Best Fight Kun Khmer 2012 : Keo RumChong vs Van Chanvay

Red Keo RumChong
Blue Van Chanvay

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Runtime: 18:20
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Author CaptainMustardPants (1 year)
Respect to both fighters

Author Brett Hardwick (1 year)
Ripped off. Great fight.

Author ចន្នី ថង (2 years)

Author Lordofthenipplerings (2 years)
They have no head movement and they just set up their kicks. My guess is
because not all strikes are aimed at the head. Lots of leg shots and body
shots from low and mid kicks.

Author erik lechuga (2 years)
Its how the art is. You only have to worry bout kicks and punches mainly.
So you don't need to move around a lot to dodge or look for angles to
attack in mma. So mma you have more ways to attack so its best you move you
ass or get hit or taken down for ground and pound, or submission

Author ladyboylizard (2 years)
blue is good aginst his own people but with foreigners he suck

Author JettyJetShow (1 year)
man i just read the highest comment, im at 11 mins and yes red fucken i
beating his ass. rigged ass pieces of shits

Author YouBiatchify (1 year)
if your adrenaline release too much you will lose a lot of energy later
resulting in powerless and easy to faint. have you ever exercise taking a
very short break and you can continue for so long almost seem like you can
do it forever? thats the same way you release adrenaline slowly. a lot of
pro's dont know this technique either. i only witness a few who use it like
manny paciao. thats how he is able to throw so many hard punches till round

Author aceplus123432 (2 years)

Author sominia meas (2 years)
1 2 3 4 equal =smer.....round 5 romchong si dach...chanvey won yang mech???

Author erik lechuga (2 years)
the proof on the temples in Cambodia its in stone khmers made the art. So
respect and grow up. But im not a thai hater why im part thai I love south
east Asia, this sport is every part of todays history now. We all put in to
make this part of every mma fighters training cause its effective as an

Author ladyboylizard (2 years)
funny ladyboy 5555

Author YouBiatchify (1 year)
the culture part and the character part is, you want to test your opponent
power by letting them attack in full force first. when they do you
understand their strength and you can use a little bit of anger to fight
back hard. if you ever see people in every sport they get knocked out fast
because of rushing. their adrenaline is not pumping and when they get hit
hard they faint easy. when you get bit of mad and feeling pain your
adrenaline release slowly to fight better.

Author sodatola (2 years)
muaythai? kiss my ass. you fight with cambodia and muaythai loss all the
time 555 so shutta fuck of.

Author Devalera Sim (2 years)
no way the other guy had it

Author TeukTnotChou (2 years)
I have yet to see another fight between two had, maybe they have changed

Author chelseafanclub1 (2 years)
fuck combodia ...copy everything from thailand.what kun khmer? have no
brain.foolish people.very shameful

Author YouBiatchify (1 year)
its part of cultural thing but more of balancing out to reserve energy. in
chinese, they called this iron stance hence the name. what make it major
difference than other boxing, you make your bone 10 times stronger than
that of a normal person and you condition your pain to almost zero. for
example the leg bone is repeatedly hitting hard surface until the all the
crack in the bone heal resulting in stronger bone cavity. so avoiding hits
sometimes lose energy when you can take some hits.

Author sominia meas (2 years)
Red.Romchong Win Win!!How can Chanvey won>?Ctn????

Author Niyorills (1 year)
their copy from MuayThai .

Author sotheahondo1 (2 years)

Author Kea Neang (2 years)
At least a draw!

Author Rypleys1 (2 years)
Blue wins...

Author sominia meas (2 years)
Neak psay kor akeati dera ....rochong kick niyeay tha chanvey......sud

Author Igor Barros (2 years)
Red win...

Author zohar917 (2 years)
excellent.very all the way

Author careles race (2 years)
Almost a draw. But, red had the edge in aggression. I would declare red a

Author Arnaud Duval (2 years)
Red Win.

Author Axel Salas (1 year)
Just to add a comment: This one is called Prodal, the Camboyan martial art,
it's really alike to muay thai.

Author Hai Sovathy (1 year)
No. It is khmer boxing not copy. It was drawn in Angkor Wat temple

Author sominia meas (2 years)
Keanak kammaka sii luy!!!!

Author Jiang Wei (2 years)
Where is brain?? Have u learned anything from Khmer? Can u show me the
proof that u say Khmer copied everything from Tai?

Author Gezalenko (2 years)
question: why do muay thai fighters stand in front of each other for most
of the fights you see boxers and mma fighters always moving looking for
angels is it a cultural thing Ive always wondered

Author Samuel Khoun (2 years)
There is no need for arguments; Khmer and Thai are great fighters, but if
you want to go back and check up on your history, the Khmer kingdom had
establish that art form first during the first king of Cambodia, the art
form is call Bok Ka Tao.

Author Chhorvorn KV (2 years)
Red direct most arms, legs, knees and elbows but not effective as Blue.
Even Blue not so active but he fight with brain.

Author Hai Sovathy (1 year)
You can see in Angkor Wat temple

Author manatee1992 (2 years)
hey have you seen cheng lung? extreme sanda kick box

Author Mumu13003 (2 years)
red win ........................

Author khmerbraveheart (2 years)
Red won. I don't know how blue won. Round 5. He didn't even fight back.

Author Khmer Sovannaphumi (2 years)
red should win

Author bun hin (2 years)
យើងគួរប្រើពាក្យថា៖ គុណខ្មែរ នេះទៅ វាខ្លីនិងប្រសើជាងពាក្យ
ក្បាច់គុណបុរាណខ្មែរ ...វែងពេក។

Author Chin Veasna (2 years)
Blue deserve win....Red more acted, but not very effective

Author godismytrust t (2 years)
good fight

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