Minecraft - Top 10 Songs [October 2012]

Hey guys, Here is a list of my top 10 minecraft songs of October! These are the top 10 in my opinion so don't post comments like "Fallen Kingdom should be first", just Enjoy the video, comment and be sure to destroy that like button XD!

Here is the list of songs:
10. Glowstone Love -
9. Skelly Heart -
8. Cube Land -
7. Mine -
6. I'll Make Some Cake -
5. You Tought I Used Xray -
4. Fallen Kingdom -
3. Make A Cake -
2. Screw The Nether -
1. Redstone -

Likes and Subs make me happy :), Hacker out!

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Author Nicholas Xanthopoulos (1 month)

Author Gottschalk717 (4 months)
I donot like the 9th one

Author Levadub (1 year)

Author gunni ferraioli (9 months)
Love them all and when skelly heart played someone should make a map were
you have a skelton army and tamme one when you see it!they would protect
you by shooting other mobs and give them a bone and thell kill dogs pork
pig beef cow wool(any kind) thell kill sheep and chiken chicken and youget
but when you get a huge army almost bigger than the enderman in the end and
give them a bow they will kill the ender dragon!!!!!!how cool is thet?

Author EgoistenLP (6 months)
ItsAllMinecraft is the best singer of all <3<3<3<3<3<3

Author Dungeonerdude00 (1 year)
all of jolly ol britz songs somehow form a story

Author rlagusrlagus (1 year)
Glowstone love is so random

Author gabriel frances (10 months)
7cvhv4yt7784v 46v 48 bn8b b b b bb b4 b bb4 7t87tv7thtcjj4jjcffhfh

Author Linus Henriksson (1 year)
redstone was really good

Author Greg Johnson (1 year)

Author Summer Thompson (1 year)

Author luke silling (10 months)
Nothing against ya, friend. ;)

Author vikfju (1 year)
The last1 os epic

Author ~iHackerz~ Machinimas, Lets Play's, Showcases (1 year)
If you liked Cube Land, check out From The Ground Up, also by the same
singer as Cube Land :P

Author smalleyboy105 (1 year)
i love cube land the pig is so cute sub me

Author megan k (1 year)
I saw both there great songs

Author sahil patel (1 year)
Screw u u don't even know the best songs

Author Matt_Games (1 year)
and also it would be an honor if we can play minecraft toghter like hunger
games and then give ,e ur skype and i hope u say yes

Author vanessarios21 (10 months)
I looooooooooove the songs

Author ~iHackerz~ Machinimas, Lets Play's, Showcases (1 year)
I explained in description I don't want comments saying why is this there
and not there, bla bla bla, and don't be offended please, see ya xD

Author ~iHackerz~ Machinimas, Lets Play's, Showcases (1 year)
I could play with you but I only use skype for chatting, not voice chatting
becouse my mic is sadly broken until I get a new one, see ya!

Author SolWe (1 year)

Author Prince Kelly (1 year)
:/ , it was Oh kay...But don't go around saying it it is bad...took alot of
work to make into that can say you dislike it...but not "so
bad"...that just isn't right.

Author Rusins (1 year)
I lowe you :-D beter make red stome Music

Author tyler hicks (1 year)
nice choice of songs I love redstone.

Author Pavel Klimovich (1 year)
Digging Minecraft Style best song!

Author TimothyChan45435448 (1 year)
It is a cheat in minecraft,people get band a lot using it

Author ~iHackerz~ Machinimas, Lets Play's, Showcases (1 year)
Check the date this was made on, i know there are a lot better ones now.

Author TSGE Newchannel (1 year)
oh my god! mv redstones

Author ~iHackerz~ Machinimas, Lets Play's, Showcases (1 year)
Thanks man!

Author sebastian gabriel ciuchi (1 year)
awesome cube land

Author firewizza1233 (1 year)
Fallen Kingdom isnt first XD that song is so bad

Author gabriel frances (10 months)

Author jimmy wang Jang (1 year)
i meant glowstone love not glowstone

Author ZeSeymourBootay (11 months)
Glowstone love was gay

Author Summer Thompson (1 year)
All in the best order!Your the bomb Mr.hacker!

Author hockenolminecraft (10 months)
i hate glowestone love :-\

Author MsJVGaming (1 year)
I can try to get people to sub to u

Author ~iHackerz~ Machinimas, Lets Play's, Showcases (1 year)
Well thanks, and sure you can get people to sub to me, alright, but I won't
upload videos frequently becouse of 2 reasons, 1. School problems (everyone
has some XD) and 2. my upload rate is really, and I mean really, slow! But

Author Lukas Schmidt (1 year)

Author Prince Kelly (1 year)
God Thank you for uploading this..

Author ~iHackerz~ Machinimas, Lets Play's, Showcases (1 year)
I don't get you and your vids make me laugh too...

Author MFBFish (1 year)
I agree 100% with this top ten!

Author Bine Tare (9 months)
I like the song by ZexyZek, you thought i used xray. He also has more cool
songs. :)

Author MonsterHighMeaghan (1 year)
i love that song ill make some cake

Author baloobagheera (10 months)
Hate cube land

Author jimmy wang Jang (1 year)
Skelly heart should be number 10 and glowstone should be number 9

Author Notchella1 (1 year)
that was great well done!

Author Henrik Skog (1 year)
Good work! Love the XRAY song xD

Author Missminecrafter (9 months)
I love all the songs

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