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Author jakewoodstock (2 months)
little hint that saves a lot of hammering, if you leave the bolts in the
hub just remove them about a quarter to a half an inch you can then tap the
bolts instead of wedging something in the front side.
good video none the less.

Author gary maddux (1 month)
I looked up how long this would take.and this was the first video that
popped up. Good thing too cuz I have a 97 1500 dodge.

Author victorpapaavp (1 month)
Curious is this works for both axles on the front? I've got two U joints,
not quite as much play, but they're going to need replacement... Definitely
a lot simpler than I expected though! Also, do you have any tips for
servicing the front Diff? I need to crack mine open and figure out why it
whines when I engage the 4wd. After a few minutes, I assume after it has
heated up, it starts groaning. Any ideas? Thanks for sharing this vid!

Author Ring & Pinion Service, Inc. (3 months)
Tech Video Friday! This week we found a great video to show you how to
replace the front axle u joint and hub on a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD.

Author K Osgood (1 month)
Oops. You used a 1 3/4 not a 1 11/16. I made the same mistake. 

Author Avason1 (4 months)
Nice Video brother!

Author Rob Chapman (1 year)
When getting the hub loose i suggest leaving the bolts a 1/4 to 3/8 loose
in the back. Getting a deep socket ( or regular) but it on the one of the
bolts. Hold it on there with a channel lock and hit the socket with a brass
hammer. If you don't have a brass hammer use a regular one but some socket
damage may occur. Move from one bolt to the next until you see a space
start to show on the outside. Do it enough to get a pry bar or big flathead
screwdriver in then work it out. I will be hard.

Author runnen reb (2 years)
guys did you replace the wheel bearing when doing this project and thanks
for video

Author spelunkerd (2 years)
Nice demo. I envy your access to that lift, and your uncluttered, clean new
shop. It looks like you had the most trouble getting the hub out. I found a
trick to getting the hub clear. If you tap on a socket over the heads of
the three bolts, partially loosened, the hub comes loose without having to
use pry-bars.

Author pcarbaughjr (10 months)
The large nut is 1-11/16 tractor supplies has for under $10.00 I was told

Author slykatt13 (2 years)
1 11/16 socket..i got mine at tractor supply here in new york...$ 6.95

Author apohl215 (1 year)
I love the internet, thanks for making the video guys!

Author Nathan Williams (2 years)
@7sabot I just did both front u joints and hubs on my 98 today. The castle
nut on the hub is 1 11/16". I was worried about causing spline damage
hammering the hub off. Ended up using a gear puller. It worked out well.

Author McGabsPD (1 year)
good job marking the axle shaft yoke. Those Things are only meant to go
left and right not up and down witha u joint in them. ive seen some crazy
stuff happen to Jeeps with axles being put on 180 from factory

Author Brenda R (1 year)
well not down here in TX, having a hard time finding one, been looking for
3 days now. They have plenty of the 44 spine but no 60 spine.

Author charles shaheen (1 year)
what size socket did u use to take the big nut off i tried a 38mm didn't
work also does that have too be torqued thanks

Author ttmuzzy50 (2 years)
heat works good Friend and I are doing job now why are big sockets so hard
to find?

Author bgreen4287 (2 years)
On a 2001 the "king nut" or "hub nut" is a 1 11/16". It's a hard size to
find. With how hard they are to break loose I would not recommend using a 1
3/4" which some people do.

Author Jarrid Moore (1 year)
If the hub bearing is fine then you dont have to remove the axle nut, and
driving a chisel in behind the hub kills the dust shield and shim, loosen
the 14mm 12 point hub bolts and use the socket and a short extension and
leave it on the bolt and turn the steering wheel till the extension hits
the axle housing and you will push the hub unit out with no damage you can
even start the truck and use the power steering to help I have done lots
this way even the very rusty ones....

Author Oldsmob455 (2 years)
@sidneymailman That's ok because I wouldn't give you the time of day to
work for you.

Author p228Alex (8 months)
how do you get the hub back on? will the three bolts pull it back on if you
tighten them each little by little, moving between them, so you don't bind
it up?

Author Oldsmob455 (9 months)
It's called a ball peen hammer and your not going to break your caliper by
tapping it off. It'snot that delicate. 2nd, that nut was big enough that
there was no 6 point socket in the set, run what ya brung and get it done.
3rd, I've seen many a hub in the rust belt that a puller just isn't going
to remove. Don't be sorry, constructive feedback is always welcome.

Author Felipe Sanchez (2 years)

Author Tony Peele (1 year)
how much would a mechanic charge 4 this

Author Oldsmob455 (2 years)
@purplemommy2000 Depends on your skill level. YouTube channel "spelunkerd"
has a great video of him doing it. Good luck.

Author Asphaltcowboy (2 years)
I wish my bearing came off that easy on my 3500......

Author Oldsmob455 (2 years)
@Leadrfothepak Spelunkerd has a interesting trick on a comment below, maybe
try that.

Author Josh Hager (2 years)
This video was so helpful. THANK YOU!!!!!

Author Oldsmob455 (8 months)
Clean up the knuckle and hub and the bolts should draw it on no problem.

Author Joshua Edward (1 year)
Nice video! glad somebody finally showed how the Axel comes out...didn't
expect it to just flop there ;)

Author jlsibal (2 years)
@Leadrfothepak a little bit of heat from a torch but if u do that u have to
replace the bolt after u get them out

Author jared massey (2 years)
@tcarney086 it is a 1 inch 3/8 socket if my memory is correct from the last
time i did it

Author HateBigGummedRetards (1 year)
hahaha good man

Author david blevins (1 year)
Thanx for this video it is very helpful

Author memorycdrew (2 years)
Hey guys, whats the outer spline count on the axle shaft? I'm looking to do
an SFA for a 03 Silverado with crappy IFS. I want to retain my new Timken
wheel hubs, Powerslot slotted rotors, rebuilt calipers, and Russel steel
brake lines. Thanks!

Author Ja Si (2 years)
I gotta do mine tomorrow , Thanks for the excellent video !

Author Brenda R (1 year)
Ok, I'm going to ask a dumb question, but please help. The shaft that the
"castle" nut goes on, can you get just that shaft and if so what is it
called? We are trying to replace that short shaft as it is stripped and the
auto parts stores look at me like I'm a stupid azz. Please any help, junk
yard part or new part, just need the name or if we can have the shaft
re-cut for the nut?????

Author fomoco300k (2 years)
See realfixesrealfast video for a neat trick to get that hub off w/o all
that beating and wedging.

Author Oldsmob455 (8 months)
It might be called the steering knuckle.

Author Oldsmob455 (2 years)
@resacarebel1868 The hub/bearing was fine but If I recall correctly he
replaced it anyway.

Author radicalphantom1 (2 years)
lol classic method to get the axle nut off: used my floorjack! :)

Author Rob Chapman (1 year)
Coat the new hub and the hole it goes on the axle tube with anti-seize
compound before installation.

Author TOXIXIFY (1 year)
I seen bubbles stealing more shopping carts today.

Author TheWaterman1000 (2 years)
Don't you put some grease on the splines?

Author Oldsmob455 (2 years)
@MrMJBuddz I'll send you a e-mail on a drive shaft install.

Author Oldsmob455 (2 years)
@tcarney086 I believe the correct socket is 1 11/16. The nut can be
difficult to remove, a trick may be to remove the cotter pine then bolt the
wheel back on the hub and set the truck down with out the center cap, then
crack the nut loose. You will probably need a breaker bar and may need to
stand on it. There is a torque spec on that nut for re-assembly. Kinda
missed those points in the vid. Good luck.

Author MrMJBuddz (2 years)
Thanks for the video, gives me a better idea of what I'm doing. I'm
replacing the entire driveshaft assembly on the same kind of truck, and I'm
wondering if you guys have any tips on getting the u-joint seated back into
the transfer case.

Author dustin lanaville (1 year)
what kinda of front end do you got? because i went to go and replace my u
joint. and i ended up messing up a bunch of things. i went to go get a
replacement axel for the standard 1500 and the splines were shallow not
deep like yours are.

Author Oldsmob455 (2 years)
@7sabot I thought it was 1 11/16 inch but someone else said 1 3/8 inch.
That's the best I can do for now.

Author Craig Niles (10 months)
hey man i had a ? yesterday i was mudding and my 4x4 went out now it just
clunks when put in 4x4 or when i turn sharp and hit bumps what could it be?

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