Cat Stevens * Child for a day * With David Essex

Last Song from Unicef concert together with David Essex december 1979. A song written by his brother David Gordon. Released on Izitso 1977.

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Author Hassan Aftab (1 month)
What a voice. No one sings like this anymore :(

Author Mitt Obama (4 months)
It just doesn't work without the drums and base. These instruments give
the vital emphasis on the lyrics, as they did on the studio version.

Author Richard Paul (1 year)
"Happy Birthday young Master Mikey ! Always Remeber to embrace your Times "
... Blessings, -Richard Paul

Author rgwinful (3 years)
I own all of his albums, however I have never before heard this song? Very
nice! a new song from the past.

Author lazmacky (5 years)
Yusuf Yusuf Yusuf so deep and meaningful You're just beautiful, inside and

Author 1802ibrahim (5 years)
See this video its a new musical song by Cat Stevens a.k.a Yusuf Islam.
Hope u enjoy!!!! Peace!!!: The Beloved watch?v=7gBH4I69zAs

Author Toxondomo (2 years)
Total bullshit what you're talking. By the way , what does this have to do
with this video?

Author Jiggsy Baron (5 years)
To Akhridin: David says "Unicef" at the end. Lovely video.

Author tda218 (1 year)
Of course it matters. If you had written such a beautiful song for a friend
to sing, wouldn't you want to be acknowledged, as the writer (co-writers in
this case)? David Gordon (Steven's brother) and Paul Travis wrote the song.
Steven sings the song beautifully but the sentiments come from the two co
writers. Way to go Spoony! I happen to love the song! And unfortunately can
relate to the lyrics all too well. Was this partially written in the Red
Room above Moulin Rouge?

Author tommy tom (7 years)
There are Demi-God and Demi-prophets. He is BOTH.!

Author chichillguy (3 years)
luv this song i wud also luv to hear ronstadt record this . she covered
some of his early music and brought a great sound to cats music but now
with her voice still strong what a powerful cover of this great essex/
stevens performance it would be

Author yoozuk (5 years)
Thank God he's finally back!!

Author SachaTheEvilOne (3 years)
yusuf's last statement before leaving music Powerfull yusuf is incomparable
to any other artist by far he is amazing:D

Author lawllb (5 years)
Awesome performance by Cat aka Yusuf!

Author MrBetamax (6 years)
What a voice! Glad you are back Yusuf!

Author Robin Masters (4 years)
The world knows him better as Cat Stevens before he even crossed over to
Muslim in 1977, and changed his name to Yusuf Islam in 1978. The song Child
For A Day was written by his brother David Gordon and Paul Travis. His
brother gave him the book of Quran in 1976 when the song was recorded. The
song was actually released on the album Izitso in 1977.

Author csgoldengirl1 (3 years)
coming from , beautiful as usual,,

Author Dave LosAngeles (5 years)
I do play rock, but not in the band Bush. But they are pretty good !

Author jackanapes1 (4 years)
He sure does deserve some credit, shed loads of it! In fact If he hadn't
recorded the song it may never have come to be so well known, so full marks
to the great man. He just doesn't deserve the smidgin of credit you get for
writing it!

Author Joshua Dietrich (5 years)
I'm guessing this must be the only actual live performance of this song,
since he didn't tour behind Izitso or Back to Earth.

Author stevensmajicat (4 years)
@ jackanapes Galling? Fair enough he did'nt write this song, i dont think
it matter's. He sure makes it rock. And with out singing this
track....people like my self, probably would have never discovered it
anyway's. So in that case i think he does deserve some credit, dont you?

Author johnboy0008 (3 years)
remember first time hearing this beautiful song, the movie First Love" and
searching everywhere for it! never did find it on any album, so thanks for
putting it on here.

Author tda218 (1 year)
Oh, and one of my favorite songs Paul has written is Burn a Candle for Me.
I wish it were available. It is a very tender song. If anyone has it,
please see about posting it. I would love to hear it again!

Author aichoute (7 years)
Thank you, thank you so much. Merci beaucoup pour ce grand moment, merci à
Yussuf Islam et à david Essex, c'est un moment très émouvant.

Author Spartakos9 (5 years)
Stephen Georgiou

Author Carol Tester-Haywood (7 years)
Absolutely brilliant.Beautiful song by the great Cat Stevens and then
accompanied by the amazing David Essex. My two absolutely favourites
singing such a beautiful song together, phenomenal. Thanks for this
priceless video.

Author ssnovajoe (3 years)
@johnboy, thats where I remember this song too "First Love" movie.... good
tune !!!

Author skilski2003 (5 years)

Author queenastilon (6 years)
Thanks so much for uploading this. I never even knew that Cat and David
sang together. It's a lovely song.

Author sayembarahidup (8 years)
... the words that come from the bottom of his heart ...

Author emberjan8 (5 years)
oh my God, i had been looking for this song thank you very much for posting

Author mrstrollon (5 years)
we are the pawns we are grown up and have to do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author david2062 (7 years)
A great Cat´s song from his IZITSO album, and the amazing presence of David
Essex. Rare and absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the video.

Author Dean Prescott (7 years)
David Essex had pretty big hit in 1973 called "Rock on"... He says "James
Dean" in it, if that helps you remember. Pretty popular artist in England.

Author aajlrrecruit (3 years)
this man exemplifies the words love thy neighbour, his life is as life
should be. be he christian muslem hindu or jew.

Author Val M (5 years)
Who are you...BUSH????????

Author akhridin (5 years)
Was this after Cat changed his name to Yusuf? I think I heard David Essex
say "Yusuf" at the end. Regardless, Yusuf/Cat is one of the best.

Author Margaret Mckeehan (4 years)
This video is so sad, I wish people like me could find a way to give five
or ten dollars to help these children that are sick, you can see some of
the sick ones in this audiance.....I have almost nothing but I would do
that little bit for these kids, they break my heart.....please others help
figure out how we can do this.....The little boy who was yaning and he had
a job holding his eyes open.....he looked like he had a serious illness.....

Author Antonello Mortato (4 years)
There aren't any words. Magic Song!

Author tda218 (1 year)
His brother, and ... PAUL TRAVIS! I'm curious to know how much song writing
David Gordon has done. Does anyone know? I know Paul Travis has written
many songs. (if you're curious, you can find a little information about
Paul Travis on wikipedia if you look up the band Liar)

Author biribikan (6 years)
a little older with every day...

Author berdylmar (4 years)
excellente la mélodie créée par Cat Stevens très belles paroles

Author strikerboi7 (8 years)
cat stevens: great singer, another memorable song. it's just a pleasure
watching him perform.

Author RUBYLOVE29 (4 years)
Been too long since I listented to this song - forgotten how beautiful it

Author قاسم اليافعي (5 years)
the greatest song ..

Author Marcella Van Kerkhoven (7 years)
two great singers, one great hit

Author sr toni (7 years)
eres el mejor, eres un dios de la mucica

Author bdvzim (7 years)
just beautiful- isn't it?!

Author adnaninco (6 years)
Puro placer esta cancion.El duo es magico y cat stevens como siempre
unico.Gran cantante y compositor.A pesar de sus numerosas canciones exitos
y premios no le han hecho un sitio en la lista de rock and roll hall of

Author scorpy0 (8 years)
This song has always been so seriously overlooked & I don't understand why
it is so beautiful.I wish I new of another version.

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