In this video I play maps "Lugaru Challenge 8 & 13, by akazi" - Which are avaliable if you download "SUMLAUCNHER" - which is found in the secret preorder forum, if you have prepurchased overgrowth.

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Author Ourworld Randomizer (3 months)


Author Fidel Sanchez (3 months)
new subs: me!!

Author christopher silva (2 months)
hiidubbz plz help i cant use my new characters like a cheetah
how do i use it

Author Brendan Schlebecker (2 months)
Dat outro music doh

Author alanna hull (3 months)
He leg cannon you you can see I'm scrunched then push of your head

Author Wilma Wessels (3 months)
yeah now you know how a leg canon feels

Author Ourworld Randomizer (3 months)
Invents the signature kick.
Kills the whole population on Akazi's levels.

Author Alexander Gamer (7 months)
What key you press when you finish the challenge?

Author aaron walker (4 months)
you want guns well im gonna mod guns (MODDING IS HARD IT TOOK ME 2 HOURS TO

Author Keith Ball (5 months)

Author Parker Catlin (6 months)
why there music when you die

Author dusknoir they cyclop ghost (6 months)
like everyone gone die

Author Angela Jones (6 months)
He did a gameplay of lugaru

Author adejimi12 (6 months)
Wolf are too op one hit with anything move will instant kill you

Author pureawsomeness98000 (6 months)
I swear, every one on YouTube I see playing overgrowth hasn't played
lugaru. Overgrowth is lugaru's sequel.

Author dusknoir they cyclop ghost (6 months)
soooooooooooooooooooooo ugly you avatar

Author Tommy Nguyen (7 months)
that woft want mario on you

Author Earl ZZ (7 months)
5;09 this time i will use my tyqwandohcrap XD

Author Zacchai Enoch (8 months)
you got launched!!!

Author KeenanPenCross (9 months)
"That dude bounced off my head!" ~ iDubbbzTV, 2012 ~

Author CreeperStealth (1 year)
Have you seen when he didnt do jump kicks? idiot....

Author Marykaye Arduino (1 year)
You are awesome!!!

Author CyborgGamer13 (10 months)
Daedric's better.

Author therager269 (1 year)
NO its stupid

Author Thomas Davers (1 year)
1. If he's 5 years old his English won't be the greatest. 2. He gave useful
information so don't be ageist.

Author josh carmine (10 months)
twee yer o1d

Author Mr Unamused (1 year)
So bad, its hilarious XD

Author Rocky Russell (1 year)
throw the freaking knife from far away

Author TwistedBetrayal (2 years)
The intro... was revenge for all those times you've immediatly killed
enemies with the face kick.

Author Blob Pootis (2 years)
Y you so awsum :3

Author King Fajunu (1 year)
7:05 its Mario time

Author Playa SheepDB (1 year)
1 your a cunt 2 dont go on youtube for that reason 3 make the web happy

Author xTFRxLEEK (1 year)
LOLZ XD he jumped on his head!!!!! Haha

Author heyuthere234 (1 year)

Author Rohan Macpherson (1 year)
Aww man it a tie,its a draw.

Author Coolblox Thayzen (1 year)
Actully your head is a Trampoline.

Author Mr Unamused (1 year)
Attempted English right here everyone.

Author Lolkick1000 (1 year)
lol at 03:36

Author brianna wolf (11 months)
try throwung the knife when they dont know your there

Author Twinkie Ramirez (1 year)

Author Dragon's breath (1 year)
1. I like lists. 2. how is that useful he didn't tell how to find it

Author TheCharlie40000 (1 year)
Cool story, bro.

Author Ross O'Keeffe (1 year)
They should add in bows

Author sam peter (1 year)
That wolf engaged bad ass mode

Author dylan gorgees (1 year)
parkour wolf 7:03

Author Tim Friedrich (1 year)
He resizes he can press 3 to revive himself but no one else

Author AeroFlame (1 year)
Also, right-click to block an attack... that might help you a lot haha

Author carter hill (1 year)
love u dubz

Author creepersblood (2 years)
You're HILARIOUS! I know I say that in all of your videos but it's
ABSOLUTELY true! You're a GENIUS I tell you!

Author Edgars Dragneel (1 year)
07:06 lolz

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