Eurovision 1994 - Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan - Rock 'n' roll kids

Eurovision 1994 - Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan - Rock 'n' roll kids

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:51
Comments: 359

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Author MrSilesianNew (4 months)
Meaningful lyrics; I really really like it! One of the bests in the '94
edition of the contest, along with Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia,
Estonia, Russia and many others :) Deserved winner. 12 points from Hungary

Author oEpimenonNika (4 months)
Soooo overeated...A top 10 position was enough 4 them...

Author Ollie McInerney (17 days)
great song

Author Silverful95 (3 months)
good but Poland should won :(

Author Detlev Brackmann (2 months)
love this song

Author Pio s (5 months)
This man not good voice, and Ireland not winner Eurovision '94!!! horrible
!! big problem with voice.

Author MrZinego1 (1 month)
great great great I love the eurovision

Author tangbein (4 months)
obligatory comment about eurovision being better before*

Author Stefan Sigfinnsson (5 months)
The live acoustic version is so much better than the studio version

Author Sarah Sander (2 months)
One of the best ESC Songs ever and one of the best ESC winners ever. So
often Ireland brings up really good songs to ESC

Author wouter mentink (2 months)
best winner ever so pure like music suppose to have

Author Mark Robinson (1 month)
This is almost as good as "My Lovely Horse". Surely, I'm not the only
person who was watching Father Ted before viewing this.

Author declan conneely (4 months)
assholes putting this song down....i'm 23 an i still find this perfect...u
gobshites from countries with your big lights and loud annoying shit...your
all full of it, this song had a story and meaning not just repetitive

Author Ulick McGee (1 month)
This was just a proper song, no orchestra, dancers, flashing lights, auto
tune mikes or a Simon Cowell to make this a hit.

Author Kevin Moore (11 months)
and we won it again. One of my personal Irish favourites

Author JP Morrissey (1 year)
Time for some proper eurovision music.....

Author Emílio Abib (3 months)

Author blahblah2795 (4 months)
gotta miss those days when points are awarded on merit of the song and not
on gimmicks :)

Author adam1970pl (4 months)
English lyrics always have a benefit :)
nice song after all

Author Liam Pennington (1 year)
Gerry Ryan there Off his tits

Author mesh5very (2 years)
@HugoLindmark Wat a sad immature little comment to make!No other country
has music like Ireland we were in a laegue of our own and we deserved to
win so get a life and stop leaving stupid comments on great videos like
this!Oh look at that no1 even liked your comment awwww poor form ha!:D

Author djouroboros (2 years)
Years in the wilderness, then all of a sudden. 'A Bani bi a bani be'.

Author bennocelt (2 years)
@MrRollPoll dont talk shite, this is the best song from the eurovision
ever, in fact the only good song from the eurovision EVER

Author declan conneely (2 years)
i was 4 wen this song was in the eurovision.....this song gave me an
education in the connection between music an the emotion it can prevey,
even at that age

Author styleUC (1 year)
No way ireland deserved to win.

Author Jack Traynor (1 year)
i hope when other Europeans watch the eurovision they remember Ireland put
up this and forget Jedward and Dustin the turkey.

Author Dave O Sullivan (2 years)
Shame you cant have songs like this anymore and with other countrys helpin
each other has ruined it too

Author brena4665 (1 year)
They sure were

Author reticulum78 (2 years)
@MrRollPoll Yes it's really good indeed, but I think that Friderika from
Hungary should have won that year.:)

Author EoinFC (10 months)
God, I laughed at that! In that rig-out, he looks more like Hanson from
Scary Movie2...."my germs"! Love this song. Rem Gerry Ryan playing
Riverdance on his radio show the week of Eurovision and telling everyone
not to miss it. I missed it. What language is the commentator speaking?

Author heartbeat1405 (1 year)
One of the best songs ever! Love it so much.

Author brena4665 (2 years)
Feeling sentimental... '92, '93, '94 (winners 3 years in a
row..Ireland)..not bad...those were the days!

Author Claire O'Leary (11 months)
cut to 1.25 for the start of the song

Author Tranche De Rire (11 months)
Saxo boy > All

Author Satnav (8 months)
Back in the days when Eurovision was just about singing a song.

Author Hero of Time (10 months)
He looks like Woogie from There's Something About Mary

Author huds1223 (2 years)
god this brings back good memorys..

Author Gabox PV (1 year)
Boring, Poland should have won. No hard feelings guys, it's just my opinion.

Author brena4665 (1 year)
It could be but I wouldnt know because im Irish! I love the boys (John and
Edward) and I love Charlie McGettigan. Very different acts but equally
entertaining and both perform with individualistic charm

Author Paul Colclough (2 years)
@eesceet Yeah, well, Ireland beat them by around 70 points even though they
came second, so they never had a chance.

Author Melissa C (8 months)
Still a beautiful song

Author Anna Katarzyna (11 months)
Nie wiesz co to za jezyk ktory uzywa narrator?

Author DarKool81 (1 year)
Ireland's best ever entry!

Author wannaknos (1 year)
It was a song contest and this is a great song in terms of structure
matched maybe by a Hungarian one. Though Ireland had the advantage of
singing in English back then.

Author Aaron Duane (1 year)
such a sad song very emotional for some people .. :(

Author MarXXX1992 (2 years)
Rock 'n' roll??? LOL!!!!!!

Author G3rryb10 (2 years)
@berlincelt cunt

Author HugoLindmark (2 years)
@mesh5very I don't understand what you're talking about. Two elderly men
singing a beautiful song about when they were kids and in love. I can't see
the controversy in that. Is it immature to talk about gay love? Is it just
the same as slagging someone off to you? If so, grow up and live in the

Author Cathal French (2 years)
@joydivided23 gaeilge :)

Author John Keppel (2 years)
@MrConnellboyle My thoughts precisely.

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