SS-18 ("Satan") What America is afraid of? Russia's nuclear shield

SS-18 ("Satan") What America is afraid of?
Russia's nuclear shield

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Author brianbirc (5 months)
Garenteed mutual inialation ya I would guess we are both afraid of that.
Maybe us white people should get along. 

Author Benny A (6 months)
So many people talking about nuking each other, if the birds start flying
WE ALL DIE !!!. It's just a matter of how fast you go. The lucky ones will
be those who were taken out on a First strike because they wont be around
to see the horrors of a nuclear wasteland. So everyone instead of talking
shit to each other we should ALL be focused on how to try to get rid of
this disaster just waiting for a mistaken launch.
You and I will die either in the beginning or an agonizing a slow death
because of radiation sickness. Let's all Think about it. WE ALL LOSE OR WE
ALL WIN.... what say you all.

Author legorig (4 months)
to bad the US is buying all the russian nuclear warheads. :D

Author Black Mamba (5 months)

Author sirvando vargas (5 months)
Don't the Russians have anything better to do than make weapons for
destruction? Americans MX missile system has been in service for some 40
years. Why does the world need more weapons to end the lives of poeple?
Why are they so insecure? Why can't they build a fancy exatic car, or fine
furniture, or enternainment systems for poeple? The Cold War has been
over for some 30 years , so get over it. Peace on Earth.

Author SkyIsTheIimit (3 months)
The cockroach would be the winner in a nuclear war...

Author Karfarov UA (3 months)
It's a Ukrainian missile made in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Author Muhmmed Nadeem (4 months)
What is the music???

Author Franz Bauer (2 months)
russia is the only power who can change usa to atomic ash

Author AL Ian (3 months)
Russia don't forget to bomb those 14 SSBN Ohio Class submarines with enough
Trident D5 nukes to turn Russia into the worlds largest parking lot. LMAO

Author joel trevino (4 months)
M.A.D. is still the order of the day. There is no such thing as a winnable
nuclear exchange because nuclear weapons are like Lay's potato chips, once
you use one, you will not stop until all are flying and that would bring
about the end of the civilized world and billions of people.

Author The Squid Army (5 months)
Just play the game DEFCON Everybody dies. It shows how stupid nuclear war
is and how many people would get killed.

Author jeffrey gussman (3 months)
theres no proof that america is afraid

Author Peter Stubbs (2 months)
Franz Bauer. you are a total dickhead. First of all, the yanks have FAR
more missiles than you. Secondly, their missiles are more accurate.
Thirdly, they have a far better anti missile capability than you. Only one
pile of smouldering shite and that would be russia.

Author Caleb Boland (2 months)
To be honest...not afraid just ready...

Author BEST GOOD (5 months)
why Florida? I live in Florida

Author Odyssey Voyager (2 months)
why florida!!?

Author Benny A (7 months)
Sure, let them fire on the USA but, one thing is for sure our Boomers will
turn Russia or who ever dares to fire on us like that, let it will be known
Our Navy will turn your country into a giant parking lot for the next
10,000 years. Does Chernobyl rings a Bell?

Author Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis (1 month)
3:23 fat Joe Biden

Author Le "TheJutsch" (1 month)
Russia: Making awesome weapons and presenting it with fancy music

Author TaggedRed2 (2 months)
Nuke Nuke Nuke everyone wants to glow in the dark, if anyone thinks that
there is a winner...think again!

Author Beskidekk (4 months)

Author mirrorsedgy (3 months)
try watching this with translation on, it's funny as hell and totally not
understandable xD

Author Eric Carroll (29 days)
Study world events

Author Sistemeformgestalter (2 months)
i dont understand the video's words but i see Russia is really
unconquerable world power! bravo guys!
greetings from Norway! 

Author Prince Chawmin (2 months)
Time to invest in aerospace................ A nice new cold war can bring
some money in..... Just like the last cold war. LETS GO BACK TO WORK!!!

Author navythomas8 (2 months)
another shit 240 upload.

Author sietse de boer (2 months)
the only thing your stupid country brags about is nukes, they can't do
anything else then talk about their nukes, silly people

Author ralucagymnast (2 months)
Any release of these weapons, anywhere in the world will culminate in death
for everyone; I would say that we in Britain have the only real true
deterrent with our Vanguard subs. Any country which fires first will find
all of their strategic and military installations destroyed by our Trident
MIRV's; so good luck fiting one of these or however many, because believe
me, our subs will produce a rain of ruin.

Author Ray Coleman (2 months)
Vintage footage....

Author dunnp12 (5 months)
you do realized that the Russians just nuke a swamp. Oh well the do call
Florida gods waiting room.

Author Michael Dolaberidze (3 months)

Author Chip Oclassen (1 year)
Scary? Imagine the Chinese, they use the exact same warhead designs we

Author Eric Carroll (29 days)
Coming soon to the streets of america ww3

Author Eric Carroll (29 days)
World war 3

Author hackingunlimited (4 months)
la division azul volvera a rusia...xdddddddd

Author e36bg (6 months)
You can talk as much as you want. Russia, China, USA are the most powerful
countries. There isn't such thing as who's afraid of who. Nobody is afraid
of nobody. Each of these countries can evaporate any of the other two, as a
matter of fact, any country they want. There is no system that can save you
from certain death. And those SUPER COOL US satelites... they'll be good
for one thing - watching the world crumble before them.
People and governments would not get into war. They're afraid of total
destruction. These aren't WW2 weapons, most countries (if not all) have
nuclear and/or chemical weapons of some type. War wasn't, isn't and will
never be something so simple, that a handful of douchebags could argue over
the internet. I'm pretty sure nuclear weapons will not be used as you
imagine they will - as you've seen on some sci-fi movies and games.
And yes - if they are used in such way, you won't be alive after the first
few days of the said war. By total destruction, I mean TOTAL destruction.
No USA, no Russia, no shit... nothing can save anyone. There is no systems
that can prevent espionage, inside jobs, well placed bomb and so on...

USA is shit. You haven't seen such a hard "socialistic" or communistic life
as Russians and Chinese have. Those two countries can eat your miserable
300-years-of-history shithole of a country alive. Get your shit straight,
the propaganda and brainwashing that your beloved medias put in your empty
heads, that the rest of the world sees every day, makes us laugh over your
pity artificial "american dream".

Author BoltThrower321 (12 days)
crappy music....and, serious I like military stuff, but to glorify mass
destruction weapons systems, who kill millions of innocent people, the
nature and the animals who live in it...serious FUCK YOU.

Each of those weapons WORLDWIDE need to be reduce to a minimum...only maybe
10 to attack Aliens, Zombies or Asteroids.

But everything else is just brainfucked crazy shit. Each Solider, Scientist
and Politician need a headshot who want to use this shit!!!!!!!

Author jbeckham360 (6 months)
The U.S. Has mach 12 or better stealth bombers now, so no they are not
afraid of any missile Russia has. Attack any target in the world in 15
minutes and no nation would see it coming or be able to do jack shit about
it. Just saying. Nuclear war is bad but the Generals in the U.S. really
laugh at your nation now.

Author Tim Bagzey (6 months)
these missiles and Russia are protecting the world !. if just the Americans
had nukes they would still be using them to this day genocideing billions
of people but they cant as other nations like Russia have nukes too , yay
for mutually assured destruction . the Russians saved us from the nazis in
ww2 and there saving us from the modern nazis (america) today . i hope they
never have to be used but if someone does start a nuclear war ( probably
will be America and Israel that start it) it will be these missiles that i
rely on for vengeance . 

Author Leo Dent (27 days)
I think that the Russians might be forgetting that we were the first to use
the nuclear bomb and if we were to go to war with Russia and things went to
bad for us, we would just invent something even more powerful. But what do
I Know, i'm just an arrogant white American. :)

Author 206wildcard (6 months)
there is no argument. If US and Russia go to war. most of us wont live past
the first week. It will be mutual destruction of both nations and most of
the world. Only a handful of people will create a new civilization and
everything you know of the world today will be a page in history. ww3=no
winners, except the powerful elite who will have ample warning, time and
resources to prepare to endure and will inherit the earth with a lot less
people to share it with.

Author MOnkey COmpany (28 days)
Really u have Topol M
we have Minuteman iii.
cmon press yhe damn button and we all have fun together

Author Christopher W. Hearne (7 months)
how old it this?

Author dmitry peskov (4 months)
Please do not touch simple americans in comments - many americans is a good
people, like we are! Policy are not all people, peace from Russia, sorry
for my english...

Author Evul Bananuh (3 months)
Why is Florida getting nuked in the thumbnail? Florida is never involved in
anything, and I don't really want to be in a state that's a target. 

Author zachsb2013 (6 months)
Scared? Funny. I'm not worried about getting nuked because I know we will
intercept it and make a big fucking huge glass crater out of yours. America

Author Miles Claiborne (5 months)
this is so stupid all you russians do is brag about how you have the best
nuclear missiles like honestly do we care? No honestly we don't because
your dumb ass country as nothing better to do but to keep enhancing nuclear
missiles that are made to kill. At Least us Americans defend our country
and we are ALL saying end this shit and all you scum russians do is keep
running your mouths about " wait till we nuke you " Really? are you
honestly proud to make a missile to nuke millions of people and take
helpless lives that don't deserve to be taken ex specially from a stupid
ass russian nuke? How about you all shut the fuck up with your scum selves
because russia doesn't have anything better to do then brag about your
stupid ass murdering weapons i really hope your stupid ass country is proud
of spending millions and millions of dollars on something that has no other
mission other then to kill. At least America doesn't go around bragging
about something new we make honestly we keep them a secret so keep being
stupid and let every country know what you're making and we WILL find a way
to make that missile look like a waist of fucking space. and oh and one
last thing don't hate on me for just defending the place where i live
because i never knew that was against the fucking law.

Author Colin Stead (6 months)
Americans listen up. I'm a UK citizen and live in between the two great
nuclear powers. Don't fuck with the russkies. They are not stupid and after
the shit they suffered in WW2, they are not about to let the Yanks fuck
with them. Respect.

Author Baja Bajano (1 year)
SS-18 ("Satan") What America is afraid of? Russia's nuclear shield


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