Pump Drill Golf

Pump Drill for Golf Swing by Michelle Dube

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Author cayman187 (3 years)
worst swing video ever. if not, pretty close to the worst.

Author gheffo76 (2 years)

Author BJPriest (4 years)
This is incorrect. The INITIAL direction of the golf ball when struck is at
least 85% based on the clubface direction. The spin put on the ball is
based on the on the path.

Author smartergolflessons (3 years)
Old school. Can I pump the club head under plane more please?

Author leolebron23 (2 years)
@cayman187 what's so bad about it? the trousers? :P

Author pendo8881 (3 years)
Thanks, made good sense to me. Produces nice lag in the swing.

Author cayman187 (2 years)
@leolebron23 i was just being judgmental.

Author julian bosi (3 years)
ur dumb club face is sqaure then thats where the bsll id going not how the
path is going

Author TheKelstar62 (2 years)
Will this drill work for my driver? That seems to be the club that I always
swing to hard coming over the top hitting lots of pull hooks? Thanks

Author lonestargun (3 years)
Great Lag drill

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