Minecraft Plane Crash

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Horrible plane crash caught on tape, inside of the plane as its left engine blows up!

Survivors say that they heard "footsteps" on the top of the plane before the explosion.

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Author Jack Low (4 months)
Not rly supposed to be real :/ 

Author Crown Lilac (6 months)

Author Katie Edwards (14 days)
You put a preacher plate ther so it can explode .

Author TheGamerverse (4 months)
worst vid I've ever seen

Author Amesh Gamage (6 months)
Dude u failed so bad

Author Justin Juarez (5 months)
Uhh nice but what was the whole waiting and then boom it crashes

Author Aaron L (1 month)
Ha ha

Author fantagebillyd13OwOz (3 months)
looked like you were the flight attendant from china airlines 611 getting
sucked outta the plane

Author KSPisawesome909 (1 month)
It's bad but if its from *MINECRAFT* that's good for this game

Author Andre Onde (4 months)
F*@#k that s@*ty producer it's f@#$/€*g fake son of a w**#$h

Author Carmel Fulache (1 month)

Author Raiden Browning (3 months)

Author Crown Lilac (6 months)
fake but i like it

Author bradley brown (3 days)
dude you should eleate this video and do a beter version may i suggest
using harobites airraft mod and when it hits the ground detonate th tnt

Author War legend 9025 (6 months)
You were shaking the screen so fake

Author Jeremy Rogombe (5 months)

Author dougy76 (4 months)
It's OK

Author taylor wicks (8 months)

Author Snivy Luck (1 year)
I heard footsteps

Author TheKianChopper (1 year)
I like the idea

Author Naut MC (1 year)
you can even see the pressure plate that she pretends to accidentally step
on and you can see the primed redstone! wtf. also why arebt the villagers
dieing, and why are you shaking your head at the roof? do you always do
that in an emergency?

Author serxtashido (1 year)
It's true. i just watched his, way better!

Author Eduardo Tefel (9 months)

Author chimpdimp94 (1 year)
You should make more videos like this their cool

Author Dylan Thia (1 year)

Author iiNvious (1 year)
it looks like shit :/

Author Andrew Lu (1 year)

Author mrbarrow melchor (1 year)

Author TJWUZHERE101x (1 year)
Lol that was very funny, of course it wasn't real, almost everything on
minecraft is fake- but he put in a great effort, thumbs up! Good job. Btw
the comments r hilarious, and I ha to watch this twice because I was
laughing too hard

Author kinghihijello Ezio (1 year)
i saw the redstone

Author Muhd Aqil (9 months)

Author GMT Miller (1 year)
This is pretty cool

Author TheIronFord (1 year)
@pokemineandblade Your not being bias...

Author AlexOverbyMC- Minecraft Hunger Games, PVP and more! (1 year)
Good for a beginner. Keep working, you can do better! :)

Author Lukas Wais (1 year)

Author Chuck Norris (1 year)
Villagers are keeping their cool

Author Xavier Budd (1 year)
Omg i hope they are all right!

Author elmer diaz (1 year)

Author Nick2489012 (1 year)
wow and lol

Author Ruben Ursem (1 year)

Author MrMedfly07 (11 months)
Coolest video ever

Author James Simon (1 year)
presser plate FAIL

Author Emilio Mora (1 year)
you put tnt fail

Author MonoPlateInc (1 year) you stupid

Author zotomiporitezaur (1 year)
Lol XD

Author daniel azadegan (1 year)
lol true

Author Weavileable (1 year)
those villagers are really calm in emergencies

Author Bobo Sahil (1 year)
You copied lost

Author Wildan Susanto (1 year)
it's really creative

Author TheAvenger78904 (1 year)
I like this lol because it's such a fail and looks fun

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