Durood Shareef - Milad Raza Qadri

Durood Shareef from 'Aao Tasbih Hee Subho Shaam Karein' read by Muhammad Milad Mustafa Raza Qadri.

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Author Anisah Mahmood (1 month)
mashaallha.very beautiful u have god gifted voice. 

Author ikram faraz (2 months)

Author Vasim Sultan (3 months)
mashaAllah subhanAllah

Author Arsalaan Ahmed (4 months)
Beautiful naat

Author Moazzim Hussain (4 months)

Author Arsha Rafiq (4 months)

Author Muddassar Mahmood (4 months)

Author Arsalaan Ahmed (4 months)
Bismiallah beautiful naat

Author Moazzim Hussain (4 months)

Author hafaad shahid (6 months)
masha allah! Absolutely bueatiful! :)

Author Najeeb Shareef (7 months)
masha allah

Author Anisah Mahmood (7 months)
mashaallha.very beautiful u have god gifted voice. 

Author Irfan Pathan (1 year)
Subhan Allah Labaik ya rasool allah

Author MasoudHashmi (4 years)

Author littlemisszar (4 years)
jo galaay laga hein adoow ko be wo rasool mera rasool hein, koyi khaali
hath gaya nahin yeh mere sakhi ka usool hein. mashallah milad

Author Mohammad Ali Javed (3 years)
@GulameeGhouseAzam Waleykum Assalaam, it is called Durood Shareef.. and
bro, try Milad Qadri's website for lyrics..

Author 123kahuta (2 years)
very nice

Author ghauseazamdastagir (4 years)
i heard this first and i liked it very much. May ALLAH and HIS PROPHET
BLESS HIS slaves

Author Karin Anne Judd (2 years)
(8)Or deemest thou that the People of the Cave and the Inscription are a
wonder among Our portents?(9) When the young men fled for refuge to the
Cave and said:Our Lord! Give us mercy from Thy presence, and shape for us
right conduct in our plight.(10) Then We sealed up their hearing in the
Cave for a number of years.(11) And afterward We raised them up that We
might know which of the two parties would best calculate the time that they
had tarried.(12) We narrate unto thee their story with truth.

Author Atya J (3 years)
SUBHANALLAH Milad Raza Qadri

Author SuperSamz786 (3 years)
great naat and nicelly read beautiful voice mashallah xXx !!!!!! ;p

Author mahomed limalia (1 year)
music is definitely haraam. but...i cant help it. im weak. i just love this
durood ( music and all). this durood is ringing in my head wherever i am...
sleeping eating in my humming it all day. if it is
wrong...then may ALLAH forgive us for loving our nabi in this manner

Author 022ashu (3 years)

Author yousaf imran (3 years)
Allah has given him an amazing voice, may Allah give him more chances to
use his voice for Islam :) Ameen

Author SuperSamz786 (3 years)
So beautiful xxx mashallah !!!

Author Solat Hussain (4 years)
Masha Allah . I like it very much.

Author hbegum195 (3 years)
Assalamu Alaikum brother, when i listen to your videos , subhanallah it is
so beautiful and i want you to know i will give you a 10000% of total they
way you sing it, the way you followed it, and do you know what you are the
best nasheed artist i ever seen in my entire life because you have the
guidance of Islam that's why i love your songs and everything. Marshallah
your voice is beautiful

Author rukshaz1 (3 years)
very good mashallah

Author abid ali (1 year)
subhanallah kia awaz hay kia darood hay payer aqaa ki barigha main subhan

Author sajjad786ize (2 years)
heart touching naat

Author zeba siddiqui (1 year)
i really liked it , very nice Masha'Allah

Author Doooonz (3 years)
Mashaa ALLAH such an Awesome Voice he Got! God Bless Him

Author Raza Tahir (3 years)

Author nisbatmurshid (4 years)
this is awsome*****beutifulllllll***** this is what you call a naat khawan
from ahle sunnah wal jamaat

Author Sarosh Alvi (3 years)

Author maliksawash (2 years)
As long it's Islam related music is ok within reason once Aisha RA was
playing a music instrument and hazard abbu bucker saddiqe walked in an said
stop playing that but our prophet s.a.s said it's ok let play its EID

Author basharat samad (3 years)
bohat kob es nat ko ma 1 ma sa dond raha tha !

Author anees akhtar (1 year)

Author silentlips254 (3 years)
Maashaaa Allah kyaa awaaz hai . . .

Author mohammad ali (1 year)
Koy hali haath gya nahi yeh mere sahi ka asul hai....

Author Aqsa Arif (1 year)

Author Dawood Ahmed. (1 year)
Really Mashallah very-very nice lyrics and very well sang !!!

Author Hamzah Shazad (1 year)

Author R Qureshi (1 year)
subhanallah rehan qureshi

Author saeed ahmed (1 year)
awesome sir you have made an awesome song

Author Sameer Shaikh (1 year)
bhai , please your having half baked knowledge , first research what nemat
god gave to dawood (a.s.) , how colud give a nemat to his beloved rasool if
it is haram, not only music but anything which reminds us of god and his
messengers is halal and due to which we forget him or his rasool's is haram

Author fobo76 (3 years)
@littlemisszar nice album nice voice

Author Danny Ahmed (4 years)
Masha Allah this is fantastic! Subhanallah!

Author Sarosh Alvi (4 years)

Author zahid nauman (1 year)

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