Minecraft on Xbox 360 with Cupquake

Minecraft on xbox 360 comes out May 9th!!

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Author Darren Grant (2 days)
Like if your watching in 2015

Author Joshua West (15 days)
Cupquake play it now its had alot of new updates and record it youll be

Author Claire Kang (8 days)
I have an x box and even I do better

Author Magdalena Soria (3 months)
Press start and go to options go to change skin and their are different
kinds of skins

Author samantha neil (4 days)
Hi cupquake I've been watching your videos for a while and I have become
your number one fan!!!!


Author Sparkling GamerGirl (8 days)
Cupquake please play in Minecraft Pocket Edition!That will really mean alot
to me!

Author Dineen Ford (1 day)
You were not going CrAZY I it the thingy.

Author Teresa Monahan (12 days)
Can you friend me on xbox360 please I love your videos and I would love to
record with you sometime?! ~ <3

Author Nyan kitten (6 days)
Hey I played this game before it is super easy

Author Emma Branham (11 days)
its cool huh. i play on Xbox 360 its so much fun

Author Liz Santini-Marrero (25 days)
im 8 and i like watching your vids i love minecraft. can you play minecraft
on xbox360 /w me and my dad on weekands plz?

Author Amy Cuckler (25 days)
Can You add me and play minecraft with me on sunday's and i can teach more

Author ashchan118 (14 days)
ihascupquake can you play can your pet☺.

Author Jade Kilgore (13 days)
Can you friend me so we can play minecraft

Author Cody Thurston (12 days)
Is your xbox name cuppyquake

Author Kira Raegan (29 days)
When you play minecraft on x box for a while you get used to it

Author Katelyn Cail (1 month)
And I have the game minecraft and i love the game but now I play ROBLOX and
I will sometimes play Minecaft

Author Emma Branham (11 days)
roll over what you want to move and press Y

Author Alora Contreras (1 month)
Hey u can add me on X-box I watch all of ur channels and I'm 13 years old 

Author Marsha Winters (1 month)
u look like a man with a very bad sunburn

Author Yael Esquivel (1 month)
Can we play together one in minecraft Xbox 360

Author Cody Thurston (12 days)
Can u plz frnd me plzz!!!

Author Amy Cuckler (25 days)
my nam eis Copenhagen05

Author Sharon Meggison (2 months)
I have your feeling I went to my friends house and they have a Xbox 360 and
it was so difficult!:-)

Author Morgan creepamania (2 months)
I have an Xbox live does cupquake have Xbox live my Xbox live account is

Author Makinzee Monyona (4 months)
Can you start a minecraft xbox 360 series! Who agrees?!

Author wolfieThe gamer (1 month)
Do ps3 version and can you friend me my user is wolfpup2312

Author vince demartine (1 month)
i'm not being mean its just funny how she doesn't know the controls i
laughed so loud

Author denise gabad (2 months)
wow...this was 3 years ago...and i was 5 or 4 years old i think...and now
im 10 years old

Author Hopecat & Beth Brine (2 months)
I loved watching this video and I'm a pro at MC on Xbox360 so if you ever
need help or a friend to play with on Xbox360 just private message me on
Twitter or Instagram ~Beth

Author sntwalker (2 months)
I have a question what is your gamer tag on the Xbox 360

Author Claire Kang (8 days)

Author Knoc killa AR15 (2 months)
can I be your friend on Xbox 360 my by is Knoc Killa AR 15 plz!!!!

Author Ashanti Caballero (1 month)
Xbox. 360. Hi. Paerq

Author Erica Campbell (2 months)
type area11 and whats your gamer tag

Author Easton Williams (1 month)
Plus story and go to hostipshins

Author Mekhia Jacobs (7 days)

> iiiiiiiii>

Author chris corbin (3 months)
can you send my kid a friend request her gamer tag is zxXStarFireXxz thx

Author Berenise Gutierrez (2 months)
Can you make more videos of this

Author Arthur Rebancos (9 months)
Do you know how to play minecraft xbox 360 I know how to play the minecraft
xbox 360 edition

Author Pheonix G (1 month)
Press y to craft

Author nyan girl (2 months)
I have Xbox 360 and I have minecreaft to

Author Koreen Stankey (3 months)
can I be your friend? If u wanna its koolgamer 2014
I love your video s!

Author Cara Lavoie (2 months)
cupquake what is your gamer tag on the xbox 360

Author Morgan creepamania (2 months)
And I am a girl and cupquake is a girl she has a Xbox

Author Joseph Wilson (6 days)
When did you make a YouTube channel

Author Jordan Cruz (3 months)
Did you now that if you use dimend picaxe it will give you 2 as much as
other picaxes

Author Katelyn Cail (1 month)
I have an Xbox 360 too!

Author Kharizma Manning (2 months)
Don't use that voice its creepy

Author Skyler Dowdy (1 month)
No its not

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