Kimber PepperBlaster II - Pepper Spray Product Testing

Cherub Defense product testing of the Kimber PepperBlaster II pepper spray gun. Product test performed in adverse weather conditions. Immediate effects, 25 minutes later, then 60 minutes after.

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Author sexisaweapon lewis (1 month)
Great video, I am watching it because I bought the product on Amazon and it
was delivered today. I will definitely be carrying it

Author AdoreYouInAshXI (1 month)
"Trained professional"....

10 seconds later, yelling in a high pitched voice, hysterically, "HELP!"...

I lost my shit. 

Author Pau ca (1 month)
she missed because the pressure in the pepper capsules is way to weak...the
manufacturer needs to immediately improve that. very weak detail in a nice
idea..its just not finished for the market yet. I hope they read this.

Author Firstname Lastname (28 days)
You wife just got raped.

Author Chris Clark (3 months)
Pepper spray is the worst pain. Until you feel the burn you just don't
know. Try it. Start with a arm or leg. The face?...leave that for the big

Author wayd19 (3 months)
Wow help

Author Ramon Heard Jr (10 months)
Sell your comoany 

Author Ramon Heard Jr (10 months)
Trained professional ah?

Author Derrick Haynes (9 months)
That not going to stop a crazed person. Sorry.

Author Ron D (6 months)

Author KILLERKROW23 (9 months)
Nothing is better then a trained person w a gun

Author Samuel Falco (11 months)
les femmes et la visee........

Author KILLERKROW23 (9 months)
They sell a wash that nullifies the oc

Author theLostMachine (1 year)
lets see it in use... I tell you the first thing someone is going to do
when they see what looks like a gun pointing at them is avoid it... you are
better off with gel or foam which fits in the palm of your hand and can be
armed while walking in questionable situation. An attacker seeing someone
holding this in their hand walking to their car is going to disarm you.

Author theLostMachine (1 year)
President and CEO eh? lol most people can't even smell this kimber
formula... if this was real deal pepper spray you would be rolling on the
ground freaking out... considering your demeanor suggests you would be.

Author MrStarsuicide (1 year)
That is a joke !

Author marsdog (1 year)
You'd look like a bald filipino with a sunburn?

Author MACTEP KJIuHKA (1 year)
Америкосы - ебланы

Author EdCourney (1 year)
I honestly hope as part of your rah-rah Tony Robbins "coaching" attempts
that you are really not attempting to teach ppl self-defense. Wow.

Author Crista Sadler (1 year)
You are now watching MadTv. MAD!!! Lolls serially though they did to us in
the Navy haha. Tempted to do it now at 34 just to train and toughen up...

Author ChicagoCubs1060 (2 years)
These people are retarded...

Author Glenn B (1 year)
! Dismay oh dear Really? Your wife couldn't hit u at 5feet stood still like
freeze frame. Emagine u were going to rape your wife. And just say she did
have that in her hand. She be f ed. Scuse pun. Ffs. I came here after
seeing advertising. Thinking bout getting one for my wife. What really gets
me . Lol. I read first dozen comments and its wow great vid. Oh I want one.
Is it just me ? I give puplic too much credit wife just said. Sorry folks.
Shite shite shite. Cant lol even . just sad.

Author douge1125 (1 year)
Who's skyline? Lol

Author JonasFeyhart (2 years)
It's a Dachshund, not Doxen. ;)

Author Pkarchpray16 (3 years)
lol, Next time, dawn blue dish soap and dap DO NOT RUB and after you rinse
it off do not keep running water on your face. just causes reflash... and
DO NOT RUB. lol was funny though thanks for the laugh

Author jerkwitha3 (3 years)
Don't be too hard on the first shooter missing on the first shot. If you
watch my video review of this, my wife found that the first shot is low too.

Author paul barsness (1 year)
thanks for showing how difficult your product is to use. moron

Author Terranous (3 years)
Let me stand still while you aim some sort of weapon at my face...

Author David7e1 (3 years)
But an upside to this, once the two shots are deployed it can not be used
against you if it is taken away. Also if used in the home, there doesn't
seem to be a need to worry about overspray especially if you live with
family members who might unknowingly enter the affected area. As with any
weapon though training, training and more training are an extremely
important part of self defense. Good video though, I admire that you didn't
try to edit anything just to look good. Integrity!!

Author september1683 (2 years)
In Europe we are not allowed to use appropriate ways of self-defence. The
PepperBlaster II (= Guardian Angel II in Europe) is better than nothing.
Well, the best way would be to kick our government in the ass and kick them
out for leaving us defenceless against invading scum from muslim countries
which are extremely violent.

Author Armesis P (3 years)
isnt it supposed to shoot from the top chamber first?

Author HOOLIGAN218 (2 years)
HELP!!! That was funny shit!

Author Raphael Motta (1 year)
That was a question btw.

Author Feel J Akir (2 years)
he sounds like caboose

Author David7e1 (2 years)
@Toyman07 The San Antonio Police Department doesn't train us to create
distant when engaging in gunfire or to move back. We advance on a subject
if anything. I don't know how many years you have on as a police officer
but you should know that every LE agency, military or civilian have their
own way of teaching, there is NO one right way to do anything. Situation
dictates. I also never learned while in the U.S military, to move backwards
when engaging the enemy. But back to the video...

Author VisitTexas (3 years)
@Pkarchpray16 = rapist

Author yoohoosk8r (2 years)
i dont know why people dont use milk, take a milk wash should counter act
the capsasin. works all the time when i eat spicy food, i know some people
have sugar water ready, but id think milk works better

Author wa4aos (2 years)
Look like it's very effective! My wife is afraid to carry a gun but this
might be just the ticket!\ Thanks for the video, hope you didn;t suffer too
long. OUCH!

Author nathanatramp (2 years)
I feel for you dude, really. I live in New Zealand myself, so pepper spray/
tasers/ stun-guns/ large knives/ batons are also illegal to carry around.
But also, you know what they say: Better to be judged by 12 than carried by

Author Toyman07 (2 years)
@David7e1 "Having a security, military and law enforcement background" You
sure don't sound like you have any of the sort. I'm currently working in
law enforcement and have done service in the Bundeswehr/German Army. THE
most important thing in all CQB/self defense type exercise. YOU DON'T STAND
IN ONE SPOT AND SHOOT! This goes for OC, tasers and real firearms!
Backwards movement. But what ideally is required are lateral movements
whenever engaging a foe. MOVE AND DISTANCE!!

Author cowboy836 (1 year)
Looks worse than the gas chamber bud....

Author Raphael Motta (1 year)
Would this stop a man that is somewhat right next to you and has a knife.

Author MattieCooper (1 year)
I realize it seems minor, but that little *Click* during the ejection
seemed anticlimactic.

Author Tom Babilla (3 years)
Now you need to try the JPX.

Author xsunshinegirlie (2 years)
I'm sorry, how do people really spell "Dachshund" as "Doxen." This always
blows my mind when I see it.

Author Lisa Perkins (1 year)
So you have to hit the perp right in the face in order for it to work? I
want like a bomb that will blow up and surround the perp with pepper spray.

Author Street Smart Self Reliant (3 years)
@oldeafcoot I will say that I have noticed in some of the YouTube videos
that even when a person is hit in the upper torso the agent works. One guy
was hit in the torso and the shotgun like splatter still closed his eyes
and put him in agony. Of course nothing is 100% but I really like this
delivery system over aerosols that are inconsistent and loose pressure with
age or if left in the cold. I think if you need more than 2 shots of this
you need to be using something besides pepper spray.

Author David7e1 (2 years)
@Toyman07 I at no time was offering tactical advice, don't know why you
are, I was simply making a remark on the practical use of the Kimber
Blaster II. The wife in the video doesn't appear to have CQB training so I
don't expect her or other civilians to know anything about military and
police tactics. I just felt this type of self defense weapon isn't as
effective due to the fact that she couldn't hit a non-moving target in a
controlled environment. That's it.

Author jesusnietozombie16 (3 years)
as of right now there is now reaction .........aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Author PSN GamingWolf (1 year)
i lost my stomach when he yelled HELP! xD

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