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enjoy the song

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Author Hashim rasoly (2 years)

Author ali ghaznavin (2 years)
bisyar maqbul wa amitur pure hazaragi zanda bashi baradar.

Author qabjoye (5 years)
dukhtary hazara is really nice

Author ka2rahimi (3 years)
nice song bro but u r dress as a hindo

Author Safavi100 (4 years)
Fascinating song. Do you know who is this singer ?????///////

Author Abbas shadman (1 year)
LOL;) All does those women deserve a song like this, and much better once
epecially those lovely hazaras;) hehe

Author Omidalizada (5 years)
WTF best hazaragi song? no it sucks

Author mehdi alizada (1 year)
Bachom tu indo hasti hazargia kadi indo wada nadara aga sharkhan

Author albertocairo1 (4 years)
We MUST all be UNITED and work together to free all MUSLIM lands. We must
free Al Quds. Sunni and Shia are brothers and all different ethanic groups
are also brothers and are ONE UMMAH. We Must follow HIZBULLAH of Lebanon.
The way of HIZBULLAH is toward success!! We are all HIZBULLAH!

Author Arash joya (2 years)

Author zeerak111 (4 years)
thanks nice

Author esmatullah rahimi (3 years)
shat up!!

Author rasuli (4 years)
Good one!!

Author kabul420boy (4 years)
i love my sweet Hazara , im proud of Hazara ,

Author areezo2010 (4 years)
i am proud to be hazara, keep it up upload more videos, tashakor.

Author nowandwow hindokosh (5 years)
wow nice music! just love it;)

Author Janan1387 (4 years)
ok, not best!

Author riz iee (3 years)
Really really nice song thank a bundle for the singer

Author qabjoye (5 years)
wow nice song, and look to hazaragi girl she look very nice, ow wish to
find as like her..

Author Speed7350 (4 years)
verYYY nice hazaragi song. lovely accent

Author Atash Hamana (1 year)
haha he can sing hazaragi like man

Author Zolfaqar haidari (3 years)
khobish ma megoom ki joor bashee

Author Afg Wafa (4 years)
Afarin NiCe SoNg ZeDaBaD AfGhAnIsTaN

Author asghar ahmadi (4 years)
nicc song

Author akhtar680 (4 years)

Author bagher ebrahimi (4 years)
kose sher ast!

Author najib aliyari (3 years)
vry nice song bradar aziz

Author Zakir Rostami (4 years)
good, nicely sung....He has funny Hazaragi accent, probably he is not
Hazara (nothing wrong with it)

Author rasuli (4 years)
agree but not best!!

Author Mr Unkown (4 years)
beautiful song... love it :)

Author Somaraziz (1 year)
Farhad darya sang this too right, what is it called...

Author Alowdani Nawur Ghazni Hazaristan (3 years)
100% Hazaragi Girls are beauty and genious, and respectable.

Author Speed7350 (4 years)
lovelyyy song...

Author kabul420boy (4 years)
nice all proud to be Hazar, this is a nice song, but i think this is a fox
song i mean roba frebinda people, traying to deceive with this song,, i
know im proud of my sweet Hazar are sweet nice and kindly, ,i dont know who
is this singer? ba harhal movafaq bashin aziz , i love my all sweet Hazara
people all over the World. good luck and a long life

Author 25hamid (4 years)
WOW valdan

Author AFGboy4life2009 (5 years)
lol i like it

Author AfgF16 (5 years)
This is one of the best Hazaragi song without any doubt. Guys, if any of
you know about Qambar-Ali Kiftan then you know that this is
Hazaragi/Jaghuri. This tune/Sabak was sung by Kiftan long time ago by that
I mean 30 years ago at "Kidda Bed village" Jaghuri. I am really shocked to
hear this guy is singing it. I truly loved it.

Author nowandwow hindokosh (3 years)
wow love it!

Author Asef44090 (5 years)
love this song relly

Author AfghanKnight007 (5 years)
what's the name of this singer? can any one tell plz his name?

Author skell2010 (5 years)
wow great song, e bachagak ki as ki eqa sadaye maqbol dara?

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