Diablo - Tristram theme (Arranged for piano)


I made a video of one of my latest arrangements and here it is!
In this video I played the Tristram Theme from the game Diablo.

Enjoy it =)


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Author Luka Trno (6 months)

Author Aleksandr Ivanov (6 months)
I would simply say: the best version. Without a rival!

Author Andreas Ahlin (7 months)
the 2nd best tristram song i heard, really nice work on this piece :)

Author LucjuszST (11 months)
Try to record it once again. Its really nice i love this song but you can
hear some thing strange at the background. And seckond one. Stay at
Diablo1. Diablo 3 sucks. Music too. Its no longer matt uelmen :/ Cheers

Author mattcat234 (2 years)
Wow very nice!

Author w3sp (3 years)
@oblivion007: hehe good luck, keep on practising =)

Author zerovolt22 (4 years)
Awesome !

Author RainPuss (3 years)
Sooo jealous, wish i could play like that :) this is really cool

Author Danotech9 (3 years)
Hello my friend. Stay awhile and listen. Dude nice job..that rules hard and
brings back memories.

Author ffarkasm (3 years)
Welcome to the Tavern of the Rising Sun!

Author dspandy (4 years)
"what can i do for ya?"...great

Author w3sp (2 years)
@rafgc1982 While I don't really approve his interpretation/performance, his
version has a few of the non-melodic sounds (e.g. 2:15) very nicely
realized on piano that I had omitted willingly when I wrote my arrangement
4-5 years ago. However he didn't choose to write down any of those
gracenotes in his sheet music that already is VERY horrible and hardly
readable as a developed musician because it's not cleaned up at all. My
sheet music represents exactly what is played in my video, his doesn't.

Author Alucard Tepes (3 years)
Oh wow I feel like playing Diablo 2 now. That sounded really like Tristram.

Author DarkCynder (3 years)
Ah. I hope tristram is in D3.

Author Alejandro Javier Asenjo (1 year)
W3sp. I want to buy your arrangement for this piece. Where can i find it? I
remember there was a link back ago for about 5 euros? but now i can't find
it anywhere. Can you point me to a way to buy this from you?

Author Kachajal Ajal (4 years)
Wonderful! A shame about the background noise - I'd have loved to get an
MP3 of this to play alongside the 'old' version.

Author Liqu1d82 (4 years)
Stupendo rifacimento di uno stupendo pezzo... complimenti

Author monacodarrek (3 years)
@daagt haha brings back memories

Author ImMortallityMartin (10 months)
Could you re-record this with proper quality for us then? <3 Would be
lovely instead of having this dishwasher-like noises in the background :P

Author KyrstReality (4 years)
@PokerFacez its either frost nova or lightning version of frost nova (can't
remember name

Author Luiz Fernando Abdala (4 years)
Kudos to the player. If Matt Uelmen himself heard that, he would think of
talking to Blizz guys and slapping it in Diablo 3 ^-^ . (My bet is that
Tristram will be a secret level or something in D3.)

Author Shawn Young (3 years)
Is there any possiblity that I can buy this sheet music? also sort of a
donation isn't it.

Author olaboladenstora (2 years)
@Mandred2008 HUGE word, i was thinking of Tristam the first time I heard
blackwater park...

Author 42Kratzi24 (4 years)
the skill is frost-nova.

Author S3bz3r0 (4 years)
i wonder if you know about the 2 leitmotiv in Diablo 1 and 2, i'm pretty
sure they are in every sound track of the games, but how Matt Uelmen
manages to hide/orchestrate it, make it sound unique each time, make that
ambiance never equaled by any video game composer and with oriental and
unusual instruments (he can take the festive kind of instrument and make it
sound dark and deep) makes him a genius to me. It's sad that he doesn't do
Diablo 3's music.

Author Aleksandr Ivanov (3 years)
ok, I think I'll finally go crazy about it, if I don't have your sheets.
How much?

Author starlight9889 (2 years)
Hmm.. It somehow seems wrong to be selling sheet music for music which
someone else composed. Nice work though.

Author Eric Lee (3 years)
Lol, the keys have a blue lighting to it, nice touch, even though it wasn't
attentional, I think.

Author w3sp (1 year)
Hm?! So you get one...or play at a friend's house :)

Author alundor (4 years)
wtf is that background sound? 2 ppl getting laid? :S holy crap that's
annoying, whoever guilty of that deserves nothing less than burn in hell >:(

Author 0871Atta (4 years)
I think it loses some of the character hearing it come out of a piano.
Maybe a harpsichord or something would be better suited.

Author w3sp (1 year)
Hi, just a little update for you guys: I still have plans to make an
awesome video on Diablo3...however right now all my freetime goes to
actually playing the game haha. Right now I only have a few ideas in my
head...mainly which music tracks to use, but I'll eventually get to it. If
you play on EU Server, feel free to add me: gluecks#1142

Author flagella1337 (2 years)
we need d1 pictures

Author HarlariousHar (4 years)
wow your an amazing musician!!!! >:) i wish i can take your talent and make
a copie then put the talent in my brain so i can be as good as you!!!! . lol

Author mozizzy (4 years)

Author Leon Spiandorelli (4 years)
Man. LIsten to Rach Concerto #1 Mov 1 (Minus Orchestra) by Valentina
Listisa (/watch?v=7WAxL9RsUo0). I'm pretty sure the composer of this was
inspired somehow by this movement of the concerto.

Author kald0rei (3 years)
it took me long enough to learn it on guitar but seeing you do it on
piano... wow... my mind has been reopened... how much longer it must have
taken you lol. great work... hope to see you in sanctuary once D3 comes out

Author Caroline Simpson (2 years)
what the hell was the point of Chopin's Etude Opus 10 No. 1 in the
beginning other than to show off? You're a bitch.

Author slipkornyy (4 years)
wow dude i can make this on my guitar with delay effect...ive never thought
how it would sound on piano.....anyways its very powerfull and you make the

Author w3sp (2 years)
You're welcome, and don't worry about negative comments. They're everywhere
and since I'm not posting videos to get recognitiong but rather to share my
music, it doesn't really affect me. I do read most comments though, but
it's up to me to decide which are constructive feedback and which are not.

Author frlwunderjojojo (4 years)
I first saw your snes songs, then this. I never thought there'd be people
even crazier for this music than me, for the spirit of all this, good old
times..*sighs and wipes tear away* You are awesome. :)

Author TheCanoness (2 years)
Wow, I don't like all these people complaining in the comments. Please
don't listen to them. I like the intro, and the video, and I come back to
this video quite often because I love this song and the way you play it.
Thank you for posting your videos!

Author w3sp (2 years)
There's no F major / d minor scale :) Thanks for the suggestion to add
Uelmen's name to the sheet music, done.

Author koopinator (3 years)
I sense a soul in search of answers!

Author XxSi1v3rxX (3 years)
Thank you, stranger

Author Aerieseq (4 years)
How can i get the this score??

Author superactive300 (3 years)
omg, i love the chopin you play at the beginning

Author nanocalp (4 years)

Author TheMineralquallen (1 year)

Author Alejandro Javier Asenjo (1 year)
I want to buy this arrangement. Link anywhere?

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