Samsung Galaxy S3 Setup for Straight Talk

How to setup a Samsung Galaxy S III for Straight Talk Service. Covers transferring number, testing SIM activation. Also covers picture messaging and data setup.
APN Settings below
Name: Straight Talk
APN: att.mvno
Port: 80
Username/Password: none (change these to blank)
Server: Not set
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 310 (did not change from default)
MNC: 410 (did not change from default)
Authentication type: Not set (did not change from default)
APN type: default,supl,mms (did not change from default)
Bearer: Unspecified (did not change from default)

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Author Edward Jelley (3 months)
You shouldn't have to setup data! It comes provided with your month of

Author jake temp (1 month)
how to remove emergency froze screen

Author curtjester1 (7 months)
Can I purchase ANY Samsung Galaxy III S phone on the market and use it for
Straight Talk? How many models does Samsung Galaxy III S have? Thx, Gary

Author Brandan Reese (7 months)
Mine doenst have any of that. i go to settings i go to more settings.and
after that there sa list that says air plane mode. then mobile networks and
under that its NFC and then S Beam...
none of this makes fucking sense

Author smittymp44 (1 year)
Can I buy a Tmobile Sim card on this GS3 straight talk phone from wallmart
and pay the 30 dollar a month plan on tmobile

Author matrixownz (1 year)
can you use a us cellular gs3 on stright talk ?

Author Estelle Graham (1 year)
@L Ron Scrubbard go to walmart they have a sims cutter they will cut your
sims card to fit ur phone I had to do the same thing and they will do it
for free...

Author cailinweaver (10 months)
For the first part of the tutorial I put the IMEI number in but I also have
a serial number on my Galaxy S3, but I can't enter in the serial number
because apparently its not suppose to have letters and I'm not able to type
it in. What do I do?

Author Robert Owens (1 year)
Is it 4g

Author SaraST8 (1 year)
Hello! this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. We are sorry for the
inconvenience that you've gone through. We would like to help you. Please
send us your account information which includes your name, phone number and
the phone's serial number so we can get this done immediately. You may send
it to Thank you.

Author L Ron Scrubbard (1 year)
I bought a Straight Talk sim card activation kit in hopes of getting my
t-mobile samsung galaxy 3 on straight talks service. but when i recieved
the activation kit the sim card is too big to fit into my phone. straight
talk says on the phone that there is no refunds and they do not provide
micro sim cards. so what can i do? Please email me at Thanks.

Author Bryce Roberts (2 years)
Thankyou so much, this help a lot!

Author Milburn Chapel (1 year)
I was told twice from Straight Talk customer service that if I purchased
the Straight Talk Samsung III from Wal-mart and called customer service
they would be able to activate the phone on the “VERIZON” network and NOT
the Sprint network for me.

Author Sang Vo (1 year)
NVM the "default, supl, mms" should have no space after the comma.

Author ike phife (2 years)
how much will the bill be

Author Brandy Pingley (1 year)
buy a sim cutter...

Author Edgar Rodriguez (2 years)
can u do H2O config. for the GS3

Author wolfgang15425 (1 year)
does anyone know if i can do this with a cricket galaxy s3 phone

Author Omar Jones (1 year)
Where did u get your phone from? Did u get it from AT&T or ebay and is the
phone unlocked?

Author Roman Phantomhive (1 year)
Will this work for us cellular phones too?

Author AChad92 (1 year)
I want this!

Author MasterRambo (1 year)

Author gincllc (2 years)
does the S3 need to be unlocked or is it already?

Author Jose Torres (1 year)
i wonder when they will get more i have a new samsung galaxy s3 i would
love to use

Author IglesiaBautistaPDP (2 years)
Im not able to click to change anything what should I do Please

Author Carlos Hernandez (1 year)
Didn't work for me...

Author KINGKJ2REAL (1 year)
Everyone you CAN use a VERIZON GS3 WITH STRIGHT TALK the phone has to be on
android jellybean and up

Author DOMINILOCO (2 years)
my bad i just saw h e i9300 international version thank you ill get the 45
plan from them. thank you for the vid.

Author Jason Barrow (1 year)
straight talk no longer sells sims

Author Tylenole (1 year)
why the fuck are you talking like an announcer at a football game?

Author Jennifer Dudley (1 year)
i just got a galaxy note 2 unlock phone.. i want to know where can i get a
byop sim card.Please need Help

Author Revolver Rex (1 year)
thank you!

Author Ally Tiffany (1 year)
Does this have 4g on straight talk?

Author Kari Kitts (2 years)
I heard that MMS does not work on this? is that true?

Author OfficialMizplaced (1 year)
i called straight talk and told them my situation and they gave me
different settings to try which worked, so give em a call and let them know
whats going on they should help you out

Author cleargum9793 (1 year)
can this work for the galaxy 4??

Author TallGuyJ (2 years)
so i have these exact settings on my att galaxy note and everything works
except that i can only receive mms i can't send them. help?

Author mlo356 (1 year)
Can I use my Verizon S3 and Alltel S3 on Straight Talk?

Author marina vargas (2 years)
i have a samsung galaxy s3 with att contract and is acitvated on a two yr
agreement. can i purchase a sim or micro sim from straight talk and will i
be able to activate my phone with straight talk? thanks!

Author RANDOMDVR (1 year)
Ha h

Author Jamie Flack (1 year)
Hi. I was wondering if I can tranfer a Tmobile galaxy S3 to straightalk and
how I would go about doing this? Any thoughts?

Author Alaa Abuali (2 years)
Will the AT&T gs3 work on net10?

Author Nickntabby Tipsword (1 year)
Can you do uscellular sg3 on st.. The only thing I'm wondering is because
it says excludes lte phones m why is this

Author tiffy gonzales (1 year)
Sara if I buy a AT&T sgs3 can I use it with my current straight all service
like Internet and everything the same and where a can I get the SIM card

Author Bellaire Nicole (1 year)
@mcbeatbox937 i'm wondering, through it's texting, does it let you send and
receive pictures? and after the 30 days is up on the sim card do i have to
purchase another one or get it re-activated or ... what?

Author Da1shocker (2 years)
I have my S3 programmed correctly but whenever I run a speed test I get
8kbps download and 2048kbps on upload. I need to get my download numbers
up. Can anybody help me?

Author hozae1 (2 years)
does it work on 4g with straight talk 45$ month plan?

Author O Baig (2 years)
Can someone please help i ordered a tmobile galaxy s3 i will permanantly
unlock it im currently using iphone 4 with straight talk sim. so when i get
my s3 in 2 days i go to straight talk website and click on
activate/reactivate and the imed/serial number doo i type the galaxyss imei
number there ? i can use the same sim card with the s3 right

Author Ally Tiffany (1 year)
What cell tower would this be using? Atnt or Verizon?

Author Jessie robertson (1 year)
hey im have a problem trying to get my data to work on my unlocked galaxy
s3 i have just put my sim in early today but the data not work help plz
thank u

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