Dubliners - Barney McKenna Banjo Solo *High Quality*

This is one of Barney's many crazy banjo solos.


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Author spauwminator (8 months)
What is the name of the song?

Author TheHansVogel (4 months)
Wonderful stuff. Brings me back to the heyday of 'The Green Linnet'

Author sergio gonzalez (2 months)
I think it's wonderfull

Author zjogord (2 years)

Author MrDrinkthekoolaid (2 years)
favorite :D. but thats still not strong enough!

Author george eastwood (10 months)
C'est quoi ce délire avec bob lennon ?

Author rdownes94 (4 years)
ur my idol

Author MrHathouse (4 years)
while his banjoing is amazing, i feel sorry for the poor guitarist having
to keep up as he changes his tempo all the time!

Author ourlucidream (3 years)
Some musicians hear this and get discouraged but when I hear music like
this I feel inspired.

Author Ramón Félix (4 years)
epic the dubliners

Author Roderick Brook (2 years)
It's called 'Carolans Rag'.

Author irishmckiddo (2 years)
@TheRebelman95 irish tenor banjo

Author Sylvain Lemieux (1 year)
Lol the *High quality* comes qithout saying when its from Barney ;)

Author ♫ La Chaîne de Saito ♫ (1 year)

Author Big_D (2 years)
I meen cheers...

Author jeroendevries (4 years)
Last night's Fun and The Congress Reel

Author Joe Carolan (2 years)
R I P barney

Author DasVogeI (3 years)

Author DCtoday (2 years)
@RIProrygallagher, It's sounds alot like "Humours of Tulla", at least for
the first part.

Author Simon M (2 years)
We really need a button stronger than just "Like".

Author Lutz Brücher (2 years)
Good-bye and thank you!

Author ChainSoul0 (4 years)
pure awsomeness

Author gerardcolgan01 (1 year)
Each note played so sweetly.

Author DeeDeeKhan (1 year)
this is fucking great

Author helpmeimtheDoG (2 years)
@krimskrams i mean the music from the "winnetou-western", where banjo is
played verry fast, ok, wait: .." you are walking to the saloon, you open
the 2 "half-doors" and you are make a step in. suddenly, you´re seeing how
the man i playing the banjo and a other man i pplaying the piano, and all
are verry funny and make a good atmoshpere" i cant describe, it was the old
"winnetou-western-movies", and the are making saloon-western music, and i
cant find them

Author MrHathouse (4 years)
@thesnoopster yes there is.

Author CaptainPlanet117 (3 years)
Holy crap this would take so much skill!

Author BrodieWilsonRS (4 years)
@RIProrygallagher I believe the last song is some variant of Andy Renwick's
Ferret, I think that might be what it is.

Author GeorgeTheEpicWinner (2 years)
Banjo... by far the coolest African instrument.

Author WalrusPorn (3 years)
@drydyboy The main difference is the shape of the instrument. Banjo is a
completely unique sound.

Author Jan Trhlík (1 year)
"Congress Reel" ;-) (& many greetings from Brno)

Author DiabolicalSchemes (1 year)
I found out it's the Congress Reel

Author cavs608 (4 years)
amazing solo..

Author Ciara McNicholl (2 years)
What's the name of this song

Author futsalfred2 (1 year)
Fat old men with scraggly beards are the best banjo players.

Author floamy201 (2 years)
i can do this. hold my beer

Author Tom Kneale (4 years)
lol ... hes called gomez.. must be deep south.

Author agshean (3 years)
Second tune is called 'The Congress Reel'

Author Alastair Day (3 years)
@BahaBib sorry but nope, maid behind the bar is a different tune, sounds a
lot alike but has more bits and pieces

Author chase anderson (2 years)
i wanna play the banjo now. when i master this ima get all the bitches,
hell yeah. lollll xD

Author BrodieWilsonRS (4 years)
I know all of these on the Bagpipe :D

Author Corn Of Doom (4 years)
i suddenly want a banjo lol

Author Davin Costello (2 years)
R.I.P Barney, I'm sure the sessions up there with Luke, Ronnie, and Ciaran
will be top class!

Author bullyboy1863 (3 years)
This. is. BEAST

Author Deer Slayer (2 years)
Goodbye cousin. His Tenor Banjo is silent, now he is with the rest of the
"lads" who have gone before. RIP. The Maestro has left the stage.

Author Tillhammer (3 years)
The master at work

Author dylwadd (2 years)

Author Roderick Brook (2 years)
It's called 'Carolans Rag'.

Author drydyboy (3 years)
What's the main difference between the guitar, and banjo, numbers of
strings, pick or not, acoustic? Awesome vid!

Author smith86xs (2 years)
RIP Barney

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