PANDANGGO RINCONADA : Philippine Christmas Folk Dance from Nabua, Camarines Sur

Obviously the dance was an offshoot of the Spanish fandango that was introduced to the natives' repertoire of festival dances. The Pandanggo Rinconada derived its name from the sub-region of the Bicolandia where a distinct Bikol dialect is spoken. That subregion comprising the Camarines provinces is called Distrito de Rinconada. the other sub-regions of Bikol are Bikol Estandarte (Naga district), Bikol Albayano, Bikol Catanduanes, Bikol Masbatenyo and the Bikol Sorsogon also called Bisakol due to the heavy Bisayan influence in their language particularly Waray. In fact, some linguists classify the dialect spoken in Gubat, Sorsogan as Waray.

The Pandanggo Rinconada is a staple among the Christmas veladas (evening programs or shows) in Nabua, Camarines Sur.

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Author Cristina Aque Gapul Garcia (1 year)
Ang galing naman po. 23/2/2013

Author reasonableskeptic (1 year)
The intro of the music is not from Bikol.

Author JaJa Cabardo (2 years)
pwede po ba idownload yan?

Author Alison Rance (1 year)
sinayaw na namin ito, hindi naman ito mahirap, nakakahilo lang

Author Leni Panis (2 years)
....bravo sa mga taga-rinconada....gayonon...

Author Kaye Rosacia (1 year)
Taga QC pa kami niyan huh ^_^

Author xthian manaois (2 years)
ang gagaling nila ! grabe di ko sila magaya ! hahaha XD

Author jjgnbf (1 year)
Me gusta este fandango. Yo soy de Huelva, España, alli tambien se canta y
baila el fandango, este tiene puntos en comun con el de Huelva, pero con el
toque de exotismo oriental y chicas muy guapas

Author Kaye Rosacia (1 year)
Sinayaw namin to nung buwan ng wika namin this August 30, 2013 =D

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