Learn How to Make a Hand-Chain Scarf with Swerve yarn by Red Heart

Make a scarf in minutes, not hours, using the New Red Heart Boutique Yarn -- Swerve.

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Author craftymom7 (7 months)
Thanks for sharing. Love this. Check out Mikeys channel (The
Crochet,Crowd) he has a great tutorial on this scarf, also. Happy New Year!

Author Yards N Yarn llc (1 year)
Swerve - Red Heart Yarn's latest fun with fluff! No hooks or needles
required to make a fun, extemely soft, twisty scarf! By Hand only! Now in

Author Mary Mangano (8 months)
do you tie both ends in a knot?

Author Rakael Boozierre (8 months)
how do u finish it?

Author Christina Morris (7 months)
You went way to fast for me!! Going to try to find a better video! 

Author Leonila Garcia (5 months)
THANK YOU! Thank you. I received the yarn as a gift and had a hard time
finding how to make the scarf but I found you. Thank GOD! Thank you for
sharing.God Bless You.

Author Yards N Yarn llc (2 years)
This awesomely (is that even a word?) easy yarn project will be in the
store on Saturday! I can not wait to have a session to make these scarves!
This is just so much fun with yarn! Ruffling, curling, twisting fun!

Author mandik84 (7 months)
I really wish you had a slower video, I've watched this a dozen times and
still don't get it. and it would be nice if you did more than just the
first step. How else can I learn to make this?

Author Denise Withers (2 years)
Really like this easy idea. Can you tell me how much yarn it takes to make
just a normal size scarf? Since you use two rolls at once I was wondering
if two is it or four??? Any help appreciated.

Author AliCat42 (2 years)
When I did it I just used the one roll of yarn. On the lable it says its
3.5 oz/100g and then 11 yards or 10 meters

Author louise evans (9 months)
How *long* will it b? I like *long* scarfs...

Author izzy14crazy (1 year)
is that easy

Author Keefer P (9 months)
True Dat...thanks for the hint!

Author AliCat42 (2 years)
Really cool looking scarf, but it's marked Beginner... yeah lol on a scale
of 1 to 10, 1 being an absolute beginner I'd have to say its a level 3 out
of 10. It takes 5 minutes to make, but for a real beginner it takes about
15 to 20 minutes (and mom) to figure out HOW to do it. It would be really
helpful to do a slower How-To, and a recap at the end of the video. It
would be awesome if there were step by step diagrams available, even on the
main web page. All in all, I'd make another one!! :D

Author TinTin Parks (11 months)
Awesome and easy!!

Author nancyweeal1 (1 year)
that was easy.

Author Danya Lopez (1 year)

Author sherrosgirl (1 year)

Author Nathan Bryant (1 year)
10 months later I assume you found your answer, but if you didn't, yes, you
do tie it off in a knot. So many videos on scarves lack the finishing
touches or the things in between and leave them up for assumption. They
forget they're doing a video for diys. They have to assume we know nothing
and show us everything.

Author sporegal21 (1 year)
What I would like to see is how you FINISH the scarf. Do you tie it off to
a loop or what?

Author Kriszta Hanker (7 months)

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