Ignition Coil Replacement - Ford Expedition

Replacing the ignition coils in a 2000 Ford Expedition. This process should be very similar for any Ford using the 5.4l engine including the F-150.

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Author David Vining (7 hours)
Well, after watching your great video I was all fired up to go to work
replacing my #3 coil, but then, BAM! I felt like Frodo trying to climb
through a cob web. There are so many cable, hoses and pipes between me and
that "still in place" coil that I ran out of expletives and band-aids and
didn't even get my fingers on the coil.The coil is so far back that I think
it might be easier to get at it from behind my ashtray. None of the several
videos that I could find included that warning. I've been working on cars
for over 40 years and I think I have finally met my match, or better yet
hit the wall. Now I know why mechanics charge so much! Good luck to all of
you who attempt this repair.

Author Lance Dickchops (2 months)
Do you even know what dielectric grease is? It is an insulating compound so
why would you put it on the coil spring & coil connector? Doing it your way
you have actually insulated the areas where you need as much spark as
possible. Its meant to go on the coil boot inside the tip (sparingly) or on
the ceramic face of the spark plug but in no way do you ever put it on any
part that is meant to have spark like the coil spring or coil connector or
spark plug tip.You have just caused 100's of people to inadvertently give
their cars an ignition breakdown or misfire.

Author John Arrick (8 hours)
I just did this EXACT thing today... Got a P0304 replaced the coil, and
away I go. Your advice of how to move things out of the way helped me out
the most. Great video. Big ups.

Author blosom2315 (1 month)
I've got a p0303 code, I pulled the coil on the #3 cylinder and checked it
with a meter, it was within spec on primary and secondary resistance, I
replaced the plug and swapped that coil with the #6 one just for the hell
of it and I still have a misfire on cylinder 3. could it be a clogged fuel
injector? it seems like every one else just replaces the coil and its
problem solved.

Author OhioPrepperOne (2 months)
Thank you, perfect...... Just did mine in an hour, next one will take 30

Author Zakk Allard (1 month)
Speak up. I use my phone to watch videos like this while i am working on my
truck, even with a small Bluetooth speaker i could barely hear you clearly 

Author OhioPrepperOne (2 months)
I bought a dura last coil, it came pre greased inside the tip, so I
replaced the spark plug, installed the coil, test drive was perfect.

Author Dan Casey (3 months)
Why wouldn't you change the spark plug while you were at it? hmm...?

Author Satty (1 month)
Hello, I have just replaced one engine coil on my mini cooper R56 (2nd
The engine and shaking is now fine. I have heard if one goes the other
coils will go too. Is that true? Some sources stay they last for a
lifetime? What is true? Thanks

Author jon peace (5 months)
Actually number 4 was OK... But number 7 was a bitch... Dam 7 mm screw was
hidden under fuel injector 

Author Fernando Mercado (5 months)
Thank you for the video. pulling the intestines back is a great idea.

Author michael gordy (8 months)
Great job!!! One of the best videos i've seen yet! I sure like the way you
pulled the hoses back with the tie straps. Theres nothing i hate more than
getting ripped off from some know it all mechanic and your video sure
helped me out alot. Thank you for the info and thanks youtube we are all
able to get info like this to help.

Author Brandon Adams (10 months)
Uhhh, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: remove the negative battery connector
those coils contain LETHAL voltage. 

Author chad sluder (6 months)
num 4 is ridiculous 

Author hunterj4311 (10 months)
Thanks for sharing the tip on tying down "the intestines." I'm going to use
this tip so I can finish replacing the coil packs & plugs on the passenger
side. Thanks!

Author Jorge Angeles (2 months)

Author Clarence Laster (11 months)
Thanks for the tip on pulling the heater hoses out of the way that will
help me greatly getting to spark and boot 4

Author MsFreedom (10 months)
Thank you, mreinsmith!!! I watched your video three times in the past
couple days and changed the coil on my cylinder #8 this morning! Meaning
that your video is so good that even a girl can do it after watching it!
Hah Hah! :)

Seriously, this is a great video, thanks again! :D

Author james tyler (10 months)
your post saved me 400.00 dollars....i needed to replace the number four
ignition coil and plug,i was quoted 400 to replace and that it would take a
day or so to do....not all of them just the one 400...i followed your video
and it took me hour and 20 thank you very much......yr video saved
me money...keep it up

Author Ed Sawyer (11 months)
For tightening in tight spaces you need a ratchet with a more finer gear

Author marty middleton (1 year)
It was great to watch that video, made it look so simple thank you. One
question what is the name to the grease? changing the coil packs will help
run better to?

Author agntx79 (1 year)
I discovers that denso is who makes the coil packs for for and they only
cost 22 dollars each. They put a label over the bottom numbers and filed
off the upper ones so they can sell them as denso

Author Justin Ayers (1 year)
You really helped us with replacing the coil on our 2000 Expedition, solved
our misfire problem and saved us a day of sitting in some mechanic's garage
for a day of skiing instead! Thanks a million Mr. Reinsmith!

Author Ford Expedition (1 year)

Author macheterosisoy (1 year)
Thank you for youre coil installation.

Author Toonses (1 year)
You do know that dielectric grease is non conductive right?

Author weedsnager (1 year)
Looking to Change the plugs and coils if the weather ever warms up, what
coils do I need? I see them range from $85 to $380. For the 8 pack. When I
google 05 Eddie Bauer expedition, I look at all the options that pop up,
and every website you click on shows a different part number.

Author louwegee (1 year)
This was a perfect video. I just replaced #2 coil pack in my 1998
Navigator. I need to change #4 but I'm not sure on how to unplug certain
plugs. Then I'm not sure one how to plug them back up. But what a great
help this video was. You should do one on what to unplug to get to the #4
coil and how to hook them back lol lol

Author Desiree R (2 years)
THANK YOU for making this video... By far the best video on how to replace
the ignition coil. I was just about to pay someone to do this for me and
now I can do it myself. Luckily its the 7th cylinder thats bad in mine so I
wont have to go blind like you did. Again, AWESOME video, thank you so much
for sharing!

Author Jordan Hooper (1 year)
Thank you so much! I have searched and searched for a Cylinder 4 video and
this is the only one worth watching! Going to fix mine now! By the way,
there was a SERVICE BULLETIN put out by Ford to double clamp the heater
hose that travels on top of Cylinder 4 on the F-150's. That hose leaks and
causes Cylinder 4 to short out and misfire. Hope this helped someone!

Author Nicholas Lee (1 year)
I have a question. When I turn the key over my car wont start but the radio
turns on and everything else works. Behind the fuse box there is a loud
buzzing noise. I was able to hit the fuse box earlier and then turn it
over, but now it wont turn over at all. Any Ideas?

Author Brian Jones (1 year)
My 2003 expedition read misfire on #3. I hope it's as easy as you made it
seem. Thanks.

Author Smart Eng (1 year)
Change the ignition coil for my F150. The truck won't start. The PATS light
is blinking and the key is acting like un programmed key. I tried another
programmed key (it used to work) but didn't work. Any advise will be

Author mreinsmith (1 year)
I don't think that would be the coils, The engine will usually run with one
or even two coils down. I would go out and post your symptoms on the forums
@ ford-trucks . com

Author mreinsmith (2 years)
1st cylinder in the front on the driver side

Author mreinsmith (1 year)
Test the coils one by one. Running the engine, unplug the connector from
each one. If the engine starts to slump then that means that ignition coil
is GOOD. if there is no change in engine when you remove the connector,
then that means that the ignition coil is suspect (not firing).

Author dakotabaker98 (1 year)
No problem. Glad I could help! Good luck!

Author MrEricdgreat (1 year)
I am just changing one coil and one spark plug, just the one that is
misfiring.Is that okay also to just change one plug? Thank you vary much,
oh and is it necessary to use the grease?

Author MrEricdgreat (1 year)
Would it be smart to go ahead and change the spark plug while you are
removing the coil?

Author Lydell Humphrey (2 years)
Where would I find cylinder 6 and 8 on a 1999 lincoln navigator? Would it
be the 2nd and 4th from front on the driver's side?

Author Leequan Thomas (1 year)
Been looking for bolts for my ignition coil...heard you say 7mm but what
are the other specs. Can't seem to find it anywhere

Author pageman99 (1 year)
Excellent video and good camera man! I have a 5.4L 2001 and have replaced a
Fuel Injector and 2 Coils and just got another P0303. How can you tell that
the misfire is due to a failed coil opposed to a injector?

Author mreinsmith (1 year)
yes, it's OK to just change the one plug while you are in there. I would
definitely dielectric grease. It not only improves the connection but keeps
out moisture as well. You can usually get it in small packets at your auto
parts store.

Author Tony Garza (1 year)
I also have a 2000 ford expedition 5.4 l. I have a sluggish take off on
first gear and thought it was tranny. Changed fluid and filter on it still
doing same thing. Thinking it is ignitioin coil as it idles very low when
in park but does not backfire or has engine light on. Could it be something
different.? Thanks for the video.

Author mreinsmith (1 year)
Yes, and make sure to get the Motorcraft plugs (the OEM for ford)

Author mreinsmith (1 year)
Fuel filter is a good place to start, but it could also be the fuel pump or
an electrical problem. Try talking it over with the people in the forums at
ford-trucks . com.

Author John Koetting (2 years)
where is cylinder number 5 on a 2003 f150 5.4?????????????email me at

Author Hitler, Adolf (1 year)
not to be a jack ass or anything, but the video would be better if you
would change out the cylinder 1 ignition coil on video and change out 4 on
your own time. lol

Author ken koenig (1 year)

Author Jhony Lopez (1 year)
I over righted it, now I got a crazy shaking on my engine, I think in going
to glue together.

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