Lego Batman 2 Green lantern, Flash & Joker (GAMEPLAY & FREE ROAM)

This is a free roam game-play around gotham. Audio fix from other videos.

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Runtime: 9:30
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Author tore dave (1 month)
I have computer version its good ill get lego batman 3 at November 11

Author Chris Nichols (10 months)
Why isn't Green Lantern invisible in this game? His shields should protect
him from bullets, punches, etc. lol

Author Ethan Pelser (1 year)
i think this a computer version..not a wii one

Author XRatedTacoProd (1 year)
wii graphics aside i enjoyed the hell outta this game, I still get a chill
whenever the john williams theme pops up when you fly as superman

Author silvestremendoz5156 (2 years)

Author RazorX3000Xbox (1 year)
The wii sucks now.

Author Frank Tobin (2 years)
Console favoritism is for children.

Author Jeremi Yamoah (2 years)
DC are doin' pretty good I'm a marvel fan but their slacking here although
amazing spiderman was good we need something people go sign with Kre-O or

Author TheCvl25 (1 year)
Should I get this game?

Author HoodyCombs (2 years)
yea because nintendo graphics suck on certain games sony rules

Author xxFirstmanxx (1 year)

Author THE1PAINOF1THE1GAME (2 years)

Author miles daniely (2 years)
i am suck on the assult the ship is the guy supposed to get in or me?

Author MultiDMCFan (1 year)
Beat the game and after that go into gotham city and hold y to select your

Author Jeremi Yamoah (2 years)
well, whatever i think marvel is better though

Author xxFirstmanxx (1 year)
wii is shit !

Author MrRareGameUnboxer (2 years)
Could you do a free roam video with The Riddler, Two face and lex? Werry
good and informative video!

Author TheMothefuckingRay (2 years)
DC are doing good? They've messed up the LEGO game was a success but I mean
the whole... Wonder Woman and Superman being in a relationship makes no
sense and how has Batman had 4 Robins in 5 years? Hopefully that can be
explained in the Batman 0 issue :/ but if you think they're doing good...
fair enough

Author TaylorRexGaming (1 year)
What do you use to record this

Author TJ Jones (2 years)
hey, can someone give me a download for lego batman 2 for the pc? thanks
and check out my channel...later

Author tim quinones (1 year)
i dont like the way bane looks

Author Angela Short (2 years)

Author TheRandomDwarth (2 years)
you are dude :D

Author miles daniely (2 years)
sorry i ment was was he supposed to get into the small ship or me?

Author Sam Marcey (1 year)
How do you get flash???!!!

Author StorytellerWizo (2 years)
All the other console versions look so polished and shiny and colorful
while the Wii version is dull and grey...

Author kittenULTIMATE (2 years)
I love this game!!!

Author TheRandomDwarth (2 years)
yeah dude, it can be done controller or on one keyboard.

Author lingpang117 (1 year)

Author Vlad Dikusarov (2 years)
Can u change the time of the day???

Author Navon Myhand (2 years)
can flash run on the water

Author Brion Driscoll (2 years)
It is a glitch in the game: no matter what you do, he won't go in the ship.

Author Buster Bones (2 years)
Mute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Author purplewhiskersoo (1 year)
this video suck like mad!

Author Poor Guyh (2 years)
can i play co op mode on PC?

Author kittenULTIMATE (2 years)
I love this game!

Author faiz raihan (1 year)
Where you do free play

Author TheRandomDwarth (2 years)
sorry to hear man well hopefully the graphics will be a bit better on the
new wii u so you can enjoy it like the rest of us, sadly i dont think lego
batman 2 will be a release. On the positive side the is Lego city
undercover so i suggest that if you haven't heard of it already.

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