SS-18 ("Satan") What America is afraid of? Russia's nuclear shield

SS-18 ("Satan") What America is afraid of?
Russia's nuclear shield

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Author kirill052 (16 days)
Бляди пендосские вы ответите за все , что сделали с миром. А если начнется
война я лично перестреляю тысячи америкосов. СМЕРТЬ америке!

Author AL Ian (4 months)
Russia don't forget to bomb those 14 SSBN Ohio Class submarines with enough
Trident D5 nukes to turn Russia into the worlds largest parking lot. LMAO

Author Путин Геть (5 days)
Russians' SS-18 is pure crap now.

Author Leo Dent (1 month)
I think that the Russians might be forgetting that we were the first to use
the nuclear bomb and if we were to go to war with Russia and things went to
bad for us, we would just invent something even more powerful. But what do
I Know, i'm just an arrogant white American. :)

Author BoltThrower321 (1 month)
crappy music....and, serious I like military stuff, but to glorify mass
destruction weapons systems, who kill millions of innocent people, the
nature and the animals who live in it...serious FUCK YOU.

Each of those weapons WORLDWIDE need to be reduce to a minimum...only maybe
10 to attack Aliens, Zombies or Asteroids.

But everything else is just brainfucked crazy shit. Each Solider, Scientist
and Politician need a headshot who want to use this shit!!!!!!!

Author Karfarov UA (4 months)
It's a Ukrainian missile made in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Author jeffrey gussman (4 months)
theres no proof that america is afraid

Author Franz Bauer (3 months)
russia is the only power who can change usa to atomic ash

Author Black Mamba (6 months)

Author David Jay (2 months)
Foolish russian and american cowboy think they win with puny bombs. We
destroy you both! Great White North is stronger than both, we mind bomb.
We send Pamela Anderson and Justin Beiber, you lose!

Author 8j0s8h (2 months)
russia should learn some english might learn something from your masters

Author sirvando vargas (6 months)
Don't the Russians have anything better to do than make weapons for
destruction? Americans MX missile system has been in service for some 40
years. Why does the world need more weapons to end the lives of poeple?
Why are they so insecure? Why can't they build a fancy exatic car, or fine
furniture, or enternainment systems for poeple? The Cold War has been
over for some 30 years , so get over it. Peace on Earth.

Author Evul Bananuh (4 months)
Why is Florida getting nuked in the thumbnail? Florida is never involved in
anything, and I don't really want to be in a state that's a target. 

Author Doug Hensley (4 days)
I'm from the US, but I would have to say that if we get involved in a full
out nuclear war with Russia which looks like a very good possibility very
soon (with in a year or less from now God forbid), Russia would annihilate
us many time over.

Author денис пупкин (7 days)
может бахнем?

Author Brotha Box (7 days)
Burn hollywood burn lol

Author CULTpixel New York (8 days)
humans, humans! there is more as humans on this planet! if humans have
nothing better to do as killing each other , go do that. this planet is a
holy place, we have no "right" to destroy the planet for all kind of life

Author Peter Stubbs (3 months)
Franz Bauer. you are a total dickhead. First of all, the yanks have FAR
more missiles than you. Secondly, their missiles are more accurate.
Thirdly, they have a far better anti missile capability than you. Only one
pile of smouldering shite and that would be russia.

Author Veldtian1 (12 days)
Fabulous piece of hardware, Multiple Independently Targeted Re-entry
Vehicles, better known as Satan's Scattergun..!

Author rwmcjazz (13 days)
at 2:14 the TV journalist is commenting about he loves this bomb, and that
it reminds him of his powerful dick. That he wants to fuck America with 3
thousand of these Russian dicks.

Author 420shurlie (13 days)
Worthless weapons, except for ensuring ones own territorial integrity.But
to actually use them against another nuclear state...folly/useless, unless
your a brain dead moron.

Author random videos (15 days)

Author MrCursyy (19 days)
Its a good thing more nations have nukes because they are afraid of
retaliation and destruction of the world as we know it - bringing us back
to the stone age.See what happened when only the USA had them ( Nagasaki /
Hiroshima) what I mean by this, that the US had no fear of retaliation from
the Japs.

Author Wesley Ewing (20 days)
The USA has the M.I.R.V. so nothing has changed. Guess we'll all just keep
wasting money in a neverending dick measuring contest.

Author Phoenix Loiselle (21 day)
Its all the Alcoholics behind Controls that scare feces out of me.

Author jack hunter (21 day)
russians heahaaa drunked cowardly bastards...yup

Author ManofWords (22 days)
damn i hope all of you dump fucks get bombed america china russia nato to
many stupid mentally ill morons thats whats the problem ...hure mother
russia ....long live america you all are being fucked in the same ass
stupid people in my languish they call you all mongooltjes met een
denkvermogen van niks en wijsheid factor van nul...

Author Hokibukisa (22 days)
nuclear war yay dance music

Author Caleb Boland (3 months)
To be honest...not afraid just ready...

Author lloyd hernandez (25 days)
Americas top secret weapon we do not know yet until now.... 

Author tarik roko (25 days)
Good russia. At leat we gonna plat Fallout 3 real life now

Author mrosbaum (26 days)
Florida is gone, Sorry americans bwahahahaha

Author 1quickster (28 days)
The countries that are surrounding Russia will hit Russia first with
nuclear weapons before Russia will hit the United States. Look at the map.,
Russia is surrounded by US allies who has nuclear weapons. England, NATO
and the former Soviet Allies. Just like China, it is sorrounded by US
allies, who has nuclear weapons. The United States is not as dumb as you
think. It's doesn't say anything about its capabilities. If any of the
missiles happen to make it to the U.S. HAARP shield will prevent it from
hitting the country. 

Author khosbayar ganbold (1 month)
I do like both Russia and America. America is leading country almost in
every field in the world even they have plenty of debt ($17 trillion) ,
they created many incredible things we like and love, particularly free
economic system and capitalization system (freedom). Other hand, Russia,
You guys saved our life and countries from NAZIS even you guys did not try
to control and seize our countries including German, almost whole EU. You
had capability to do that. I know Russian people. they are very nice
people, very helpful, brave, and hospitality. What I am trying to say is
that there are worse countries and people are waiting for you two to fight.
Some Muslim countries, China (1.3 billion shit) and India (1.2 billion
better shit) are getting bigger and better for battle to bring you down.
You guys are way better people than they are. If china had power like
Russia and America, they control many countries as much as they can using
some shitty ways and strategies. YOU TWO WORRY ABOUT CHINA, INDIA, AND SOME
ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. imagine that only two countries have 2.5 billion people
who pollute our earth. Make them at least 1.5 billion!!! (Sorry for poor

Author legorig (5 months)
to bad the US is buying all the russian nuclear warheads. :D

Author David Markeilov (1 month)
Why are Russians and Americans fighting in the comments about who's better?
Can't anybody tell that if a war breaks out, there's no winner because
nuclear weapons will most likely be used as a result. 

Author kenzo moretti (1 month)
Fuck you americans. hahahahahaah!

Author SkyIsTheIimit (4 months)
The cockroach would be the winner in a nuclear war...

Author rwmcjazz (13 days)
That's fucked up Russian music to die for. What? Do they think they can win
in an all out nuclear war?

Author yves cadot (1 month)!!

Author Muhmmed Nadeem (5 months)
What is the music???

Author KingLutherQ (1 month)
Here is a comparison of both nation's best nuclear submarines:

Russian Typhoon class (6 units total)
> 45,000 tons
> 20 SLBMS
> 10 warheads each
> 200 kiloton blast yield
> total firepower = 40 Megatons per submarine

U.S. Ohio class (18 units total)
> 18,000 tons
> 24 SLBMS
> 12 warheads each
> 475 kiloton blast yield
> total firepower = 137 Megatons per submarine

The Ohio class submarine is smaller, quieter, better equipped and has 4
times the firepower of a Typhoon class. The soviet era technology Typhoon
class would be more susceptible to US ASW aircraft and RUM-139
anti-submarine missiles. If war breaks out, America's eleven aircraft
carrier battle groups will control the oceans and systematically hunt down
Russian submarines.

During WW2, German U-boats and Japanese submarines were brutally
slaughtered by US anti-sub ships. America's modern day ASW technology that
uses aircraft and missiles is much more efficient and deadlier than it has
ever been. US ballistic missiles which uses military GPS and fully digital
inertial guidance systems are much more accurate. A submarine launched
ballistic missile is less likely to be detected or intercepted than a
land-based ICBM.

Due to the expensive cost of maintaining strategic delivery systems, Russia
relies more on mobile land-based nuclear weapons. Fixed ICBM launch sites
and mobile land-based systems are monitored by geo-synchronous satellites.
During ICBM boost phase, early warning satellites would notify US mid-range
ABM systems to intercept incoming missiles.

The U.S. SLBM (submarine ICBM) fleet has overwhelming firepower is more
hidden than land-based systems.

Due to the 700 ICBM/SLBM NEW START limit, multiple smaller (500 kt)
re-entry vehicles are more strategic than a single 20 megaton warhead ICBM.

The multi-warhead Trident SLBM is the weapon to be feared.

Author megasully (1 month)
You would think that the contamination around Chernobyl would have taught
everyone it is pretty dumb to hold your dicks telling the other side to
COME ON, but even after 60 years of this, people still need a little
apocolypse to quell their desire to fight

Author O TAN (1 month)
WHY WORLD IS AFRAID OF ? Maybe because russian federation is an artificial
and dictatorial country and anytime can happens like '90 when soviet union
get disintegrated and lots of weaponry (including nuclear) been stolen and
misused !!!? Maybe because WORLD works a lot to avoid use this weaponry by
terrorists and retards against innocents ? Maybe that's why is afraid !!!

Author Hamad Khresha (1 month)
fuck russia and fuck america :P

Author slayerd357 (1 month)
Why's it gotta be Florida? I live there!

Author Randy Sparks (1 month)
So why do we want to kill each other waht a waste. Watch if we don't kill
each other with nuclear war we kill each other with polution and global
warming so let us nuke each other and get it over good bye cruel world.

Author MOnkey COmpany (1 month)
Really u have Topol M
we have Minuteman iii.
cmon press yhe damn button and we all have fun together

Author GRANA3331 (11 months)

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