Andrew Lincoln 'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Interview: 2012 Comic Con

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Deidre Behar caught up with Andrew Lincoln of 'The Walking Dead' at 2012 Comic Con to get all the details on what we can expect from the highly anticipated Season 3 of the hit AMC show!

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Author Freddy Chin (7 months)
WoW.. he's good with accent.

Author Zoom Squad Gaming (2 years)
wow i would never have know that was rick for walking dead if i didnt see
his face.I never knew he was british till 10 seconds ago. wow that one hell
of a talent

Author xRebelliousGamingx (1 year)
and maggie i think...

Author Алексей Попыргай (1 year)
Риклама дастала

Author madison251274 (2 years)
andrew lincoln from LOVE ACTUALY .,romantic movie.i love it.

Author Caitlyn Lariscy (1 year)
He is hot

Author LegallyBlonde317 (1 year)
i miss dale in the show..... his was the worst way to go. split open like a
baked potato :'(

Author DjMiBsweden (1 year)
maggie is born american but moved to england

Author xSN4K3xPL1SSK3Nx (2 years)
Who ever thought he would be in the walking dead when he was is human

Author VanishedFade (2 years)
He's BRITISH!? woah I didn't know that lolz

Author MorbitZ (2 years)
i was ironic -.-

Author Dylan Ritchings (1 year)
Damn he puts on a good american accent in the series!

Author Oli4eva (2 years)

Author shawn1428 (1 year)
He's so hot!!!! That accent makes him even hotter!

Author Mark McCormick (2 years)
These interviewers have no idea what the term SPOILER means - Jesus, shoot
them already!

Author highonflowers (2 years)
His gray stubble omg

Author Mariah Curry (2 years)
A southern accent is sexier on him!

Author MrCrazedmaniac (2 years)
No, he's English.

Author LorenaBevan (2 years)
his voice is sexy ♥

Author Emil Al-Amin (2 years)
hahaha this guy is a tard eh

Author jamal Spears (2 years)
its called acting

Author Van tRoyal (2 years)
He's the best and I'm addicted to "The Walking Dead" The ending of the last
season was a shocker.

Author TESFTW (2 years)
wait wut?

Author GODSMACK4liF3 (2 years)
By far, the best Walking Dead character, Andrew Lincoln's an amazing actor
and he put's his character Rick to the top.

Author alohastfuxD (2 years)
I love how he says Brilliant. omg... hahaha <333

Author Lukioo44 (2 years)
It's so weird that he's British

Author semifiction123 (1 year)
he looks like a drug dealer

Author sks3 (2 years)
So all the actors from the walking dead are british? mind=blown

Author Konrad L. (1 year)
Sad Thing is, we all have to wait till October now.

Author Hkhan23 (2 years)
As d

Author grace foster (2 years)
he's defiantly more beautiful playing rick grimes

Author Jonathan Doe (1 year)
I would have expected this to have come from a girl, but its all good if
you're gay but it just came as a suprise you'd be openly gay on youtube...

Author Matthew Bragg (1 year)
Why does it matter? he's a fantastic actor

Author CMathers26 (2 years)
He is so...oh my god.

Author DubCedSky (1 year)
not all of them... Just Rick and the Governor

Author Taylor Stenson (2 years)
lol he sounds so different to rick grimes :P

Author Hkhan23 (2 years)
Brilliant actor

Author jess oxxy (2 years)
is it just me, or does he look like a completely different person out of

Author clarette (2 years)
i still wanna know whats up with the helicopter since the beginning of
season 1!

Author Frank Castle (1 year)
I want to wear his police uniform if ever I will attend a costume party :D

Author supersonicllama (1 year)
i want to see him go from his natural accent to the Rick voice in an

Author Teph Heisenberg (1 year)
me too :(

Author amocanabumm (2 years)
i love his british accent... :))) he is more cute...:)

Author Abi Gambale (1 year)
I'm in love with him <3

Author Samuel Islas (2 years)
god damn he looks tired as hell. i feel for the dude

Author Jammingbenjaro (2 years)
"--Look like a completely different person out of character?" he's a
fucking actor, no shit.

Author Evonia daluz (1 year)

Author seamas woulfe (2 years)
whats with the cap?

Author soccerabs22 (1 year)
It's scary how much he resembles Viggo Mortensen. Both are amazing actors
as well.

Author derek rogers (2 years)
do u have the panel

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