Steel Soldiers Florida Rally 2011 - Video 1

Steel Soldiers!

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Author Bob Ordewald (3 months)
Stills are ok but if you had included some video I would have shared it. I
want the 1966 Suburban!

Author huckster78 (2 years)
3:17 "fixin the kitchen"

Author wshiwzwhln (3 years)
Where does one find such vehicles to purchase?

Author shitismful (2 years)
@kumarun8 I know I replied once but it isn't showing. That thing is a Gama
goat. Used detroit diesel engines. Somewhat underpowered. Good
maneuverability tho.

Author eLiTexSickboy (3 years)
@wshiwzwhln try sites like boyce equipment, 100dollarman, or C&C Equiptment
for fully restored trucks, but if ur looking for an unrestored truck try
like idaho motor pool or eastern surplus. hope that helps

Author enterBJ40 (2 years)
CTIS at!!!

Author davidl921 (1 year)
song please ?

Author SnoTekServices (2 years)
Just wondering...what song did you use for this video?

Author pdiedricks (1 year)
now that i look closer its not an A3...

Author eurojoe30 (1 year)
Any information on the fith wheel camper set up at the start? 00.04? thanks


Author Conservativearmyguy . (1 year)
I've slept in the back of & under many a deuce & 5 ton :) always felt safe
inside these trucks no matter where I was at.

Author Patrick Taylor (2 years)
Try Government Liquidation.

Author eLiTexSickboy (2 years)
im like in love with the black 5 ton... they show it multiple times 1:25

Author 1755jam (3 years)
Nice slideshow but NOT a video!!!!

Author 5tonjeep (3 years)
I love military vehicles.. Especially the deuces and 5-tons.

Author SixSpeed5 (2 years)
Who is a fool?

Author negranuwanab (2 years)
fool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author shitismful (2 years)
@eLiTexSickboy You betcha!! That's the bitch I wanna drive.

Author shitismful (2 years)
@eLiTexSickboy It's a bobbed duece. M35A2. I had to look for more of them.

Author Airsofter1010 (1 year)
What song? that is an awesome song

Author Chris Mccuskey (1 year)

Author tonymontanamangg (1 year)
rename your video to SLIDESHOW 1 not VIDEO 1.... moron

Author weedissafer (2 years)
yeah 10 tons on small tires with barely any tred dont make u a mud

Author Brandon Tahedl (3 years)
Very sweet video, I don't know many of those models but they are very cool
looking. I don't wanna sound ignorant but can someone recommend a good
resource to learn about the vehicles in this video? I know about google so
please don't bash :P Looks like it was alot of fun! Great slideshow!

Author cwjarvis3 (1 year)
What is the name and band of the song please? Anybody?

Author dave26566 (1 year)
Are these road legal

Author davidl921 (1 year)
sixspeed5..... whats the name of the song or band please thanks

Author Laggy Wizard (1 year)
depending on the mods u do... to simply "bob a duece" ur just removing an
axle and shortening the wheelbase. so it depends on your skill and tools

Author jimwyss2 (2 years)

Author SixSpeed5 (3 years)
@1755jam Isn't IT!? WOW I DIDN'T NOTICE.

Author chevyguy262 (3 years)
what diesel engine do those trucks have

Author Covertmaddroxx1 (2 years)
@eLiTexSickboy Its a Deuce.

Author Thecarguy24 (2 years)
What do people normally camp in and do they tow it with the military
vehicle like the deuce and a half

Author turretman210 (2 years)
if you bob a deuce and a half do u have to do a lot to change it to 4x4?


Author pdiedricks (1 year)
what a great idea for jerry cans on that A3! 0:40

Author shitismful (2 years)
@kumarun8 That is called a Gamma Goat. The US military used them up until
the mid 80's when the Humvee took over. They were powered by a detroit
diesel engine that was underpowered at times. They held ground good from
what I was told and would go through a lot. Hope this helps.

Author eLiTexSickboy (2 years)
@shitismful no, the black one is a 5 ton, not a deuce, it has the fender
mounted air intake see?

Author Elwood Blues (3 years)
@chevyguy262 the 2 1/2 tons have whites and continetals and the 5 tons have
cummins i beleave if im correct. im not quite shure.

Author alexander1485 (2 years)
wow, this looks like fun, wish I knew about this and have went to it :(

Author skatersfriend (3 years)
@SixSpeed5 dont mind him. loved it :)

Author Steve Howdy (2 years)
What is the truck at the 4 second mark with trailer year and such????

Author Mark Bellefeuille (2 years)
0:41...Gotta make me a grille guard like that for mine!

Author eLiTexSickboy (2 years)
@Covertmaddroxx1 how is it a 2.5 ton? care to explain?

Author giraffeman211 (2 years)
Is the deuce at 0:29 custom?

Author BUNDLEofHELL (2 years)

Author 1755jam (2 years)
How about labeling a slideshow a slideshow not a video! Even more simple!
BTW I never said I didn't like it, just mislabeled.

Author Thecarguy24 (2 years)
How far do people travel for this event

Author unicorncowboy1 (1 year)
How do I get to find out about the next ride.

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