Inverter Board Repair Explained

A quick video response as to why i replaced an inverter board vs fixing the existing one.

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Author Brick Tamland (6 months)
the thing about faulty parts is, they stop manufactuering the parts when
they figure out the shit breaks easily. so finding the parts to fix the
board you have is pretty rare.

Author leroy mack (3 months)
I need the info were to get this inverter board .Please get back to me
soon as your can. 

Author Mac Islas (7 months)
hey man nice video only little details, on that particular board the
problem is not the parts that you call ballast which they are not actually
ballast they are called transformers and like i was saying the problem is
not the "transformers" it's a diode, I have fixed those boards many times
and it is always that same diode so you might want to check the board
better, I understand it is something new for you maybe but it's driving
people into the wrong road. Nice try though.

Author David B. Vaupel (9 months)
I have the very same power inverter board that you have on here & its out
of a emerson lcd tv.
I'm hoping this video will show me how to test my board for which the power
light is flashing 15 times then goes into standby mode.

Author Troyvidihoo (1 year)
There is no reply option so I will reply here to Gabriel Sorin Beldie:
Perhaps youd b kind enough to point out what was condescending in my
message? Having heard someone use an incorrect term, does not make it now
the correct term. My response was genuinely intended to be helpful and non
offensive,and thankfully was received as such. If your talking to one who
knows the difference then your not going to be on the same page with whom
you are trying to communicate are you? I am sorry you found my post lacking
in information & objectivity, so here you go: A ballast is a complete
device that by definition always steps up V & limits A, it may or may not
have a true transformer or even have the output isolated from the power
source like a transformer. This whole inverter device could be correctly
referred to as a ballast. A transformer on the other hand is a single AC
component that steps up V while stepping down A, OR viceversa, &
electrically isolates source and load from each other typically. Some
specialty transformers like automotive coils do not isolate input from
output, but isolation is usually one of the defining characteristics of a
transformer. One could occasionally be correct to call a ballast a
transformer, as some ballast are simply an enclosed transformer, but most
are more complex than that! So one searching for this board level part
calling it a ballast, can be 99.99% certain the search will end in
failure. I hope you found my contribution more beneficial now Gabriel. 

Author mitropoulosilias (7 months)

Author Charles McCune (1 year)
America has become a throw away country. and I love it because there junk
becomes my treasure. lol. nice repair.

Author Charles McCune (1 year)
cool repair. I have a 42inch I picked up from the trash. it had be repaired
before they replaced the caps. but the person that owned it said he spent
like 200 bucks for that repair and not even a month later it went back
again same problem so he said he threw it out and pick up a new one. so I
to did the research and found it better getting a new board. but the one I
had was rev A the new one I got it was a rev c looked a little different
but its been working for 4 years now.

Author RedMusicSinging (3 years)
Maybe it doesn't work for you because your a fag?? Hmm?

Author sinkosav (1 year)
WTF is balast....that shit is used only in cars light lcd
sets is only hi voltage transformers present....they are not expensive,but
hard to find...sometimes they are internally arching between coils and
sometimes lcd lamps draw to much current,or even bad capacitors in power
supply ...that is common failures

Author Donovan Lavinder (3 years)
And to answer the question why the inverter will quit running when the lamp
go out: The inverter is apparently required to have resistance current
sensor to monitor the current the lamps draw (up to 200mA) and ensure that
the lamps is kept in check. If one lamp goes bad, no matter the lamps are
wired, series, parallel or both, it will always sense some change in
current measurement, and shuts down to prevent arcing to the chassis.
Sometimes it can go bad with lamps still working fine.

Author cal22583 (4 years)
@1stdickem i havent found one on ebay in awhile. a few people have had
success on Amazon. Good luck!

Author hermann ehon (1 year)
hallo i hop this few ideal can transform my electronics life and am very
interesting of it

Author JO3haNsum (1 year)
does that make those ballast expensive?

Author cal22583 (4 years)
@DrMR2000 thanks for the tip. that's gonna very helpful for me here in the

Author jacobusonian (1 year)
Hi, Don't know if you're still looking but I found a place that appears to
have the ballasts. Here's a link to it Looks like links are not allowed -
then you want to look up a company named Electronica-usa, using standard
web addressing if you know what I'm saying. Hope it helps you or anyone
else in the future.

Author OK2BCK (3 years)
can't you just rewind those old ballasts while your wife is knitting in the

Author lavincilu (3 years)
dear Christian, thanks a lot for your video. I want to be in ocntact with
you please contact me via email please. I'm from Milano Italy my name is
Luca Lavinci I've a good news for you. thanks bye

Author peterjordan1977 (1 year)
This video should be removed because it is very misleading and may even
cause somebody harm if they try and play around with an inverter that has
very high voltage output even at low current could be dangerous if not

Author Kees van den Boogaart (3 years)
Do you know how let the monitor give a mirror image.(not by the
computer).With a CTR screen you could change some wires greetings Kees

Author cristoretornebiblia (5 years)
Thank you buddy, this is a great video and it makes a lot of sence rather
than replacing the components just get a new inverter, I did research and
all kind of problems can happen on the board, fuses, capicator, they is a
way to test it if you have spare led lights from another tv just plug them
in and if it lights up the board is good.

Author Gojoe107 (1 year)
Thank you so much. huge help!

Author neighborole1 (4 years)
My problem is with a Viewsonic V900 or V9000. I'm so burnt out trying to
find a solution to the same symptoms but the Dog-Gone Caps don't have the
volcano puking out the top nor the "Jiffy POP" top. You hit a note when you
pointed out the bottom droop bulge thing. Makes me want to put my
binoculars on and ONCE AGAIN,,, EYE-BALL THE BOARDS AGAIN! Can the "Bottom
Droop Bulge Thing" be an indicator?

Author chucknorris687 (2 years)
How did you spot an inverter problem if the the lcd flickers and is really
dim? Are there common characteristics of a bad inverter? Thanks.

Author kcar11705 (4 years)
Is lcd tv the same as plasma tv?

Author Vicki Stromlund (1 year)
Thanks so much for this video! My Emerson is having the exact same problem.
I've removed the back panel, and will order the new inverter panel. Your
explanation, and demonstration made this very easy to understand. Can you
tell me the seller on Ebay that had the $59 panels? Thanks again.

Author Troyhoo (2 years)
You do say your not a advanced repair person,no offense intended, What your
calling ballast are usually called transformers, they almost never fail!
These are step up units taking in under 12v and outputting >800v, but the
current is so low that any overload usually shuts down the inverter long
before they will fail. Failure can occur though if the load is open,
&internal arcing occurs.Point is 99.99% likely these are not the problem
Cap or semiconductor way more likely, & usually available.

Author worzel7 (2 years)

Author sinkosav (1 year)
dont be so rude...English is not our first language,and dude you perfectly
know what that guy is saying...wondering how many language you speak...and
he have a good point,thats is not balasts,but hi voltage
need education in electronic dude

Author sinkosav (1 year)
actually over time lamps loosing inert gas in it ,and draw more and more
current...when current is overload ,than feedback voltage sensing is come
so hi that shut down the power supply...its possible to find on what
transformer is sensing voltage to high and simply disconnect transformer
and shorting the input coil...then set will work ,but without one or more
lamps,depending on set system,on some sets one transformer drive one
lamp,on another two or more...regards

Author ventureelect (3 years)
No apology needed , you have great videos.

Author Terrance Smith (3 years)
Can you give me information where you got yours. I have a Sharp lc-42sb45u.
I thank you in advance for any information. osmith3 deland fl

Author Donovan Lavinder (3 years)
And yes, my TV is less than 2 years old. This TV was given to me - LCD and
computer inside this TV works perfectly (confirmed with a 3+ Watts LED
flashlight being shone on LCD screen, you would see patterns on it if the
LCD and computer works fine).

Author Killpacient (2 years)
obviously youre not an electronist, dude, if the windings r not shot you
can tweak the feedback, its normal to drain more current over time ... its
not the ballasts... usually the lamps go bad.

Author sinkosav (1 year)
good point...that kid know nothing

Author Donovan Lavinder (3 years)
Inverter failure can go in a long way, with so many things to go wrong:
Capacitors, transistors, diodes, resistors and transformers. If you are
going to troubleshoot and repair it, go at high voltage circuit as there
could be failed op-amp chips in current sensor portion, which the inverter
will not start due to "LAMP_OUT" fault. I have found out about this. My
TV's backlight just flash then remains off. I have to replace the ICs, and
maybe resistors or diodes. A real challenge.

Author keenedge2010 (3 years)
@DrMR2000 - Are you referring to the the ballasts and capacitors of the
inverter board? If so, how would I know which is the inverter board on my
Westinghouse LCD TV? Thanks Sonnmari83

Author cal22583 (3 years)
@ventureelect Thanks!

Author Felix Zavala (2 years)
Great video and advise given... Thank you for the time taken sir..

Author Steven Brown (3 years)
Compacitors !

Author JOHN ANTHONY (1 year)
My hat is off to you for trying to recover / mend / fix this item rather
than dump it in the trash. Keep up the good work bud.

Author certified30 (3 years)
why would you buy electronic componants from ebay or anywhere else, do what
i do go to any electronic junk yard, pick up old electronics and desoder
caps, inverters, converters...etc and have a back up of bit of everything,
so when somehting goes wrong, all you have to do is dig in your reserves :)
it works for me @ 0$ and i have repaired tons of TVs, monitors,
motherboards...ect. dont waste your money on ebay.

Author ajdoms4 (2 years)
My LG 47 just lost power...(forgot to put power surge) what do you think is
the problem on my LCD? thanks... great video...

Author Kevin Thomas (4 years)
sup man i have a 32'' westinghouse lcd tv and frecently the screen will g
blank and the sound too but the tv power will stay on it does not go in
standby mode. and it wll not come back on till i rest it for about a week
or so. it will work fine for ablout a month if am lucky then will go out
again. what do you think?

Author cal22583 (4 years)
@huntsman1999 yeah, and this board came with a warranty too. for the amount
of time saved and the peace of mind the warranty offers its a no brainer.
thanks for posting!

Author cal22583 (2 years)
Non taken man. That's why I always try and tell people in my videos that
I'm not a professional. Thanks man!

Author Marco Bernal (4 years)
Thanks man, I do repairs on the side too and I had to replace a whole
inverter board too, just not worth to try to fix the board.

Author TheGamingDirect (3 years)
@kmfdmkid2000 Sames happend to me. Does it start up for 1 second then the
picture goes but the sounds alright?

Author michael wiltz (4 years)
where to buy an inverter board and how much it will cost.

Author whiskeyify (3 years)
These are high voltage transformers...I have fixed CRT tv's for many years
and I can tell you every CRT tv uses a different model high voltage
transformer. There must be a thousand different ones. As to these inverters
I don't know...I don't really have experience with them.

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