Dyson Hot + Cool AM04 / AM05 fan heater - Getting started (Official Dyson video)

Getting started with your new AM04 or AM05 Dyson Hot + Cool™ fan heater: how to assemble, adjust the power and oscillation, set the target temperature and store the remote.

Please note that in the US and Canada, the temperature is displayed on the machine in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

Dyson experts are on hand to help, so leave us a comment if you'd like some advice. You can also find us on Twitter:

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Author Matt M-D (1 month)
We sent in our Dyson space heater fan for repair under the recall and got a
new Dyson Hot and Cool fan. A letter explained that the engineering fix
didn't work and so they replaced it with the Hot and Cool fan. It is a
brand new unit. But when the setting goes below 25-27 degrees centigrade
nothing happens. It only heats, doesn't cool. What's going on?

Author Peter Zinnia (2 months)
got my 04 repair back.....something doesn't seem to be right.......from 75
degrees on up the heat blows and is hot.....once i start reducing the speed
and temp to get it cold it stops and will not blow until i get down to 32
degrees.....when it's turned on with the setting somewhere in between 32
and 75 it makes a small grunt and dies doing didn't do this
prior to getting "fixed"!....anyone else have this problem?

Author Imn0addict (2 months)
Shame about the recall not had mine 4 a month :(

Author Lorie Ockey (7 months)
I'm in the state of Washington. I called Dyson support and spoke with a
"Jose" and he said Dyson was completely out of the 05 units, but would try
to send me a new one in January and I was to call back in two weeks. If
this is all true, then that is great, but it leaves me feeling a little
left out in the cold, literally. We have lots of snow where we live and
that is why I spent the big money to purchase this unit. I have a hard
time believing there are no services for this unit and they just sent out
new ones. I love my unit, but am disappointed this is how it is handled
when there is a problem, especially with the high cost of this unit. In
answer, yes I checked numerous plugs in the house and there is just no
power at all.

Author Lorie Ockey (7 months)
six months ago I purchased the Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 fan. I have used it
constantly over the past 3 months and just today moved it over about two
feet and for some reason it now has no power. I have checked the cord,
plug, etc. Is there a reset button or something else I can do to get it
going again?

Author Lorie Ockey (7 months)
Jack, I will email you directly today, thanks for the anticipated help.

Author AskDyson (11 months)
Hi there, I'm glad to hear you're finding your AM04 so useful. When running
as a fan to circulate unheated air, AM04 will use a maximum of 40w when set
at the highest speed. It uses less than 19w on its lowest fan setting.

Author AskDyson (1 year)
We appreciate your feedback, and will pass this on for you.

Author DawnMoews (1 year)
I can't find anything that states either how many sq. footage this heats
(size of room it is capable for) or the BTU's... Can anyone help?

Author Mighty WingedAJ (2 years)
Hello No sound really

Author AskDyson (1 year)
Hi, it's Jack at Dyson. Thanks for your feedback - we don't currently use
sound in our Support videos, but if there's anything you're not clear
about, please let us know.

Author zxwart (1 year)
But you can use music and the ambient sound to create a good experiencie.
Is rare that dyson always think in the user but in this case the user
experience is really bad.

Author David Maxey (1 year)
when i turn this thing on "cool" it doesn't work. buncha bologna.

Author AskDyson (11 months)
When heating at highest power, AM04 uses a maximum of 2000w. As it's
possible for the user to adjust the thermostat, oscillation and fan speed
to suit their particular needs, we don't have consumption figures available
for every level and setting.

Author AskDyson (8 months)
Hi Matthew. From what you've described, it sounds like your machine is
working correctly. Once the machine has heated the room to the target
temperature you've chosen, it will continue to run at a very low speed -
drawing in a small volume of ambient air so the intelligent thermostat can
accurately monitor the temperature. When the temperature of the air drawn
in drops below the target, the machine will activate again. I hope this
clears things up, but let us know if you'd like further advice.

Author Mighty WingedAJ (2 years)
Hello No sound really

Author Ing. Rafael R. Dahan (11 months)
@ AskDyson: I bought the AM04 and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I
know (when using the HOT function) it will consume 2000 Watt, but I cannot
find any specifications when using it as a (cold) fan. My question: How
many Watt in cold mode?

Author AskDyson (1 year)
Hi there, it's Jack at Dyson. When you turn the target temperature down to
zero, the fan will circulate unheated air - and you can adjust the airflow
strength to suit your needs. The Dyson Hot + Cool comes with a 2-year
guarantee, so if your fan won't run at all in fan mode please contact us
directly so we can help. You can reach us at

Author Matthew Lemaster (9 months)
I just bought this unit. When the room reaches the temperature I set, the
fan doesn't completely shut off. It sounds like the motor is still running
or going slowly. It is a clicking noise. I unplugged it and let it sit for
several minutes to reset and then turned it back on and didn't touch
anything so it could calibrate. It still has that noise after several
minutes. What is going on?

Author MrCianHD (10 months)
I put my fan onto cool and now it wont turn on when i have it the hot
temperature, help?

Author AskDyson (2 years)
Hi there, it's Jack at Dyson. We don't use sound in our videos as they're
used to support customers across multiple territories. If there's anything
in the video you're not clear about, please let us know. Alternatively, you
can find out more about AM04 by visiting

Author Ing. Rafael R. Dahan (11 months)
Thank you for your answer. Now I am more curious: How much power
consumption (electricity) in heat mode (Watt), lowest setting = 1. I assume
2000w at setting 10. And 1000w at 5? Thanks again!

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