Viennese Waltz Demo (Music) by Mirko & Alessia

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Author Antti Keskinen (3 years)
@QETDH The title of the song is "Mesakukkia", performed by Jay Ungar &
Molly Mason. The song can be found from their CD called "Lover's Waltz",
published 1997. The song is played with accelerated tempo, as the original
recording is too slow for a Viennese Waltz.

Author zeekwolfe (3 years)
I had ballroom dancing in college and it was a lot of fun. Haven't danced
in years, but if I did most people would I think I was doing the 'klutz.'

Author S Lam (1 year)
eye contact is also technically bad too as if the love at each other in the
eye;their feet will line up and will kick each other once they start

Author seroslaw5 (6 years)

Author drchen054 (2 years)
In 1919, this was said about Waltz - "The waltz, in fact, is magnificently
improper.. the art of tone turned lubricious. . " -H.L.Menken LOL

Author Pietr0089 (6 years)
what is the name of this song? it's great

Author manonlomettoindubbio (3 years)
Do you know the name of the song ?

Author IYarD (5 years)
best dance from mirko & alessia. The fleckerl is very beautiful and
perfectly balanced.

Author maineartone (1 year)
Does anyone know the name of the music or artist that is being played?

Author Jack Bristow (5 years)
i completely disagree i think there fleckle show great contrast control and
yet is still amazingly balanced and movement is also maintained throughout
lets c u do one that good

Author Vidula Nandasena (1 year)
*picks up jaw*...*walks away*

Author Thuận Đặng tiến (1 year)
Name song: Metsakukkia By: Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

Author crazybubbles18 (4 years)
it looks like their dancing on clouds D: i wish i were half as good as that!

Author 6981487 (4 years)
what is that beautiful song :) ?

Author Emilinepinkie (3 years)
@MaestroAshman you can be doing everything perfectly but your energy is
bad. And guess what??? My family has been doing this sport for over 80
years. I think I know what I am talkinga bout. (plus i showed this to my
instructor A WORLD CHAMPION! and he agreed)

Author MrSTYCH (4 years)
what name of the song? pleas

Author Fenex (3 years)

Author GodzProX (3 years)
I believe this is more of an art, because of the personal interpretations
that dancers can have, as opposed to sports. Furthermore, I believe that
not just anybody can judge how good a dancer is, not like in soccer or
tennis, where it's pretty obvious who is better. But I believe dancing is
more intricate and deeper than that (: But that's just what I think (: And
I'm sure that Alessia would agree that she isn't perfect and can improve,
but isn't that what all dancers are looking for? (:

Author eorlas0 (4 years)
@saraa49 You're blithely unaware of the fact that they were world champions
and Mirko continues to be with Edita

Author Ossi Kemppinen (3 years)
Thank you for a beatiful dance and music. Where can i get that music (Cd)?

Author Raymond Tseng (6 years)
where do you get these awesome videos!

Author RSCazdan (3 years)
I love how everyone comments on the dancing... what about the music? I'm
still liking the 'Oom Cha Cha' accompaniment :)

Author Hiraghm (4 years)
Why does she tilt her head away from him like that? Halitosis?

Author bluedragon192 (5 years)
wow.. the balance is very very good..

Author teddykan1 (3 years)
Mirko revolutionised international Ballroom standards by showing how the
Man really can have as much body expression as the Lady. I don't like the
music - they could've done it to something so much more lively and bubbly.
There's rarely eye contact in any of the Ballroom dances, least of all
Viennese Waltz. If the Man is to look at the Lady, the accepted technique
is for the Lady to look away coyly. This is the basis of the dance which
after all portrays the courtship ritual in a refined form.

Author Rita Martucci (5 years)
Metsäkukkia is a traditional Finnish waltz. Check itunes, you should find
it. translates as Forestflowers.

Author julius bandri (5 years)
skoro ako ja :-)

Author Nagy János (4 years)
Really shiny.. but.. It doesn't reflect the love... sorry

Author Ash Robinson (3 years)
@Emilinepinkie Work on what exactly? Could you be more specific? I assume
you must have a few world championships under your belt to be

Author BJ Achim (3 years)
@latinstud09 this comment should be deleted, they are not a user anymore
and it's a pointless criticism

Author Dương lạc (1 year)
what name song??

Author Pietr0089 (6 years)

Author IYarD (4 years)
@jennytalea yes. reverse, than natural fleckerl

Author 68yvonne (4 years)
Absolutely Beautiful and so dreamy.........

Author eorlas0 (4 years)
@Hiraghm In the International Standard and American Smooth styles of dance,
that is where the lady's head belongs for most of the figures unless
shaping dictates other head movement or position.

Author Katanankantaja (4 years)
...So soft...

Author Emilinepinkie (3 years)
@MaestroAshman First of all I still think she should work on technique and
energey. I didn't say she was bad! I said she should WORK ON IT! 1 is the
worst and 10 is the best. I would rate her 9 1/2. So i didn't say she was

Author sleazybtd (3 years)
I should record myself doing this with my girlfriend and post the video of
us falling flat on our faces.

Author MrUnvcandy (3 years)
I've only been studying ballroom for 4 1/2 years, but to me they're awsome.
If I can just be in their league, I'd be happy.

Author Boris Wismer (1 year)

Author Xiangyue Gu (2 years)

Author Paige Michaelis (1 year)
More diabolic than anything.

Author Ash Robinson (3 years)
@Emilinepinkie ok, you still have not justified your argument. You are now
using energy as your criticism. Energy relates to the exertion of power, in
an artistic manner. Technique relates proficiency of a practical skill. So
which is it?? You refer to this as a 'sport', in my opinion it is art and
it will forever be art. I think Alessia has done an amazing job throughout
her career. Don't post comments on people without thinking first. How many
world championships do you have again?

Author Anthony Lemaire (6 years)
I'm a French ballroom dancer and I think viennese waltz is One of the most
difficult dance ... but what a beautifull music... could you post the title
of this music... please... thanks for your videos

Author DaddyCool1947 (4 years)
I find the negative comments too funny. FYI: Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia
Betti are the four-time Professional Ballroom World Champions (2005-2008).
That's like the Super Bowl of dancing. The competion is a cumulative score
in waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, tango and Viennese Waltz.

Author Emilinepinkie (4 years)
@Sophie4688 the girl needs to work on techinque but its still amazing!

Author Ryan Ruiz (4 years)
Wow is righht

Author hibiscus161 (5 years)

Author huy tung (1 year)
Oh.the song is beautiful.What's the name of this song????????

Author Peggy Leiby (4 years)
As mentioned in previous comment, the tune is Metsakukkia. The recording is
by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason on their Lovers' Waltz CD. The recording here
has apparently been sped-up from the original recording to Viennese waltz

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