Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 12th October 2012, Full Episode - 363

Episode - 363, Arnav plans to spend a romantic time with Khushi at the movies but his plan is ruined when Khushi invites his family to join them. Khushi decides to make it up to him by wearing western clothes and watching an English film with him. She arranges a fashion show in his office and disrupts his meeting with a client. However, the client approves of her clothes and signs a contract with Arnav's company. Khushi plans Arnav's birthday party but later on she learns that he does not like to celebrate it.

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Author maximizingmyself (2 years)
he must be thinking, 'he devi maiya mene kesi biwi paya he?!!'

Author MUSIC12545 (2 years)
I love when arnav said "accha" at 7:52

Author aminasheena (2 years)
Thankyou very much.

Author sarng honey (2 years)
wow!!! wat a sweet couple arnav & khushi..... khushi looks soooooooo
beautiful in this western outfit... & wat a awesome chemistry between
two.... wonderfull!!

Author sai swetha (2 years)
obviously the best couple forever..

Author vamsi krishna (1 year)
I like this so much especially Beacause of arjun and lndhu

Author Suzanne Cruise (1 year)
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 12th October 2012, Full Episode - 363

Author manali gaikwad (1 year)
aap firse ye lovestory chalu kijiye.hame bahot pasand hai khushi aur arnav

Author sarikapal21 (1 year)
main toh mar hi jaungi hyyyy mere arnav ji and your english is mind blowing

Author Joshy Velayudhan (2 years)

Author sravani sravz (1 year)

Author Lucero Adams (1 year)
khushy is funny in the cine

Author ashwinikachi (1 year)
Awesome episode.....

Author BabeLiCious05 (2 years)
Arnav: Tume mujhe manana hai toh Arnavji bolna bandh karna hoga. :) Khushi:
Hawww!...hum apko muh pe Laad-Governor kaise bula sakte? lol.. funny
episode! ;)

Author Dipti Pyakurel (1 year)
Hahahaha XD

Author rosesarered840 (2 years)

Author nahid sultana (2 years)
Plzzzz koi kal ka episode pura upload karo...... Dieing to seeee

Author Abdul Nasar (1 year)
khushi looking so cute

Author nisha338 (1 year)
thumbs up if u're watching dis at 5 a.m..

Author shar shin (1 year)
Khushi u are sooo cuteee!!! Especially that I love you Arnavjiiiii!


Author susan123c00l (1 year)
i totally agree with you

Author Beea1Darshi (1 year)
khushi is so freaking cute. the way she talks is so adorable. Sanaya Irani
is a wonderful actoress <3 just love her

Author Madhoo Guddeti (2 years)
Hi, Thanks a million for uploading the whole episode with good quality. I
really like this drama a lot and try not to miss it despite of my busy
schedule of work. I really request to keep uploading the daily episodes in
youtube. If the PRP ratings are down for this drama, then i would say they
should consider the viewers likes which is given for every video in youtube
IN YOUTUBE. Thanking in advance.

Author rosesarered840 (2 years)
its not simplicity, she can even plan to trap tht evil sham how come she
can b tht innocent she shod have been considerate about her husband she is
not a baby she embarrassed ASR but anyways episode was overall funny

Author Z ZK (1 year)
that Arnav, Arnav ji scene is so cute. Seen it so many times :P no follow
up episode after this right? they don't actually go to the movies??? would
have been AMAZING.

Author Jayanthi kocherla (1 year)
i love the episode

Author Madihah Maudarbocus (1 year)
what the.....lavanya danced on character dheela one year ago which is in
ready itself...and now one year later they are watching this in
cinema!!!!!!! :o

Author Archana Rajpal (1 year)
loved the episode and khushi looks great in western clothes

Author Divya. (2 years)
Sooooo cute! "Iiiii looove youuuuuu- arnavji!"

Author sharan jeet (1 year)
you are right. celebrities have gone crazy. crazy kareena kapoor screamed
and beaten in a meeting for a silly mistake. she is trying to be smart. if
you wanna see just watch it now here :

Author akashkumar1099 (1 year)

Author Stoora4ever (2 years)
Hahah this episode made me laugh sooo much!!! Khushi is sooo cute!!

Author rishta W. (1 year)
yes arnav u shud scold her....dnt act sooo innocently khushi....u hurt
arnav dats not gud....

Author mshamr44 (1 year)
dohbe kutah

Author IPKKNDEHMMBH77 (1 year)
by the way i liked the entire episode but i liked two moments specialy:
when khushi sang i love you and then said arnavji in an innocent voice
2:when khusi told arnav:hum aapko moun pe laad governor kaise bula sakte hai

Author Amy Sahar (1 year)
haha OMG! good observation mate! that's actually sooo funny.. what a
blooper I must say! LMAO

Author neha kanojia (2 years)
wow she is so cute like say ARNAV

Author rosesarered840 (2 years)

Author Lucero Adams (1 year)

Author Kiran Asif (1 year)
Ash I wanted to see them going to cinema major blooper there .. Thy shud hv
gone atleast we cud see at arnavs expressions wen he sees khushi in a
skirt.. I wish thy did go as a maha ep . :( oh well

Author bhagya krishnaratne (2 years)
HI,woooow khushi ! your last dress wonderful. SUPER!!!!!!!!! Sanaya you
looking so cute. What is your plan to celebrate Arnav's B'day ?????? NO
recap no promos why????? wonderful cute jodi in the tale world.... And
barun ji you look so hand sum........Wonderful story....I see
ever......LOVE YOU IPKKND TEAM AND ArShi!!!!! specially BARUN AND SANAYA
......AND DALJIT................

Author missaisha97 (1 year)
Love you guys foreevvverrr!!

Author Sree Sumathi Subramaniam (1 year)
Kushi is so cute when she says oh.......lovely couple

Author manraj seeboruth (1 year)
Too good

Author Lana Sea (1 year)
hahahaha khushi should be a maan

Author thelondon12345 (2 years)
wow......just look at the expression of arnav when khushi says hame laga k
hame bhi aapki english filmo ki heroine ki tarah hona chahiye...... the way
he changes his expression from anger to smile and anyone

Author weluvarshi (2 years)
sanaya is so cute and words for barun's expressions

Author gladitsmonday (1 year)
"Arnav" "Ji" Lol! I'm dying from the cuteness. I have to start watching
this show again.

Author Amina Lakhani (1 year)
Love this episode.Very funny NK, "main dhobhi kutta pheno gha".

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