Windows 8 - Beginners Guide Part 1 - Start Screen & Charm Bar [Tutorial]

This video tutorial shows those new to Windows 8 the basics needed to get around the new Windows 8 user interface. The Windows "Start Menu" has been replaced by the "Start Screen" & "Charm Bar".

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Author Talyn R (26 days)
Thank You. Been a long time user of other Windows, and I have to say I'm
still not thrilled with 8, but your video helped me to understand it. 

Author ragepoweredgamer (5 months)
Hello to the rest of Chris's class!

Author SharpHD (1 month)
Im Loving Windows 10 right now <3 .

Author Juven Secusana (1 month)
Good pacing, no annoying music, easy to follow... the list goes on. Thanks
for this awesome tutorial.

Author Gerry Sorensen (10 days)
Thank you so much I have used all other windows from beginning, and I also
have to say not thrilled with 8 but your tutorial is great and will
probably need to watch a few more times, but I thank you for the start

Author Milos Pop (19 days)
Thanks for taking the time to produce this tutorial in a calm manner.

Author shirley conley (1 month)
I hate the microsoft being already in the computer you cannot move about
without keep logging intoit it has stopped me getting intomy emails and
moving round the screen it is a complete time waster and only wants to
sellyou things GET RID OFIT

Author MyLadyAlexis0958 (8 months)
The thing about Windows 8 is I don't like all those silly apps. When i log
onto my PC I want to just see my original homepage and not all these silly
looking things. From my home page i can decide where i want to go from
there. Those silly apps thingys look stupid and complicated.

Author Andrea David Edelman (8 months)
better yet, don't get windows 8. 

Author Gwyneth Pocock (3 months)
All very good, but what happens when the tile stops working and even if you
uninstall and reinstall it, it still doesn't work, for example, netflix
will not work or open - and there are others!!!

Author 2012escapee1 (7 months)
I immediately deleted almost all my silly, stupid, preinstalled, demanding
a Microsoft account and agreeing to terms "charms". Not at all charming. I
had to take the computer back to figure out how to turn off the damn thing.
I make a false move with the cursor, and those charming charms come back,
over this video, over anything I do. I would love to permanently turn that
charming feature off.

Author Alexis Elizabeth Drob (9 months)
Ok I don't see firefox in any of those stupid looking tiles

Author Zab Andra (7 months)
I hate windows 8

Author Sensei Bastian (10 months)
Microsoft just made it uglier. Back to basic. I hate it!

Author Emm De La (7 months)

Author Mr123max9 (10 months)
are you on drugs

Author solidflee98766 (7 months)
Ill stick to windows 7

Author Alexis Elizabeth Drob (9 months)
I can already see i will definately stick with my vista because i know for
sure i will not get along with windows 8.....besides it's the ugliest thing
i have ever seen!!

Author Timothy Davis (7 months)
Why's Tina from Bob's Burgers doing a windows 8 tutorial?

Author nidda abdel (7 months)
Gfd but unprotected deduct the doggerdyvkhl

Author Raj Mohan (8 months)
hey am not getting the apps or any other options in the search all am
getting is a plane page with a search bar , somebody please help

Author kie7077 (7 months)
ClassicShell FTW

Author Joe Moya (8 months)
I REALLY tried to use Windows 8.1... but, found it to be a really bad
The biggest problem is you can not easily create a dual boot system... in
fact, if your computer doesn't use drivers for 7... you can't create a dual
boot system. And, what about opening in Safe Mode?

Windows went sooo far off base with 8.0... it is pretty much a waste of
effort and time. All MS needed to do was add touch screen to the existing
Windows 7... and leave the other garbage out. Why can't Windows accept
the fact that Google and Apple is the dominate mobile device operation
system... MS just needs to give up trying to make a 3rd class effort at
copying Google and Apple. for goodness sake. 

Author David Brewer (9 months)
Windows 8 is awful. I see no practical reason for this change. This
tutorial however, was fantastic. At least I can function now. Do you think
we could create a mutiny and force MS to go back to the windows 7 layout in
the next version?

Author kie7077 (7 months)
12 second after clicking help and the 'I'm ret@rded, please wait' bar is
still there. Windows 95 was faster, much faster.

Author Anita Prinz (9 months)
Excellent, W8 is very different and I need this help, thank you

Author NeedyChris (9 months)
I have a problem: every single app I install is stored in the OS HDD which
in my case is only 90gb. I have two other HDD completely empty so my
question is how do I change it so the system installs on those two?? I mean
whenever I start installing it does not even ask me which hdd I want to use
and it stores everything on the os hdd and I can't do anything about it.
Can you help me?

Author Alexis Robles (9 months)
lame ass bitch

Author David (9 months)
windows 8. 8.1 a piece of cake to learn also its sold 220 million licenses
since launch out doing windows 7 8,1 is smaller than windows 8. 17 gb
install 8.2 will be even a smaller install. when we get to windows 9
install size will be around 12 gb and windows 10 even smaller.

Author kie7077 (7 months)
To close an app, move your mouse to some unmarked part of the screen, WAIT,
drag all the way across the screen, let go.

What the f**k!!!!!!! Could this be any more tortuous and non-intuitive.

Author TheGypsieStar (10 months)

Author Senior Fyantastic (10 months)
Great tutorial! I appreciate you sharing! :)

Author CLOISERIE (10 months)

Author ObeyiThrive (10 months)
Mine isn't like yours!!! Omg I fucking hate this new thing its so dumb and

Author Kal Hashemi (10 months)
has miro soft gone soft in the head with win 8! time to switch to apple

Author True North (10 months)
Thanks for the tutorial. Im making a switch from Apple to Microsoft so
this will definitely help me out with the new system

Author Softw4reTuTs (6 months)

Author Alex Skywalker (10 months)
damn microsoft... why change something that's not broken... windows 8

Author Wee Ching Chok (10 months)
I am sorry, gestures is just no convenient with mouse.

Author jacqueline nicoulin (9 months)
More monotone please. -_-

Author Mafia Hairdresser Jon-David (10 months)
I think Windows 8 is hard!

Author Mary Newton (10 months)
I simply think that they took all opportunity for us to take control of our
Computer the one we paid for and supposidly belongs to us but it doesn't
seem that way anymore as far as i am concerned Microsoft is improving their
system to take control of our computers and manage a major control

Author acmecompany (10 months)
Hate windows 8. I don't have time to relearn how to use a computer!

Author ObeyiThrive (10 months)
Mine isn't like yours!!! Omg I fucking hate this new thing its so dumb and

Author Fred White (11 months)
Like others I very much DISLIKE Windows 8. I thought 7 was a downgrade in
user friendliness over the previous version but Windows 8 has far exceeded
my "this sucks" expectations. I've also been using a Macbook Pro laptop for
several years and I find that OS so much friendlier and trouble free
without the constant need for upgrade downloads! And no extra key stroke
compared to a PC laptop. Not sure why the "brain trust" at Microsoft felt
they needed such a huge change from 7 to 8? Maybe those "brilliant minds"
at Microsoft need to stroke each other on the back every time one of them
comes up with something new just for giggles. I say show off at your own
expence! I'm sure average every day users of PC are quite disappointed with
this OS!

Author China Smith (11 months)
I am getting one for Christmas 

Author Holly Stacy (11 months)
This was very helpful! Thank you!

Author Laura Ferrick (11 months)
Great place to start if you are trying to learn more about Windows 8 and
need to start at the beginning. Which I do.

Author Joachim Hagen (11 months)
I hate Windows 8..

Author Wan A.V.O (11 months)
I never needed a tutorial when I first started using windows. After seeing
this demo, I have learnt something useful which i'm gonna put to use: give
away this Microsoft nonsense and buy a mac book instead. 

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