Werner's Football Game - A german cartoon /english subtitles

This is a short german cartoon which appeared in the movie "Werner Beinhart" in 1990.

This is one of my favorite german animation movies, and I decided to make subtitles for it that also non-german-speakers can view and understand it. Sure, my english is far from perfect, but I hope it's good enough to understand the whole thing. Thanks fly to Xelebes from the Skyscrapercity Forums for helping me translate.

The storyline consists of Werner, who throws a ball into a market place and comments the random movements of the ball as a real football game.

Have fun watch :)


Werner Beinhart: Das Fußballspiel

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Author midulcebombon (3 years)
@midulcebombon im not saying nothing, i just said that i like Werner too,
he´s so cool!

Author abdamit (5 years)
the new films from werner are better then that. it`s ... 15 jears old

Author Mike SAURON (4 years)
@pocketdynamo87 NO Realy HOLZBEIN ^^ it a joke here in Schleswig-Holstein^^

Author NewEquinoxProduction (4 years)
@Mateiasu I know. But thats typical for a north-german movie. I know it, I
come from there! =)

Author CandyGraham729 (4 years)
@thundernuts0 haha. sure 'nough

Author otocan (5 years)
chin up, it IS a hard language, but I like it and I'm going to keep
learning :) You've got your whole life to perfect it! :D

Author De4sher (4 years)
hmmnope, but pls tell me also if you find any.

Author locrock (5 years)
if anyone actually wants to learn then they should be happy with some
friendly correction.

Author NixPop87 (3 years)
@crazycrows1 its german police uniform -.-*

Author Colleen (3 years)
@4Astaroth So is southpark, but I wouldnt let my kids watch it. They showed
everything on that centerfold, and when I say kids I mean under 13.

Author Hellraz0r (5 years)
Man I've been learning german for awhile but it's just so hard :(

Author capnhands (2 years)
WERNER, you fettes dummes schwachsinnig. Ve shall transfer you to der
Eastern front fer der Furer

Author thesailorman82 (5 years)
* lol * Am Anfang ist der Untertitel völlig Falsch! Da steht "Holzbein
Kiel" es gibt kein Schleßwig-Holzbein ! "Holstein Kiel" muß das Heißen.

Author Colleen (3 years)
@4Astaroth Perhaps your right on how they would view it. But I know they
have Christians in Germany lol. Why are you so agianst Christians, If I
might ask? p.s. you are very good at english, at first I thought you were

Author maktopi (5 years)
(continued from 1st post) The sentence "Water is the basis for life." in
standard German would be "Wasser ist die Grundlage für das Leben". In
Plattdeutsch, as they speak in the Werner movies, they would say "Water is
de Grunnlaag för dat Leven". In Alemannisch here in the southe we say
"Wassr isch d'Grundlaag für's Lääbe." Hope I this was informative and not
too long :-P And: the Werner films RULE! :-D

Author midulcebombon (3 years)
@TheOrangeMelody what are you talking about? im just saying that i like
Werner thats all

Author qyark (3 years)
Ich liebe es!

Author hat49 (5 years)
ill translate: wie geil, the subtitles in English! many thanks! I'm Italian
but i live for 6 months in Germany, Werner is so funny but always dificult
to understand ... I would suggest German subtitles, it would be even better

Author rathiforconnections (4 years)
heyy man!! to start with... awsome...!! i juzz loved yr creation... it was
fun watching..!!

Author kreisKleiner (6 years)
hehe this is classic ive seen it when i was a child soooo often :) werner

Author linkszwo3vier (3 years)
Thank you kindly for this awesome video! It's helping me with my German!

Author Maniaclaughter (4 years)

Author 4Astaroth (3 years)
@lulu2dani That's a litte bit sarcastic. :D And hey how can I know that
your kids are just 2 and 4. It just seems that they were older. And hey
come on. In this cartoon is really nothing against morality. Tell something
in that cartoon which is against moral. I can't find anything in there.

Author pocketdynamo87 (4 years)
@ayior Was du nich sagst...

Author DrRumstain (3 years)
Has everything in Germany been this drunk since I left?

Author Sleepless The Sleeping mess (2 years)
thanks mate!

Author TheDest900 (3 years)
@shortwavejones Thank You! :D

Author shortwavejones (3 years)
@TheDest900 Get pimsleur from the libary or buy it- it'll get you started
and your'll get the 'sounds of German, then listen to Deusche Welle, they
have free online courses and their pod casts are good- Do mission Europe
and THEN Duesche warum nicht. The trick is to work A LITTLE EVERY DAY, also
if you work for 20 min then passivly listen to the German news on DW for 20
min while doing something else. Also you can try, their good, only
you dont get the full audio unless you pay. G Luck

Author awes141 (6 years)
wow im german thats crazy auf widerson SPEIL!

Author esistdochzumkotzen (4 years)
@CandyGraham729 wat bist du denn fürn vogel??

Author Omatunto (4 years)
german is the most beautiful language in the world

Author abdamit (5 years)
this is the beginning from the film ps. it gives over 5 films from werner

Author Mathias Pilz (4 years)
@NewEquinoxProduction well, the drunk guy is a sailor.. not that special
seeing drunk sailors if you think about it... ok its stereotypic. But
comics are like that.

Author 4Astaroth (3 years)
@lulu2dani Do you mean that bra, wich is hanging when there before the ball
explodes? That's really harmless. :D So is the full cartoon. But I think
you are right. Germans aren't rigid, not even a little bit. So if you want
a good life throw your bible away. ;) Well I guess too many Americans are
catholic, so everything is "pervert". Well it's ok you want to protect your

Author schmui (3 years)
@DrRumstain it has always been.

Author schmui (3 years)
@linkszwo3vier i don't think so. haha, trust me, i'm german and from this
particular area, so.. no. listen to some people from hannover (the original
one) or sth. serisously, i love this dialect or accent, but you can't learn
german like that. good luck anyway

Author CizzarGX (6 years)
Don't bother, because he is speaking northern dialect and he's talking fast
because he is commenting the "game", this isn't normal speed.

Author DietmarStip (5 years)
Einfach nur geil. Kann mich erinnern dass ich damals "Bölkstoff" ohne Ende
getrunken habe. Immer und immer wieder Werner gelaufen. LOL :-)))))))

Author abdamit (5 years)
ja tuen sie =P

Author bowmanprelog (1 year)
Ich liebe Deutsch* You are referring to yourself, so the additional "n" at
the end of the word wasn't necessary. It is good to hear you are learning

Author Azgerol (2 years)
Diese Karikatur ist sehr lustig, Deutsch ist so schon!

Author Korzahn (6 years)
Let me correct you. Ich lerne Deutsch, und ich kann nur ein bisschen
verstehen. Sie sprechen zu schnell. Sprechen alle deutsche Leute so
schnell? Nice attempt. :)

Author vostidi (3 years)
@Omatunto you must be kidding!

Author Gutbessergosser (3 years)

Author midulcebombon (3 years)
jajajjajajjaaajajaj hasta que lo encontre jajajajjajja, Werner jajajajjaja
emnencanta, no se a quien me recuerda xD

Author CandyGraham729 (4 years)
@esistdochzumkotzen Ich bin kein Vogel. Ich kannt nicht fliegen wen ich bin
nicht an einen Flugzeug. :p

Author Videosinreverse1 (5 years)

Author BillKulitzisScared (3 years)
@Korzahn wait your writing in german 0.o that looks like dutch

Author Faye Lunacorn (2 years)
Practicing animation in class, and we're working on in-betweens of Werner.
I've never seen him before so I looked him up and found this! Absolutely
hilarious!! I'm gonna enjoy this assignment even more! Thanks for sharing!

Author capnhands (2 years)

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