Left 4 Dead: Leeroy Jenkins Dead Air Expert Speedrun

My friends and I run through dead air on expert while I show the least possible concern for my teamates safety :D

Song is from:

Titled: "Leeroy Jenkins (fun times remix)"

Next up...Blood Harvest...

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Author GeneralBunnyManson (11 months)
healing yourself while standing in fire....because Criken thats why

Author speNcer (3 months)
This is what happens when Louis ingests too much pills.

Author dingerusaf (1 month)
That music just screams out YOLO

Author Batman (7 months)
2009 video

I'm impressed.

Author Kam Dodson (5 months)

Author Chris Harper (1 year)
Ready guys? Let's do this, LEEERROOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!

Author Kyeden Smith (3 months)
What kind of a noob would kill his teamate right at the safe room you
selfish retard

Author dangerdude991 (9 months)
he never did blood harvest....

Author Akira Salazar (7 months)
..............i love this song now Criken your a dadass

Author Kam Dodson (5 months)
I used to be chrickens friend on Xbox 

Author JirachiMaster (1 year)
At least I have chicken.

Author Henk Kraan (7 months)

Author Ron Stroehmann (7 months)
Let's do dis Leroy!!!!!

Author ll l Hey (1 year)
He fast forward it so he could make it to a faster time he would took 8 to
10 minutes if he didn't fast forward

Author Juan Luis (8 months)
instead of repeating the song you should put the 1 or 10 hour version

Author Richard Baláž (9 months)
So....much.... LEEEEeEROY

Author Wilson Ang (1 year)

Author Jesus Gomez (10 months)
este video esta de la puta madre xdxdxdxdxdxddddd

Author dragonborn983 (1 year)
1:28 can you still do that?

Author Left4Dead2CrossFire (2 years)
1:25 The best Dead Air trick ever!

Author thurman vann (2 years)
yawl rushed through it

Author PolarBear_Craig (2 years)
uhh that's ok i know what i said

Author THEGHAC (1 year)
anyone still play l4d1 on pc or xbox message me

Author Az' Dod (1 year)
Least i have chicken.

Author Juwan Bantug (1 year)
"NOBODY SURVIVES BUT CRIKEN!!!!!!" is the message

Author Tomoko Kuroki (2 years)
pinned XD by yeah. he kinda pleased her. naughty bitch

Author gamehead216 (2 years)
Pro in coming lets do this

Author Paul Jack (2 years)
pilz here !!!

Author Joel Watson (2 years)
a wise man (not me) once posted," I dont mind ads, i dont mind buffer, but
when ads buffer, then i suffer"

Author eamon reis (1 year)
seems sped up in places, but still incredibly fast man!

Author darealdealification (2 years)

Author Goku22w (1 year)
seeing as its most of the final acts of L4D are "Survive untill _____", its
not really speedrun-able... (thats a word)

Author fromeggman (2 years)
the ai would be proud of him.

Author Some Guy On You Tube (1 year)
i use these as walkthroughs lol

Author eziogowee (1 year)
Classic Criken! :3

Author Helloim chia wei (1 year)

Author BazaCraft (1 year)
90 now..

Author PolarBear_Craig (2 years)
before criken was the he was the criken we know today

Author Petar Ivaniš (2 years)
Its standard,but in left 4 dead 2 they put it on 56 limit which is pretty
stupid :/

Author nerdyvids1 (1 year)

Author TheBlazinphotos (2 years)
They got lucky.

Author Carolyn Dallagiacomo (2 years)
best song ever

Author un tal helios shido (1 year)
Criken rocks

Author LEGIONofTROLLS (1 year)
No it's a least I got chicken because in the original he was gone because
getting chicken and we he came back he said "ok let's do this LEROY JENKINS
" then he said at least I have chicken

Author daveyb544 (2 years)
Wow all this is really helpful, me and my friend are trying to complete all
campaigns on expert and this is the last one we need and now we have a lot
of shortcuts :D thanks criken your the best!

Author Left4CallOfGears14 (1 year)
I've actually done this......and beat it. Extremely hard

Author BLooDMoNEY (1 year)
What Is The Song

Author zachary mackinnon (1 year)

Author DasterTheStalker (1 year)
left behind... everything that doesnt run on Leeroy "The Battering ram"
Criken speed will be left 2 idle

Author Melon Man (1 year)
No, I meant chicken. At the end of the Leeroy Jenkins video when they call
him an idiot he says "At least I got chicken."

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