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Author accordionmaster47 (1 year)
"Bring Back My Heart Waltz" - also known as the "Dreamy Fish" Waltz in the
second half of this video. Nice!

Author Jhon Martinez (1 year)
Love molly and her rfdtv polka show..saludos from your fans in Mexico

Author David Maas (2 years)

Author mac26x98 (2 years)
pfgroup, esolc100, Ditto to what you both said.

Author WildWoody42 (3 years)
LOL @ the kids falling on each other!

Author Kenneth Close (2 years)
This gal is so cute and talented! Such a delight!

Author tigerdog1954 (2 years)
Love Mollie's B show on RFD TV-She is very talented and her vocals are great

Author G Watson (3 years)
I don't even dance, and I really cannot explain it, but I find the Big Joe
Polka show absolutely fascinating.. Jim Busta's band is one of thebest, and
Molly B is a true entertainer....refreshing and charming.

Author Tony Marchei (7 months)
Love Molly B and the show, I'm so happy I found this on YouTube

Author Juan Miguel (1 year)
You can really see clearly how much she loves what she does. She just melts
me with that smile of hers

Author oldtimeway1 (2 years)
BIG JOE WAS THE GREATEST! RFD refuses to answer questions of why they got
rid of him, he was the greatest. Molly's program is not of the fine quality
that Big Joe's, wish he was back. I signed up for RFD just so I could get
Big Joe, will not be renewing now. I miss the Czech music Big Joe had.

Author Charlotte Schreffler (1 year)
I always loved Big Joe! He got off the RFD channel 2 yrs ago or three! i
talked to him on the phone, and he said he did not get his contract
(unquote) or he was not getting his money he wanted i guess!!

Author kavanaugh77 (3 years)
Molly B is great.....but the Big Joe Show is one big embarassment .

Author trainer472001 (3 years)
You are right, Molly B is great but the Big Joe Show is a breath of fresh
air. I really enjoy his show. Camera's could stay on the dancers a little
more but I really love to watch his show.

Author pfgroup (2 years)
What makes Molly B so attractive is she loves to give to her audience --
she's a giver and she shines doing it!

Author StudebakerHawk57 (2 years)
Is there any instrument Mollie cannot play? I LOVE POLKA!

Author tland1970 (1 year)

Author alexiscillz (1 year)
Me and opa used to watch this show all the time!

Author Chad Busta (2 years)
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. So, I'm going to share mine. The
Mollie B. Polka Party is fantastic! In my opinion much better than the Big
Joe Show - from the look of the show to how it is run behind the scenes.
Mollie and her crew are just wonderful people and a joy to work with. Keep
up the GREAT work Mollie!

Author Deborah Nemec (2 years)
What happened to Big Joe?? He played alot of czech music, and added
character to the show!!!!!

Author warrenelwoodhoward (1 year)
Enjoyed both Molly and Joe. Both are great entertainment. They just need to
air both.

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