WWMS Cheer - Youth Cheer Dance Tutorial 1

The June 2010 Summer Camp dance for the Youth Cheer Clinic.

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Author mariA msp (13 days)
Isn't that intermitadte

Author Kayleigh Victoria (21 day)
What is the song called.

Author Kayla Crisp (27 days)
No offense you do clap correctly your hands are suppose to be together
right over left or left over right. Just saying and love the routine 

Author Becca Jones (28 days)
Hi, could you post a video of just this mix your using or a link to it?
Thanks so much!

Author Madison Hutchison (4 months)
+Lily Bell you cant pick ur cheer they give you one. Obviously you didnt
read the front page, first paragraph, second sentence.

Author iyahnna clark (1 month)
Good routine

Author Megan Ditter (1 month)

Author Susana Hernandez (1 month)

Author Maddi Hill (1 month)
LOVE IT! Nice work! If anybody wants to not do that song just put the
counts to another song.

Author Mackenzi Gonzales (1 month)
Is it possible to just have the song?

Author Shannon Krull (1 month)

Author taquita davis (2 months)
wat is the song called???? I love it

Author Jaelie Girl (3 months)
I'm learning this cheer for our cheer routine on Saturday

Author Jaimerie Thomas (3 months)
I'm a cheerleader and I'm doing the dance

Author Gracie Marler (4 months)
Um......I am NOT doing a dance to a cheetahs song

Author Rashanda Vassell (5 months)
This cheer is so amazingly good

Author Ashleigh Ford (5 months)
whats the songs name

Author Cadence MARTINEZ (6 months)
I made the team thanks so much ;)

Author Ashleigh Ford (5 months)
whats the songs name

Author Justice Brigham (7 months)
this was exactly what i was looking for (:

Author Kim DeHart (7 months)
I did this dance for 5th grade

Author MyLifeAsLily xoxo (7 months)
if I try out for cheer ima do this!!

Author Angelica Gomez (7 months)
i love cheer and this video but can you choose a different song like lets
go ?

Author AnnachristineM (1 year)

Author amie211lovesyou (1 year)
not at all! we would love if you linked us! we'd love to see it!

Author H Whiteley (1 year)
What is the song called?

Author amie211lovesyou (2 years)
awesome! we made it up a few years ago for a youth team! glad to see people
like it enough to use it!

Author Whitney Thai (10 months)
You guys r AMAZING!!!

Author YourMissBecca (1 year)
Hi im Becca, Love the dance btw, I was wondering how the girls got their
jumps so high? any stretches or exercises? If you could message me back
that would be wonderful! im gonna be on varsity this upcoming season so i
just wanna make them better (: -Becca

Author amie211lovesyou (1 year)
in case you missed it by the title this is meant for 5 year old rec
cheerleaders. way to be a positive person though.

Author orawilliams48 (1 year)
To what team

Author HeLoveesMee04 (10 months)
Could you email me the music ? please ? Thanks

Author Alizeluvsyou (2 years)
I looooooooove idiot

Author kayla hines (1 year)
I love that

Author karelly98 (1 year)
I think the girl in the middle got sunburned

Author jay starnes (1 year)

Author amie211lovesyou (1 year)
not at all!

Author amie211lovesyou (2 years)
no at all. thanks for asking! good luck!

Author Jessica Bell (11 months)

Author Karizma (1 year)
the partys just begun cheeta girls

Author Lyle Landcaster (11 months)

Author Derrius Ferrell (10 months)
Yall r cute

Author kuteamiya (2 years)
This is Awesome! Looking for cheers check my an my twin sister out

Author angeles gil (2 years)
This cheer is really good! My friends and i are trying to learn it!:)

Author Cayla Jenkins (1 year)
@keke williams a dance ding dung

Author madison tyson (1 year)
I couldn't here it when they clapped

Author TheKenz02 (1 year)
For you're age that's way to kiddie ish that would never get you into
cheerleading all it is is a dance and one jump there's no tumbling in it
that's so boring

Author Mel Nic (1 year)
hey i love this but what song is this?

Author amie211lovesyou (1 year)
awesome! we just uploaded the dance from this year, so if you want another
check that video out!

Author Sylvia Alexander (1 year)
This thing is confusing

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