BTD5 Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Monkey Lane - Round 1-117

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I made a video a while back of me getting to round 100 with almost all the premiums activated. It seems the comment section assumed it was the best I could do. In this game I used no premiums or special agents. I got to round 117 and would have gone much further if my computer could handle it.

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Author X-Man 02 (3 months)
I have this game on my phone... it looks way different

Author Ryan Kolasa (2 months)
Yo guys daily BTD battles on my channel make sure to check it out :]

Author Itachi Uchiha (4 days)
i survived round 112 i could do it but i exit the game

Author Jeremiah Duran (3 days)
How did you upgrade your towers that close if I did that my monkey god eats
the other one i already had...

Author oliver whitehouse (4 months)
My highest round is 132 and I'm still going because I haven't died yet

Author Adam Sandoval (5 days)
Good job I went 128 were do you live and state

Author Comment_User (5 months)
I didnt understand a shit from this video. Then i noticed that i had
outdated version. However, i use monkey aces with never miss and camo
hitting arrows. 3 of those and its a beast. That + 4 Fully upgraded
cannons(path 1) and super monkeys. Thats my setup in the old version.
Nobody probaly will read this so i just wasted 2 minutes of my life.

Author Colby McAlister (10 days)
My current round i'm on now is 759. Pretty much the whole level is full
with Sun Gods. 

Author Kashif Syed (1 month)
How do you get the game for pc?

Author DEERONEDARK __E__ (2 months)
At rounds 500+ you get 17 money per bfb...

Author Chi Vong (21 day)
my highest round is 150 no cheat or hack

Author joseph pavelka (2 months)
What does the radar thing do when you put it next to monkey plantations?

Author Marko Lippmaa (19 days)
Steam bloons td5 are better:)

Author Cristina Medina (25 days)
thats pretty cool but why not put lasers everywhere

Author Yvette Brodie (7 days)
Awww so unlucky!

Author John Johns (2 months)
My highest round is 107 I ranked up soooo much on brick wall

Author liam alton (1 month)
Omg I was just playing bt 5 and round 415 omg like I said before 415 if any
of u got better post or comment 

Author Trulsbk (3 months)
I did 136 rounds on the Brick Wall.

Author Ferdie Romano (1 month)
Igot round 157 or maybe 156 round im mode of apocalypse!!! Then i die i got
my highscore

Author John Johns (2 months)
New track


Very hard 

Author Conner Powell (1 month)
My fav munky is boomerang and ninja

Author Andrew R Zepeda (29 days)
You are good than me

Author Tanner Radford (4 months)
That's nothing I got 153 like this comment if u have don better and reply
saying what round

Author Da MystekMaverick (1 month)
mine 4575325 im so pro lol

Author Cy Roberts (1 month)
My highest round is 121

Author gintare ginkaite (2 months)
OMG the banana farms are making a lot money i cant its so beautiful 

Author MCCALLUM MELIA (7 months)

1) Set up Patch on sandbox mode.
2) Place a 4,2 mage and a 2,4 mage on the right side of the water, closest
to center, right next to eachother
3) Set 4,2 mage to target LAST
4) Send 12 regrow ceramics.
Enjoy :)

Author Brian Ng (2 days)

Author Josh Pearce (2 months)
I lost at round 51 doing EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID

Author L0cksmithl8 (3 months)
Hey guys, like bloons tower defence? I have a new series I just started on
it. In the video I show u the best possible outcome for monkey lane and how
to get to a high round. I also do skyrim

Author Andy Ngo (3 months)
that ninja shooting balloons sounds like hard fapping...

Author Jj Jackson (4 months)
how do you make it start without clicking it?

Author Pori22 (1 month)
Mode easy -__-

Author DKG (5 months)
What are the banana factories for?

Author Eren Aydogan (5 months)
Saved the level?By me not(Sorry for my English i am a German people

Author John Johns (2 months)
Awesome defence

Author Ahmad Nasimi (27 days)
Cool men

Author Brayden Forbes (5 months)
Im at 128 right now and I'm fine... i lost 54 health about 117 rounds ago.

Author Hektor Bergravf anderson (2 months)
I just came to round 86 and i died.

Author ruben cruz (3 months)
He was making more money than bill gates

Author Sondra Rider (2 months)
OMG u earned a sub

Author John Mandwe (2 months)
my one is 344

Author Jule1124 (5 months)
I NEED TEST THAT. U get so many money. Think about how many sun gods u
could get :D

Author OfficialSuperTech (6 months)
I die on round 51!!?? I all do the same, like the video. Why its not

Author Igor (3 months)

Author Cullen HollowayIv (5 months)

Author Joel Zubrowski (5 months)
How unfortunate

Author ILikeCheese17ROBLOX (3 months)
Never knew monkey ace was that op!

Author David Dong (1 month)
What's the hotkey for the tower upgrades?

Author iamcameron2000 (3 months)

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