day was planning to get Xbox live too I always wanted
to be your online friend so will you do me the ouners off being my online
friend I am your biggest fan my online name is lumbarmushroom.=D from your
biggest fan!

Author Robin Mazzola (21 day)
moysd pay moncaf

Author ihascupcakes m (3 months)
can u doooooooooooo ep 2 and d0000000000 a series 

Author Braleigh Finley (6 months)
Cupquake make more Xbox videos

Author Simone Schwaighart (6 months)
U so right minecraft on Xbox is hard!

Author Carissa Chua (6 months)
my cat name is cuppy

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