American Percussion - "The Travolette"

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Author macschomo (10 days)
A must have.

Author Milos G (13 days)
This is awesome!

Author MyLipStickFriend (4 months)

Author Ken Lovelett (9 months)

Author Compooky121 (1 year)
Pretty cool little device!

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
please contact Ken @

Author yanksrule5502 (1 year)
i bet you think the triangle is simple as well

Author timetodrum (1 year)
Where can I order one of those?

Author Úna (1 year)
Truuue :D

Author PatCat (1 year)
I have never heard travolette before and I know French theater... but your
thing is interesting.

Author bliglum (1 year)
LoL!! Good point.

Author leko t. lins (1 year)
pode se dizer que é uma outra forma do tamborim mas tbm é muito loco..

Author nightmaressea (1 year)
beautiful : )

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
Exactly, Ken

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
Thanks, Ken

Author Patohead001 (1 year)
Yes, it was inspirated by the actor and singer John Travolette.

Author CarpeMetus (10 months)
You do know youtube comments aren't the best place to ask business/product
questions. That's what private messages are for. As for shipping to you, if
you contacted me this way I'd sell you whatever you wanted, but ship it on
the most expensive slowest boat I could find. You are very rude...

Author this is the last cookie (1 year)
Can you play Birth of the Beat on that? ;)

Author bliglum (1 year)
Wow! calm down. But thanks for the reply ; )

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
please contact Ken @

Author 3sixtymetal (1 year)
Another great use for the travolet is it makes an exellent ashtray

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)

Author Russell Hampson (1 year)
I got bored, then 1:31 happened.

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
That's great. ken

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
Thanks, Ken

Author Argi Hutagalung (1 year)
Klo disini bisa minta ke tukang mie tektek bikinin.. hehehe..

Author mrchickenandwafflez (1 year)
On my nipples...

Author Matt Hannafin (1 year)
Are these for sale? I just googled and found nothing, I want one!

Author Dig Woods (1 year)

Author HarmoniousKeys (1 year)
I like it!

Author Alexis Kegeler (1 year)
Showoff lol

Author Niall Lyn-McKee (1 year)
id highly recommend you search youtube for some REAL tambourine players.
not random singers smacking it against their legs on the back beat

Author gitgo567 (1 year)
oh yeah, there are of course plenty of percussion instruments that are
really hard! i just meant things like tambourine, xylophone, metallophones,
maracas etc

Author demonicsweaters (1 year)

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
contact Ken @

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
Thanks, Ken

Author MindsiMedia (1 year)
Great video about a neat device adding it to my Theremin, & Other
Generators of Odd Yet Beautiful Sounds playlist.

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
Thank you, Ken

Author Gary Greenstein (1 year)
Beautiful man...what an awesome instrument!

Author Mike Yantz (1 year)
how much? lol

Author Antonis Vassiliadis (1 year)
yep its very difficult but i can do that

Author funnezenuckl0rz (1 year)
Where to buy this thing?

Author boinghd (2 years)
oh that's a really good idea. I would disregard your detractors.

Author Ken Lovelett (6 months)
Hi Ricglos, On my website American percussion ( dot com) there is a whole
drum set called Hat Box Percussion. Thanks, Ken

Author Rushgoon1 (1 year)
FINGERBOX! gotto catch em all

Author Ken Lovelett (10 months)
Please contact Ken @

Author mrchickenandwafflez (1 year)
Stupid kid

Author vampiremonkiesgohome (10 months)
im an american and i hate my culture...but love the land, and
welllll....some of the

Author dermatograf (1 year)
canta baga mi as pula in vorba ta..odata :|

Author Danna Hilleren (1 year)
yeah see 1:33

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