Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Boogeyman)

A video of the Boogeyman with the Sweet Dreams Remix of Marilyn Manson.

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Author nick stamathis (1 day)
i REALLY WISH the boogieman would have been put over more with his shock
value and appearance. All the wrestlers today look like underwear models
and we need more diversity among the characters today. We all need
wrestlers to relate to the many different likes and dislikes of the
wrestling fan today

Author giuseppe abate (3 months)
you are the best fan of the boogeyman yeah?

Author John Soto (2 months)
I feel bad for the Janitor LOL

Author Christopher Harrod (1 month)
that dude used to scare the shit out of me lol cx

Author klapsarxidi (5 months)

Author Anime NaKaMa (3 months)
where is the boogeyman he stops ??

Author László Juhász (1 year)
Where is he nowadays? Where's he gone? Btw he's a great actor, def. belongs
to WWE o.O

Author kaneundertakeruk (1 year)
is that a real heart

Author Wuju Channel (8 months)
what does this guy eats anyway?

Author Andrew Eick (8 months)
The worms staff the big clock this guys was awesome funny and scary he
deserved to win alot belts once again vince screws up

Author TheBlackrose57 (3 years)
press 4 for derp face

Author hinderrocks strait (2 years)
thumbs up if you like this logo i made up so i can publishit im hurt and
need somtin like this koo.e's its my friend on face book emanule he likes
eminem emanule + eminem= koo.e's please thumbs up

Author hamad5021 (2 years)
الله يالعنه موسخه

Author super1retard (2 years)
legit as fuck

Author Silvia Alvarez (1 year)
when the boogeyman

Author HermanHermes (3 years)
Boogeyman vs Goldberg

Author Baskoro Gokiel (11 months)

Author Doğan Önder (8 months)
aynn amk midemi bulandırdı

Author MAGNAVOXish (2 years)
Im The Boogyman & im blackk !!! His Is Black People (:

Author iamrechana boii (2 years)
what happened to him?

Author HermanHermes (2 years)
@john17972 many people eat worms, tribes in jungle in america and africa

Author Don Campas (10 months)
Im rick fLAIR.....AND i'M COMIN TO GET YA.....wooooooooooo

Author MrBrandon330 (2 years)
he had skills. I don't know why wwe let him go.

Author Ken Anderson (2 years)
Boogeyman is probably the scariest and most digusting wwe legend

Author Doink2TheOink (3 years)
@froggy123411 I want him back

Author jackson'slover (8 months)

Author Bat Pack (2 years)
noooo come back! Boogeyman Can still Fight..! My version of ""COME BACK!

Author LaVrajeala18 (1 year)
when the boogeyman enters the ring frames are just everywhere >:)

Author greg barsain (6 months)

Author ScottBrad89 (3 years)
was he eating real worms

Author William Beaudry (1 year)
if that guy is unda my bed im not going to sleep ever again in my room!

Author PinkSmexoStranger (3 years)
I find the BoogeyMan cute. :L

Author kevin werner (7 months)
why does he eat worms!?!?!??!

Author Safa Akbar (1 year)
uhhggg that scares me -_-

Author Music Müesli (6 months)
are you serious?

Author Vance Kauffman (1 year)
Booker's face was fucking priceless when he walked out I went nuts when he
came out.....

Author Egehan Özçelik (2 years)
1:35 for the boobiiess :)

Author mohd faisal (8 months)
is that a humen heart

Author iNfEcTedcloWn69 (3 years)
people didnt like the boogeyman that much, but i loved him and i liked when
he was undefeated

Author Cole Ayres (8 months)
2 things. 1 is the boogie mans necklace a human heart. 2 i should have not
watched this at night

Author Berkay Çelikoğlu (7 months)

Author monkyninja4949 (1 year)
great to see him back on raw tonight even tho it was like 2 seconds lol

Author JUNAED SHAFI AHAMED (11 months)
He was definitely world championship material... Awesome wrestler.. Dunno
why WWE kicked him out..

Author WWEFan9989 (2 years)

Author ilsamiri7 (1 year)
Boogyman vs fandango...epic comedy haha.

Author Dewey McCoy (8 months)
the scariest guy in wwe

Author aj619aj (2 years)
this song suites the boogeyman lol

Author ILoveEvenInDeath (2 years)
LMFAO at 1:36

Author Nicholas Barber (2 years)
@iLOVEJEFFandJOHN It's just a rumor. Very similar rumors were made about
Alice Cooper back in the day. They didn't kill or injure animals, just
people making up stories to give them more infamy.

Author Harlen helen MM (2 years)
@Gently69 hahhahaa lol

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