how to unlock/root samsung vibrant or any android no computer

SGS UNLOCK PRO you need to email me for this one at

this one you find here
its called universalandroot

if you have problems or questions email or coment i check everyday..

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Author Densetsu no Kame (2 months)
I think they took down the web page

Author supamanlova247 (2 years)
I just sent the last post ran outta space now I have samsung conquer sprint
cell it wont root from cell yeah I used universal and root from its bs for mycell it said failed no fu goo call

Author TheSoicy12 (2 years)
Hi bro, I tried everything you said but at the end it show me this message
"Failed! no~~~Fu goo~~~" and my phone is not rooted. please help me root my
phone! thanks a lot!

Author 4gipodhacker (2 years)
Awesome thx

Author Aaron Hernandez (2 years)
I can't root my samsung galaxy s 4g help me plz anyone

Author ThaBeastMike07 (1 year)
fail bro need new one

Author elliott208 (3 years)
did not work for me :(

Author Madame Amata (2 years)
It didn't work for android muve. I got a failed message. Any updates or
other links. I'm tired of these carriers ripping me off nickle and diming

Author theman7431 (2 years)
They need to update this app to work on 2.3.5 & higher

Author Watch12345679 (1 year)
it says i cannot root this device?

Author Whatisright (3 years)
I downloaded the app, but have not installed it yet. Few questions. Do I
have to back up my files and will it erase anything?

Author Sam Squires (1 year)
It says Sorry we can not root this device :(. ?

Author clp2051 (3 years)
it says FAILED! NO ----- fu goo---- how to i fix this?

Author cutflower (3 years)
so once its unlocked can you use it with any carriers?

Author NitiFansHD (3 years)
u sound like napoleon dynamite

Author Raymond Tello (2 years)
You sound tired

Author MrBaconman5 (2 years)
Plz upload a new one

Author Bradd Beau (10 months)
can you unlock a galaxie blaze?

Author ToVachea Nealy (3 years)
does this work with the 2.2 update for the vibrant? i cant root cause of
the 3e recovery

Author imadprettyboy (2 years)
It said failed

Author Isaiah Gonzales (2 years)
Anybody Else Here Rihanna In The Background

Author Androidmaster (3 years)
website has changed so just type in the searchbox thats all

Author oscar dineroo (3 years)
hi it says soory I can not root this device firm ware is 2.1 baseband
version t959uvji6 kernel 2.6.29 what do I do please help thanks and god

Author Madame Amata (2 years)
Hey I got a failed message. I have an android muve. Any updates or
different link?

Author justmister79 (2 years)
): said fail no --foo goo-- make one for galaxy s 4G 2.2.1 using froyo if
you can??

Author 064WICTooner (1 year)
Guys dont email him to unlock the phone just go to googlr play store and
type samsung galaxy s unlock and install

Author William Kinlaw (1 year)
What is your email ? I can't make it out in the video.

Author Kris Skates (1 year)
Does this work with Android 4.1

Author Androidmaster (3 years)
hey you can also email me at

Author David Huffman (2 years)
looks easy, but I must have kernel and firmware 2.3.5, it failed.
HELP need updated version

Author Joule Quijano (2 years)
its saids failed

Author cjbht (3 years)
Any carrier that uses a simcard not including verizon 4g simcard

Author patrick denmer Evangelista (1 year)
Not working " it says rape me first "

Author TheZayzoo (1 year)
I swear dis dude is high

Author Anthony Gonzalez (2 years)
It says sorry can't root this device! I need help anyone? Willing to help
me out I've tried alot of root methods and they don't work. I have firmware
2.2 In need of help!!!

Author P34C3SK8TiiN (2 years)
@supamanlova247 did u find a way to root your conquer..??

Author oscar dineroo (3 years)
hi i down load the wrong one.. but i did download the right one universal
androot beta... but when I try to root it starts very good but then stops
and says failed!m ---- fu goo --- what do I do?

Author Gabriel Aquino (1 year)
This has a virus u stupid are you trying to f*** up my phone

Author chimmyone (3 years)
Hi, I subscribed and need help rooting mytouch4g I am in the NYC area,
please help thankyou

Author Castiel LA (1 year) and you can get SGS unlock PRO for free, you welcome (:

Author XXxIMYODIRECTORxXX (1 year)
it doesnt work for zte warp

Author demetrius green (2 years)
Yeah it doesn't work my phone is not rooted we need help

Author Jacksnake17 (2 years)
YAWWNNNNNNN im falling asleep

Author Nurleena Aqisha (1 year)
Failed no fuu go.... What does it even mean?!

Author P34C3SK8TiiN (2 years)
@hempmaster651 let me kno when u find a way to root the conquer please

Author Jacob Eckfeldt (2 years)
It fucking said failed!~~~no~fugoo~~~ and I'm using the same phone as u

Author GuMpAkC (2 years)
This is such fucking fail.

Author TheSonicmario (2 years)
I'm starting to think there's no way to root wireless anymore....just about
all I find is gingerbreak, or z4root (something like that). Gingerbreak
just claims its doing something but isn't, and z4root nearly bricked my
phone. In other words, its no use.

Author Lisa Williams (1 year)
failed on my samsung conquer

Author Jesse Williams (2 years)
Doesnt work on samsung conquer. Got failed message

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