making a koi pond, koi pond construction

this video gives a good idea of constructing a nice japanese style koipond. Build by myself. The whole building took over one year. I could only work on it in the weekends. I will publish a video, of the pond in summer, in 2012. The rendering and waterproofing is done with pondfix . A waterproof mortel.

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Author Waterfallfantasies (2 months)
Thats very nice and so Tranquil ! Good Job Sir!

Author Monkey Tronic (4 months)
"We have pool, and a pond. The pond would be good for you."

Author Curtis Smith (5 months)
"ghost" = reflection DUH

Author Cj Melton (6 months)
Beautiful work. Excellent looking fish. Bet they worth few thousands at

Author Hannah Hendru (1 year)
Amazing job on the pond. You also have a shadow person that appears between
the white tree and the green trees in the background by the two large
rocks. It fades in around the 4:52 mark and fades out around the 5:03
mark. I watched it several times and you can see through the figure. Also
if you weren't speaking when filming this you might have also caught an

Author SabelGaming (9 months)
nice slide valves, have fun when they all start leaking

Author Eric Riddle (1 year)
It seems to me that he was just filming the pond from inside his house
threw a window. The "ghost" was just a reflection. You can obvious hear the
audio difference from being indoors, and someone putting away dishes...

Author sissy murphy (10 months)
love the use of the turtle sandbox.What a change you would never know there
is all that concrete down there .Would not want your electric bill though

Author matt modesitt (9 months)
who's leg do i need to hump?

Author Cj Melton (6 months)

Author Razzreal (1 year)
I have to agree with everyone here, really well built and beautiful. 

Author ae19033 (1 year)
How much did all this cost you?

Author R Lekhy (2 years)
Wow, it is beautiful and inspiring! What about water evaporation?

Author metalscobes666 (2 years)
nice very nice

Author andre300167 (2 years)
Hi Mohd, No I dindn't have any problems, I used a watertight mortel to make
it watertight. Thanks for your reaction André

Author tbone1143 (2 years)
Very nice job. I know it was a lot of work for my grandson and I built a
smaller one. We sure do enjoy it. Our Koi are doing very nicely....Drop by
my channel and take a look..... Doug....=)

Author johnson5326 (3 years)
This is beautiful. What are the dimensions?

Author projektor4 (2 years)
Splendidly authentic ! ...i´m subscribed and standing by for the summer
update of your superb Japanese style pool & garden.

Author Bev Bubna (1 year)
looks like you have a ghost in the video - starts at 4:53 - 5:06 - left of
the yellow shrub its a great looking pond

Author stalematesibling (2 years)
i cant believe that's a concrete pond! amazing job in making the pond edge
look so natural (which often is only achieved with a liner). how about
throwing a few sturgeons in there with the koi? lol

Author Gannac Art By Ana Cristina (2 years)
I will marry you for that pond!!! xxx

Author andre300167 (1 year)
its a reflexion of a lamp and my daughter in the window

Author aprilminto24 (2 years)
That thing is deep

Author xarrow81 (1 year)
I don't get it. How can someone dislike the vid ????

Author Razgriz Belka (1 year) really making me jealous with your work...i really loves your
design and it really inspired pond is not big and not so natural I want to enlarge it and improvise it...I think is not too
expensive if I built it by myself..Thanks for share..

Author andre300167 (1 year)
its a reflexion of a lamp and my daughter in the window

Author 78chance (1 year)
This is such a beautiful pond. Is there a forum in which the build of this
pond is featured? I would love to have such a wonderful pond like this.!

Author Ryan Le (2 years)
Hi Andre, A beautiful pond you have. Can you make a video of your
filtration system? Myself has a pond also, but your will be mine next one,
if i ever get a chance to upgrade. Thanks happy Koi

Author TheFlyingScotsman01 (2 years)
I couldnt have a pond this size out my back yard, everytime i come home
from the pub i`d be jumping in skinny dipping and would probably end up
drowning or being eaten alive by the fish lol awesome pond you got there
anyway, musta cost a fortune!

Author carlos cristo rey (1 year)
mad respect nephew

Author Ramon Freeman (2 years)
You should have put White or blue Tiles instead of just leaving it with
concrete since you done so much hardwork, fish would have been much more
visible and you could swim wiht the fish as some of your family members are
already doing !!!

Author Mohd Farizal Razali (2 years)
Hi andre300167, what a lovely pond, it seem like you made the wall of the
pond entirely from bricks, do you have any leakage problem?

Author sayonarax888 (2 years)
I dont need a wife, but i got bond 3 times the size.

Author thePondHunter (2 years)
What a beautiful koi pond! love it, thanks for posting this

Author Ronni Rasmussen (2 years)
Heh, i actually ended up here cause i was looking at natural swimming pools
which i want to build and i do expect to jump while drunk :)

Author Thechuck Miester (2 years)
wow.... im jealous, i made a video of my pond as well,, check it out?? its
like a bath tub compared to, nice job!! have any video of
feeding time?

Author johnphan76 (2 years)
You have a very beautiful pond and garden. Thanks for showing us .

Author Gabriel Palcic (2 years)
9/11 was an inside job

Author andre300167 (3 years)
@johnson5326 Hi Johnson, It contains 72 M3 total water volume. It has a
depth of 2 meters and the biggest lenght is about 10 meters. I am glad you
liked it. Andre

Author jim swinton (1 year)
absolutely beautiful, your fish are huge, how old are they? What part of
the world do you live in? I saw snow. Do you like using bottom drains? Have
you had any issues?

Author andre300167 (2 years)
A lot of people ask me how much it costs. I think it is not so much, but my
wife doesn't agree :-). Because I build it all by myself I saved a lot of
money on labour. I used 14 m3 of concrete, 1100 concrete bricks, and a lot
of pipes and valves ans rocks. And I still had a lot of stuff of my old
pond like pumps, UV, vortexes etc. I can tell you one thing: 'it was worth
all the money .'

Author sharpelk (1 year)
Awesome pond ! I will bookmark this for my next build. One question, are
the outer stones fixed with anything or just free standing? Beautiful fish
as well, I bet they cost a fortune.

Author Jtag Sheep (2 years)
Jesus h chirst thats huge pond if i had that space it would be getting
converted into a pool nevermind a pond :D

Author Arfan Mirza (1 year)
Andre your pond is amazing roughly how many Gallons would you say your pond

Author nicksmith1123 (2 years)
how much did that cost?

Author Andrew Beattie (2 years)

Author tony doe (1 year)
beautiful. how much did this project cost you? if you dont mind me asking

Author KOImarkPL (2 years)
Hi Andre You can write to me how you deal with low temperatures and PVC
plumbing? Do not burst frozen water pipes PVC? I do like the tank at home
in the backyard, but for me, in eastern Poland, winter temperatures
sometimes drop to -15 * C and is worried that the whole system can be
damaged PVC.

Author justwired (2 years)
im just curious as to why you left the bottom flat vs contouring so the
water would natraully flow from the outer edges to the intakes it seems
contouring would only aid in circlation vs leaving dead spots with a flat

Author andre300167 (1 year)
Thanks for your reaction. The stones are fixed with concrete on and against
the wall. Earth is put on top of this concrete and wall to give it a
natural look. Andre

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