SS-18 ("Satan") What America is afraid of? Russia's nuclear shield

SS-18 ("Satan") What America is afraid of?
Russia's nuclear shield

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Author Black Mamba (10 months)

Author AL Ian (8 months)
Russia don't forget to bomb those 14 SSBN Ohio Class submarines with enough
Trident D5 nukes to turn Russia into the worlds largest parking lot. LMAO

Author Franz Bauer (8 months)
russia is the only power who can change usa to atomic ash

Author ikillnazi1 (1 month)
Trident d5 : 14 w88 warheads with 475-500 kilotons yield each,with a max
speed of at least Mach 24 at its last phase LOL. LGM-118 peacekeeper
missile: created in 1986,it could already carry 10 warheads with 300 kt
yield each...more than 20 years ago HAHA,imagine what the US could do now,
Minuteman III : its called minuteman because it take only 60 second to
launch it. For our defense? NATO's ballistic missile defense system,which
uses now fucking LASERS (im not fucking kidding) and railguns....Fuck you
Russia xxx <3

Author kirill052 (4 months)
Бляди пендосские вы ответите за все , что сделали с миром. А если начнется
война я лично перестреляю тысячи америкосов. СМЕРТЬ америке!

Author SkyIsTheIimit (8 months)
The cockroach would be the winner in a nuclear war...

Author Jose Pinedo (8 days)
The US is filled with pussies that need Hollywood to create a delusional
sense of power and patriotism for their country's military as well as to
downplay the achievements of any other country. Im not Russian but its so
funny that the European settlers that call themselves American have a
military with a passing rate of 30-40% compared to Russias 5%. Thats why
they joined NATO. A union of 28 countries because we all know pussies cant
fight alone.

Author pauljackowacko552 (2 months)
The ss-18 is outdated and its going to get replaced by the 2018 Sarmatian
The only thing we have to worry about is them making a s-600 that could
stop any ICBM speed of mach 25s because a s-500 is said to stop 10 mach
14.5 ICBMs. If this shit was to happen they could take the world hostage
without any drawbacks.
We need a more advance system then the THAAD.

Author Вадим Зайцев (21 day)
stop the war !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stop talking about the war - we must
live in peace and druzhit- and instead of talking about the war - we must
talk about the world- cooperation - on space exploration - a joint borbbe
terrorism - epidemics and togdalee - idiyami aimed at peace and cooperation
!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stop the war

Author harry escarole (8 months)
theres no proof that america is afraid

Author Jesse Contreras (3 months)
Look people !! Russia and the US has never lost a war and I know y'all say
Afghanistan (Russia ) and Vietnam (America) but US supplied Afghanistan
with weapons so russia left because they were losing to much ppl , but they
could've won ! USA fought Vietnam but Russia supplied them and the US
withdrew , the US and Russia was capable of beating these two but it was to
expensive !!
Thank You for your time :)

Author sirvando vargas (10 months)
Don't the Russians have anything better to do than make weapons for
destruction? Americans MX missile system has been in service for some 40
years. Why does the world need more weapons to end the lives of poeple?
Why are they so insecure? Why can't they build a fancy exatic car, or fine
furniture, or enternainment systems for poeple? The Cold War has been
over for some 30 years , so get over it. Peace on Earth.

Author IAN m (3 months)
Any side that thinks to use nukes is ultimately killing themselves . Even a
small nuclear exchange would have a devastating environmental impact
worldwide. Imagine each bomb as a small Chernobyl going off worldwide
sending radioactive plumes and dirt into the upper atmosphere . This will
lower the sunshine and cool the planet killing crops and food production
worldwide. The yield of these weapons are thousands of times larger in some
cases then the bombs dropped on Japan. 

Author Cat Hughes (3 months)
Damn! Russians may know how to make nuclear weapons, but they can't edit
video worth a shit..

Author Путин Геть (4 months)
Russians' SS-18 is pure crap now.

Author MyBooboocat (2 months)
To be honest America isn't afraid of 60s technology we have the second best
military other than Britain and Russia has the 8th best military and we
have .l.a.w.s. laser weapon system and enough nuclear weapons to turn
Russia in to the Russian ocean

Author Brotha Box (4 months)
Burn hollywood burn lol

Author TheFIFABoys (3 months)
+AL lan wow u are just dumb. Germany is not a free country and who has
a veto in the UN? US! Who controlls the EU and is not even a EU country?
US! Who plans flase flag ops? US! U really think the US or NATO can "win"
against russia? If u call loosing ur family and loved ones a "win" then go

Author Stingercam21 (3 months)
In a nuclear war scenario ... there are no winners. Once that button is
pressed all hell brakes loose, billions will die. So better pray that this
never happens, better sign a treaty for a conventional war, at least
innocent civilians will have the chance to stay safe and survive instead of
been vaporized into ashes.

Author Leo Dent (6 months)
I think that the Russians might be forgetting that we were the first to use
the nuclear bomb and if we were to go to war with Russia and things went to
bad for us, we would just invent something even more powerful. But what do
I Know, i'm just an arrogant white American. :)

Author D4rkMatter1975 (3 months)
At the end of the day 'the only way to win, is not to play' direct
Wargames(movie reference) 101 xd

Author Ouija1210 (2 months)
This video is old, late 80's early 90's. Russia today has most advanced
intercontinental missile technologies 30 years ahead of west. Even western
sources do not dispute this. RS 22 and RS 24, there is no known defence
against them as they have extremely complicates flight procedure with
unpredictable reentry path. Even Russians themselves when they launch it
cannon predict how the missile will choose to re-enter but it re-enters
where its programmed to deliver the payload. Just one of these missiles can
take out entire continent of human civilization. Each Missile explosive
yield is from 400 kilotonnes to 20 MEGATONNES of nuclear hell. God forbid
if it ever comes to the point where it comes to even consideration of
launching something like this.

Author michael m (3 months)
Common sense dictates the probability of a conventional war between America
and any other nation. According to the Global firepower website, America
has 13,683 aircraft, Russia, 3,082; America, 10 aircraft carriers, Russia,
1; America 62 Destroyers, Russia, 13; America 72 submarines, Russia, 63;
America 145,212,012 available manpower, Russia, 69,117,271. America has the
largest economy as a nation in the world with a defense budget of
$612,500,000,000, Russia's defense budget is $76,600,000,000. The only
significant asset Russia has over America is their tanks sitting at 15,500
compared to America's 8,325. Only an idiot isn't scared of a nuclear war
between two superpowers, but the notion that America is "scared" of Russia
or any other nation can't possibly be founded upon knowledge of America's
military assets and capabilities.

Author Metin Showtime (2 months)

Author dwarfer777 (1 month)
its human nature to destroy ourselves... we should ALL stop spending on
defence and deterent and friggin spend it on other shit... LIKE THE THIRD

whats wrong with humans!

omfg, listen to them russians, talking about destroying "americans" it is
total sickening.... something wrong with them fuckers

Author Shaid Raja Nawaz (3 months)

Author Hank Slonina (2 months)
Problem is the Russian Mafia sold the rocket fuel to North Korea.Now they
cant fly.They are ICMA now ,not ICBM. ICMA means I Cant Make America.Russia
and America as in WW2 will partner up to stop some other Evil DOING asian
CUNTRY from trying to pull an Adolph.

Author Alexander V. (2 months)
Писать что-либо о уже устаревшей ракетно-ядерной системе - смысла нет.
Ракеты и их носители (класс РС-Х) уже давно вышели за пределы "Воеводы"
also know as "Satan". Если в комментариях есть специалисты, офицеры БД,
офицеры БР, РВСН, и.т.п., подтвердят мои слова)

Author rez zoilo (3 months)
RUSSIAN...nothing but a big mouth dirt bag.u cant even square up with
ukraine.what an ass.

Author Koc yra (1 month)
These comments... My gosh...

Don't people realize either side launches nukes both sides will die?

Author Doug Hensley (4 months)
I'm from the US, but I would have to say that if we get involved in a full
out nuclear war with Russia which looks like a very good possibility very
soon (with in a year or less from now God forbid), Russia would annihilate
us many time over.

Author Roger Dodger (3 months)
ITs probably Henry Kissinger that secretly runs the USA with his cabal of

Author Erik Kaiser (3 months)
Nuclear Shield ? Who are these backwards dumb fucks trying to kid ? This is
not a shield. Its a strike. A shield would be similar to an interceptor
which we have and the Putin ass lickers do not have. Hey shit bags try and
hack our shit so you can copy it since you could'nt have an original idea
if your lives depended on it. Fucking russian dumbfucks.

Author JockoFlocko (3 months)
It hilarious listening to brain-dead simple minded idiots having a pissing
contest about how many times both sides could kill each other during a full
nuclear exchange. It's amazing how many ignorant imbeciles are completely
incapable of understanding M.A.D. and that to this day both sides have
enough firepower to destroy 95% of each others populations 5 times over.
BTW, the latest nuclear arms treaties banned MIRV type vehicles years ago
like the above soviet designed missile. Nothing more than war mongering
knuckle dragging drool monkey's, please don't breed.

Author Metin Showtime (17 days)
wtf russian party music

Author Clinton Godeke (3 months)
You wont be thinkin death to USA when HARP renders every guidance system on
every ass backwards pissASS-18 you evil mongoloids have hell youll probably
launch on yourselves but look on the bright side you survivors will get a
US bailout so you can all get good and vodkad up glow in the dark freakin
hangover dude WE WILL BURY YOU........krushchev

Author Владимир Смирнов (6 months)
А давайте кинем друг в дружку боеголовки США нам подарочек пошлют,а мы
им,вот потеха то будет.....

Author craig reid (3 months)
Okay guys I mean it's not like America holding not only the most Nukes, the
most powerful Nukes, the most technically advanced nukes, and nukes that
were made withing the recent 10 years rather than the 30-40 year old nukes
you guys have today. America isn't afraid of any country on the planet,
it's the main reason we are still here. 

Author tihomir spiric (2 months)
Dat iz pikcher bifor 36 jers wat you min nau men tink viar continiu duing
for hedeks for Rusija

Author Jay (3 months)
Kool aid drinking 3rd world country that has lost its supplies an been
shunned from the world community because he's a fucking idiot like the rest
of you stupid Russians. If you have to resort to violence an weak threats
you've already lost. Good luck burning to death because your all fools. Lol

Author psikogeek (2 months)
I can see why they might want to nuke central Florida Mickey Mouse is so offensive.

Author 1Doppelganger (3 months)
Got to love the Russian commie trolls spreading all this BS propaganda,
while using phony nick names.
Technology wise either conventional of strategic nuclear weapons the
Russian are far behind, and they know it.
Coming here and filling YT with this crap won't do a thing to change that.

Author Zach P. (3 months)
Just in this and the last century alone amerika has caused more siffering
and death than anybody in history. And its far from over... Would love to
see some of these drop there. Maybe itll change their outlook. 

Author maciek (3 months)
russia is the only country with enough balls to stand up against the mot
evil empire of the last 3000yrs (usa) hope we see a ww3 in our life time
and put these animals in place

Author Boeun Pok (3 months)
American don't get scared of this bully video with warhead, us is best
country people got to stop put the us down, trust the world the us is very
hight with supper strenght put it that way

Author khosbayar ganbold (5 months)
I do like both Russia and America. America is leading country almost in
every field in the world even they have plenty of debt ($17 trillion) ,
they created many incredible things we like and love, particularly free
economic system and capitalization system (freedom). Other hand, Russia,
You guys saved our life and countries from NAZIS even you guys did not try
to control and seize our countries including German, almost whole EU. You
had capability to do that. I know Russian people. they are very nice
people, very helpful, brave, and hospitality. What I am trying to say is
that there are worse countries and people are waiting for you two to fight.
Some Muslim countries, China (1.3 billion shit) and India (1.2 billion
better shit) are getting bigger and better for battle to bring you down.
You guys are way better people than they are. If china had power like
Russia and America, they control many countries as much as they can using
some shitty ways and strategies. YOU TWO WORRY ABOUT CHINA, INDIA, AND SOME
ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. imagine that only two countries have 2.5 billion people
who pollute our earth. Make them at least 1.5 billion!!! (Sorry for poor

Author Michael Benjamin (3 months)

Author Karr77 (4 months)
Americans! We do not need to deliver those weapons to you! We're just going
to blow it on my site! All and rhinestones! All going to die! For the
Motherland! For Stalin!

Author slayerd357 (6 months)
Why's it gotta be Florida? I live there!

Author de clerck steve (3 months)
this is a video that is 30 years old . OLD NUCLEAR SHIT


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