Amtrak Train Almost Crashes Into Trolley In Reverse

This is a video I made of Amtrak train the Silver Star going in reverse into Tampa Florida almost crashing into a Teco street car Trolley by seconds. 2 children had to run from it because they thought it was going to happen.

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Author Curt Reyes (6 months)
Though I know it's fake, this definitely was worked on well. This deserves
a like. 

Author HuskyGamersUNITE (5 months)
Why is your into so long, and why do you even have one? half hour or hour
long shows have intros. Not 2 minute YouTube videos.

Author RailfanTube (7 months)
Well, I actually learned something from this video! I didn't know that
there were still any diamonds for trolley lines crossing regular railroads
left in this country. lol

Author SergeantTJ (7 months)
i can tell it was fake because the clouds changed.

Author MaineCentral114 (5 months)
I don't remember the silver star going that fast when I was there. Thought
I was probably wrong.

Author Steven Michael (7 months)
Millennium you are having WAY too much fun with video editing!!!!!

Author Jared Klock (7 months)
Guys who cares if it was fake, it's fun. Anyway, good video, why don't they
control that intersection more so more close calls don't happen like that.

Author CottonBeltSD40T (8 months)
Good catch with Amtrak 145!

Author tom o'd (11 months)
Best fake almost crash I have ever seen

Author Esther Seay (9 months)
If that was fake that was good

Author Jonathan Baggett (10 months)
Watch the clouds and you can see the editing done. Almost a good fake...

Author rickyboy1947 (10 months)
enough already....goofy stupid posts

Author Thomas Jensen (11 months)
Fake look at the clouds 

Author bisbeejim (11 months)
Good fake job, how about some UFOs?

Author YAllDnt HearMe (9 months)
You shouldn't have said it was fake I was fooled but after reading it was
fake I went back and watched the clouds then it was obvious

Author Alan Smith (2 years)
Train Crashes

Author DELTA1978THETA (2 years)
Looked like the trolly wanted to get punted LOL!!! JK JK JK

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
It was in the description

Author MrCzechers (1 year)
Is that a new dining car ! 1:37?

Author goldcat202 (1 year)
Wish I was that good at editing. On my video that is 100% edited everyones
like " Oh my gawd that is SO fake!" GO WITH THE JOKE PEOPLE!!

Author drumkid330 (1 year)
Wow they still have trolleys in your area? Neat.

Author Millenniumforce (2 years)
I said it was fake at the end of the video

Author mrsuppaninja (1 year)
Damn that was close. Who is at fault?

Author rebelman476 (1 year)
i agree fake as hell

Author SittingMoose Shaman (1 year)
...heh-heh, for a second there...

Author phillyslasher (1 year)
Despite the clouds, that wasn't a bad cut at all. Next time make sure skies
are clear! ;)

Author GhettoFabullus (1 year)
Thank god those children were there to save everyones lives.

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
Wasted My Time Reading This Comment

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
LOL LOL LOL Yes he is

Author California Zephyr Productions (2 years)
why make a fake video. it is already good enough it has 145.

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
Thank you

Author DieselElevators (1 year)
Lol. Awesome editing!

Author 1230james (1 year)

Author EdRingwald (2 years)
Hi! I was on the Amtrak Silver Star Train 92 and I saw you filming right
there at the diamond where the CSX A Line and the TECO Streetcar track
meet. I was in the second coach towards the rear and when I passed the TECO
Streetcar track, I saw you filming and I thought to myself that was
Milleniumforce out there. Then I watched your video today and I was right!
I was coming back from an overnight trip to Sebring. You did a great video
editing job!

Author Jacob Atchinson (1 year)

Author metraman0102 (1 year)
lol had me fooled.

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
Darn Clouds.. It gave it away. Also the flag

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
Yes it was LOL

Author weric49 (1 year)
you know, you didnt have to watch the WHOLE video, then complain, you sir,
completely brought it upon yourself

Author DieselSmoke92 (2 years)
Ahh I see it now.

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
Thank you again

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
It was made up by me

Author Amtrak5859 (1 year)
Why is there a whistle- like thing?

Author Millenniumforce (1 year)
Backing into the station

Author Tavis Mckenzie (1 year)
What gave it away for me instantly was the change in the clouds during the
switch in video.

Author TheUSARP (1 year)
OMG That was close! Stupid trolley driver. Nice video!

Author MrCsxtrain (1 year)
LOL u had me fooled

Author SmokeStack684 (1 year)
They were never close. Video was edited.

Author ffjsb (1 year)
Go play with your Lego train Skippy.

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