BTD5 Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Monkey Lane - Round 1-117

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I made a video a while back of me getting to round 100 with almost all the premiums activated. It seems the comment section assumed it was the best I could do. In this game I used no premiums or special agents. I got to round 117 and would have gone much further if my computer could handle it.

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Author CalvinAlvin2 (5 days)
How did u get the monkey temple to shoot mortars and tornadoes ect.?

Author DarkKnightGames (8 days)
What are the banana factories for?

Author Hai-Mie Nguyen (10 days)
It takes me three hours to get to level 60 so this must've taken almost
half a day

Author Eric Gillum (2 months)
I made it to round 999

Author kegan davis (22 days)
Where The Heck Did He Get That Crazy Fast Shooting Airplane please answer

Author Cullen HollowayIv (20 days)

Author Aaron O (1 month)
In deluxe do you need to level up to get the upgrades for all the items?

Author MrDutchBanana (1 month)
How do you buy upgrades without clicking on them?

Author mustafa almasry (1 month)
Bro you are pro 

Author MCCALLUM MELIA (2 months)

1) Set up Patch on sandbox mode.
2) Place a 4,2 mage and a 2,4 mage on the right side of the water, closest
to center, right next to eachother
3) Set 4,2 mage to target LAST
4) Send 12 regrow ceramics.
Enjoy :)

Author illidianStormrage エリウ (2 months)
IF you want hard,ill give you a challenge! monkey lane with water towers
and air towers only and must have 10 waters and 3 airs min and max no less
than 3 airs and no more than 3 airs no less than 10 waters no more than 10
waters! pls try it!

Author Jonathan Whisenhunt (2 months)
Its a hack

Author TM Games (2 months)
youre good

Author Eren Aydogan (3 days)
Saved the level?By me not(Sorry for my English i am a German people

Author Krystiangg Krycha (4 days)
lol -.-

Author Jose Luis (6 days)
I was in round 300 my pc crashed as hell god and it show a massege in the
game saying bloons win I was like wtf I had defense and all upgrade man

Author TheMineTroll (6 days)
I NEED TEST THAT. U get so many money. Think about how many sun gods u
could get :D

Author Joel Zubrowski (8 days)
How unfortunate

Author Jackie Yip (9 days)
Got to 155 on medium, had 7 temple gods but after round 70 i only had 13
lives :-)

Author ian konikoff (13 days)
i (yawn) got (yawn) to (yarn round (yawn) 199 (yawn) in (yawn) alpolyase

Author Jasper Laurila (15 days)
I need to know how to upgrade with hotkeys!!

Author Brayden Forbes (16 days)
Im at 128 right now and I'm fine... i lost 54 health about 117 rounds ago.

Author Shannon Cleveland (17 days)
123 Beat that xTYILEIR

Author Joshua Gonzalez (19 days)

Author Total Fun Face (1 month)
It's a good technique but if you place many more planes you are almost
undefeatable. I came to round 115 and quit later myself and the baloons
didn't came futher than 1/8 of the track.

Author Joshua Gardner (1 month)
why no commentary

Author jimmi blomquist (1 month)
i got to 126 on the same mode and map and my computer was fine. but i was
bored so i quit!!

Author OfficialSuperTech (1 month)
I die on round 51!!?? I all do the same, like the video. Why its not

Author kegan davis (22 days)
O Shit Its Not Fake I Just Tried It On Sandbox Ima Do This Forever

Author jaxon oliva (1 month)
what does battery mode mean

Author FaZe Cadet (1 month)
you have a fast forward it confuses me

Author Dang Tran (1 month)

Author RonanPlaysMC |Gaming&More| (1 month)
well done! Great achievement!!

Author FRANKLIN quick (1 month)
is there a enemy after the ZOMG?

Author Aaron Bushnell (2 months)

Author austin roddy (2 months)
Omg its on easy I can do better on impopible and I play on a tablet

Author Xxassasin07xX (2 months)
Btw if you play on ipad found a glitch !! If you die close the tab and go
back in to btd5 and you can resume

Author mustafa almasry (1 month)
And mr Dutch banana he tap the right and left click button

Author TheNumber 2 Derp (2 months)
my best round is up to 1-238

Author kegan davis (22 days)
Is That Airplane Hacked

Author Benji Shaw (2 months)
You put it to easy douchebag you think hard is really bad

Author Aaron O (1 month)
What happens when you sacrifice a spike factory?

Author Gustav Mårdby (2 months)
Thats pretty good, you bought the first farms a little bit to late though..

Author Johan Storesund (2 months)
Bad they don't have water on that map:(

Author isack cockstein (2 months)
this isnt even that good so many ppl have gotten higher then this. Ive
gotten 136 on this map

Author Sonicfanz (3 months)
Highest round 78 with sun god and other stuff

Author Jesse Le (3 months)
I got to round 141 with 5 temple gods 

Author Benny Mercedes (3 months)

Author Rens Verburg (3 months)
Haha 45:00 error

Author Sidney Bradley (3 months)

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