How to stop your chickens from eating their eggs Tips Help ideas

How to stop your chickens from eating their eggs tips help ideas

Chicken Nipple waterer

If your chickens are eating their own eggs, you'll need to break this habit immediately. The longer they do it, the harder it becomes to fix. But don't worry - with a few tweaks to your hens' nest boxes and living situation, you can nip egg eating in the bud.

Reduce Egg Breakage

Egg breakage is one of the major reasons why hens begin eating eggs. A few quick tips can reduce or eliminate egg breakage and thus the chances for your hens to get the taste of raw egg.

Nest boxes. Make sure you have one 12-inch square nest for every 4-5 hens in the flock - never fewer than six nesting boxes. Nesting boxes should be at least two feet off the ground and at least four feet from the roosts.
Also make sure you have at least 2 inches of clean, dry nesting material (shavings or straw) in the nest boxes at all times.

Relocate any broody hens, which cause more congestion in the nesting boxes.

Strong eggshells. Keep eggshells strong by feeding a calcium supplement in a free choice feeder (usually sold as oyster shells). Make sure to use a complete feed specifically designed for laying hens.
If you feed hens eggshell for calcium, smash them to a powder so they don't associate them with the egg itself.

Collect eggs early. Collecting eggs early in the day is always good practice. This leaves less time for breakage and egg eating. Most hens are done laying by 10 am.

Lower Stress

Avoid bright lighting near the nesting boxes, and don't disturb hens in the nests. Make sure you have enough space for each hen in the coop, fresh feed and water are available at all times, and if possible, hens have free space outdoors to roam (or at least a run with fresh grass and bugs).

Cull Relentless Egg Eaters

If you have one hen who's determined to eat eggs despite all these tips, consider culling her from the flock. She'll just pass on the bad behavior to the other hens and then you'll have a real problem on your hands.

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Author Voracious T (2 months)
all this time we thought it was a crow, after i killed it, we later found
out there was an egg eater among our Izer browns, the problem is finding
which one cause we have about 13 of them

Author merc1846 (14 days)
I love eggs

Author inbredagogo (2 months)
I have this problem.

Author Cockney lass (3 months)
Cor I'd hate to be a chicken in your coop - your rough handling and way of
treating them is horrible. Then if one eats an egg you kill it - poor

Author maituub (5 months)
nice vid, but your tip n° 5 is not totally correct.
Chickens should indeed not be given fresh eggshells,
butt, they may need calcium.
So, after you break the eggs in the kitchen, lay them flat en open on an
unused tray in your oven, and dry them with some rest heat after backing,
( that way no mold or other smelly problems will occur)
add more till tray is nearly full.
Pull tray out of oven and go over them with a rolling pin
till crumbled pretty fine, store in a closed pot, add some every week to
their feed,
if you give them (broken) grains.

Author Lansing Allison (3 months)
I have never had chickens eat their eggs or others

Author thehungryveg (8 months)
Chickens eat their own eggs because they are healthy for them. It takes so
much to lay an egg. Making the shell takes calcium from their bones, for
example. Not letting hens eat their own eggs is cruel. What gives us the
right to eat or sell their eggs? So sad :(

Author JR Lenard (4 months)
Thank you for this, this is going to help when I get my flock.

Author biwas gurung (3 months)
wh did i just got all da eggs in da pile don't they sit on there only on
there eggs

Author oddiedog100 (5 months)
Hi, i had this problem so all i did was blow out a few eggs and injected
them with hot chilli sauce and english mustard ane sealed the end holes of
the eggs with a bit of egg coloured plasters, they soon disliked them after
that. Rich

Author Jon Jennings (5 months)
I would like to do the urban farming thing someday. Chickens, goats and a
garden. Your chickens look content..

Author Bobbi Ashley (7 months)
Had this problem, I believe it was territorial. The hen or hens eventually
stopped being a cannibal on their own. But we always removed the eggs once
per day, then started removing them twice per day, which could have helped
them stop this behavior.

Author Lupine G. (11 months)
I cant get them to stop, and its not just 1 hen, its all of them! Gah! What
can i do? I am getting new chicks and hopefully they wont teach these guys
later on to eat eggs. 

Author Maria Hazelo (6 months)
some people only feed them vegetables, I don't think chickens are
vegetarian, maybe she is deficient are you feeding them worms grubs or
insects? maybe something is wrong with her so she cannot find any insects

Author JO Gabriel (9 months)
Tis a sad day when a hen eats eggs. Good Video. I'v had chickens whole time
growing up, as well as other egg laying critters (turkeys, ducks, etc). You
mentioned not throwing back the shells. Toasted our shell before giving
them back. We also crumbled them into bits. That being done they no longer
looked or tasted like egg shells. Just put them in the oven on 350 until
they stink, let cool, they will be very brittle and dried out. Easily
crumble up the shells and toss them in the yard. Chickens scratch and
enjoy, never knowing its shells

Author Marc Sevigny (6 months)
How do you determine which chicken is the culprit?

Author LPSmylittlestpaws Productions (6 months)
My chicken laid an egg today then when i came back for an hour one egg is

Author Cäroline (11 months)

Author nicholas weideman (6 months)
Machete its head off....thats the only way

Author Anne Newton (8 months)
mine are eating their eggs too, I tried mustard, they loved it, I only
managed to get 2 eggs today for ourselves.eeek...I will have to buy golf
balls or false eggs tomorrow.

Author jumoseb2577 (8 months)
if they do that feed them more

Author kirkland davis (10 months)
Hey sir what breed was the white and black hen in the furthest right
nesting box? Thanks

Author csds7679 (5 months)
The golf ball works. I have two in my nest boxes and they work to prevent
the egg eating.

Author Paddy (10 months)
About feeding eggshells.... We dont feed whole eggshells, we crush them up
in to small pieces and mix them with the grit we also feed them. Is this ok
to do? I dont think it should have too much of an impact as the visual link
between whole eggs, and food has been severed. Thanks 

Author James Rice (1 year)
I had trouble with hens eating eggs also, and i found if you put some
mustard on the eggs that they broke and take tho others out .It wont take
long to discourage them from it. This worked for me .thanks for reading.

Author FlyHighSim (10 months)
I'm in the weird part of YouTube again... Idk how I got here 

Author Carlito Brigante (7 months)
BBQ yehey

Author fairlind (11 months)
+cbzombiequeen58 What are you talking about? These are free-range
chickens, not chickens in chicken factory, cooped up 20 to a small cage.

Author Jasmine Liang (1 year)
another way is to feed them sand i know it sounds ridiculious but it worked
very well for me

Author TheBushdoctor68 (11 months)
Good video.
I did not see this solution posted in any of the comments and I thought it
could be interesting. Roll out nest boxes. For Egg Eaters & Cleaner Eggs.

Author cbzombiequeen58 (1 year)
how much room do they have to live.that seams to be a problem with people
they cage up birds and want gold.people dont seam to know you dont want to
live in your bathroom forever

Author John Ransom (1 year)
nope, Apenzeller Spitzhauben, and it is Swiss, not German.

Author onetwothree57 (1 year)
I think the trouble is that they need the calcium and you need to break the
shells up small enough to be unrecognizable to them and then feed it to
them- just a thought

Author the43k (1 year)
sorry its Youtube not HBO.

Author John Ransom (1 year)
This is a good trick for egg boxes Line them with a cut to size egg flat on
the bottom. That way it keeps the nesting material in place, keep eggs from
being tossed around in the nest (the little hills and valleys in the flat
hold them) and when it is time to clean the nest box just toss the egg flat
in the compost and start over.

Author MrBogeyone (1 year)
Not in my humble opinion.

Author Retro Burn (1 year)
No that's normal it happens to me as we'll.

Author the43k (1 year)
For issues with egg eaters my advice is still viable. However, in our case,
as time has gone on, I believe you're exactly correct. I suspect the egg is
being laid by an older hen.

Author MrBogeyone (1 year)
I have had a couple of occasions where my younger hens laid an egg but ate
it. Consistently I get 12 eggs from 14 hens. My advice is to give the
oyster shells and make SURE they have plenty of nesting area. All my white
leghorns (14) lay in a large nesting box and my other 6 (Plymouth Rocks)
lay in a single nesting box. I lose probably 3 eggs per week to cracking
and eating. I feed roughly 8 per week to my Chinese Chow dog. She watches
over the chickens so she gets the cracked eggs (cooked)

Author Juha Olkkonen (1 year)

Author Bennett Anderson (1 year)
So with the golf balls I have hens that should start laying within then
next month or 2 so when do I put it in there nesting box

Author Grace Weng (1 year)
I have a question im getting chicks soon. i live in Texas so its really hot
do you have and suggestions on what breed I should get??

Author drew harter (1 year)
I dropped an egg a couple of times and the chickens ate it should i be

Author MrBogeyone (1 year)
Oyster shells are six bucks for fifty pounds here in my area. all they need
is a small amount weekly (a teaspoon per hen). No budget problem I could

Author Everything is here (1 year)
roll-away nesting boxes

Author Aristotle Dreher (1 year)
As soon as chickenly possible.

Author terrancelueckgen (1 year)
use diatomatious earth to get rid of mites

Author Trinidy Birdsong (1 year)
Was that a gulf ball?

Author clinecrowd5 (1 year)
I ran out of room, so writing another post....I also feed them an organic
non GMO layer feed I buy from a farm in VA that makes it....because of
this, do they even need oyster or egg shells...since they free range and
get this special feed....also, what is your favorite broody hen...can i
catch them brooding and order eggs to put under them so i dont have to
raise them, and deal with a rooster?

Author the43k (1 year)
I would first pick a farm that uses and follows proper raising techniques
and doesn't use any type drugs or non organic foods. Second, I would assume
that if famers are raising and selling breeds of chickens in your area,
they should be types that are native or capable of living in your climate.
Another thought is what type of layer and what is the disposition of your
chicken. If you check out back yard chickens web site, they have a bunch of

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