BTD5 Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Monkey Lane - Round 1-117

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I made a video a while back of me getting to round 100 with almost all the premiums activated. It seems the comment section assumed it was the best I could do. In this game I used no premiums or special agents. I got to round 117 and would have gone much further if my computer could handle it.

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 45:21
Comments: 445

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Author illidianStormrage エリウ (2 months)
IF you want hard,ill give you a challenge! monkey lane with water towers
and air towers only and must have 10 waters and 3 airs min and max no less
than 3 airs and no more than 3 airs no less than 10 waters no more than 10
waters! pls try it!

Author Travis Bergeron (7 months)
Kevin, the highest for this track is 999,999,999

Author Ben Scott (6 months)
why do you put the towers by the sun god before you make the temple

Author ExtremeEncounter (6 months)
They need to fix this fucking game. There's been what, 3 bug fixes? Thai
shit STILL crashes on ipad. 

Author MrDutchBanana (27 days)
How do you buy upgrades without clicking on them?

Author OfficialSuperTech (19 days)
I die on round 51!!?? I all do the same, like the video. Why its not

Author Gustav Mårdby (1 month)
Thats pretty good, you bought the first farms a little bit to late though..

Author austin roddy (1 month)
Omg its on easy I can do better on impopible and I play on a tablet

Author Joshua Silva (2 months)
Wow, you put it to Easy.

Author Jordan Delph (3 months)
It is as it only sacrifices everything in its range, the other super
monkeys/temples were not in the range.

Author Viktor Borg (5 months)
My record is 233 and i could have gone higher :? it wasnt monkey lane
either ( Noob map i say )

Author Nick Roberts (6 months)
Y is there a fan In the top left

Author Benny Mercedes (2 months)

Author Teamswat12 (6 months)
Highst is 1543 ha top that losers

Author Kevin nguyen (7 months)
734 Highest I am on NinjaKiwi Pro36000

Author TM Games (1 month)
youre good

Author MCCALLUM MELIA (1 month)

1) Set up Patch on sandbox mode.
2) Place a 4,2 mage and a 2,4 mage on the right side of the water, closest
to center, right next to eachother
3) Set 4,2 mage to target LAST
4) Send 12 regrow ceramics.
Enjoy :)

Author ristoSW4G (7 months)
You're shit.

Author mustafa almasry (21 day)
Bro you are pro 

Author Evan Romes (8 months)
It is good to use the helicopters that drop care packages cause you can get
several thousand lives from them

Author Göksel Serin (7 months)
My laptop would explod

Author helen Mcbride (5 months)
My best is 537 lol

Author Total Fun Face (8 days)
It's a good technique but if you place many more planes you are almost
undefeatable. I came to round 115 and quit later myself and the baloons
didn't came futher than 1/8 of the track.

Author Kaan Turker (3 months)
What screen recorder do u use?

Author MrDigitalGaming0 (3 months)
my hightest is 347 

Author Jhonny TheBright (3 months)
My highest TRUE record is 157 and counting (nook color)

Author Jack liang (6 months)
anyone else notices 44:11

Author scares009 (6 months)
+Nick Roberts really?

Author Kirves mies (7 months)
looking good

Author Алексей Феняк (4 months)
my score 150 (hard)

Author Johan Storesund (1 month)
Bad they don't have water on that map:(

Author Jahon (3 months)
My horrible ipod touch 4th gen could handle farther than that... Laggy but
no crashing.

Author Joshua Gardner (14 days)
why no commentary

Author gamingmosho (7 months)
My highest 145 no z factory, medium

Author Jere Niemi (6 months)
Epic fail whit that bug

Author Brenard bashkin (5 months)
Low quality :/

Author Exer Flame (4 months)
O_Olll Welcome to Nuketown...

Author Aaron G (7 months)
Mine is 200!:)

Author RonanPlaysMC |Gaming&More| (1 month)
well done! Great achievement!!

Author Aaron Bushnell (1 month)

Author Jose Vega (6 months)
I want that game but I can't buy anything with my Apple ID and I have 15
bucks in that account help

Author Sonicfanz (2 months)
Highest round 78 with sun god and other stuff

Author Jesse Le (2 months)
I got to round 141 with 5 temple gods 

Author Sidney Bradley (2 months)

Author Benji Shaw (1 month)
You put it to easy douchebag you think hard is really bad

Author Blake DoesGaming (5 months)
The ending sucked that was so unfair

Author Adyn Hayes (5 months)

Author Eric Gillum (1 month)
I made it to round 999

Author Alexandre Marangozov (3 months)

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