Amazing voice shocked the audience and Judges - Ukraine X-Factor

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Author jerry crus (1 month)
putin will kidnapped her

Author Will B (1 month)
Why are most of the women in these dirty, outdated Eastern European
countries, so freakin hot?

Author Dunn Jefferson (1 month)
Let me get this right. It is their show, mic, equipment and etc. Yet they
believe she is cheating? Wouldn't they know fucking right from the get go?

C'mon man.

Author Peter Ian Betos (1 month)
It might not be a phonograph, but the mic is "that" good, and I mean
"recording studio quality of compression/pre-amp" good. Mix that with a
singer that can balance the loudness of her voice to nearly static decibel
levels and we got a performer that can sing a studio voice, live!

Author Jennifer Bryant (9 days)
There are pro singing lessons you can take for anyone who wants to learn to
sing pro vocals and improve your singing voice.
Go to

Author KhamulYT (23 days)
These judges are embarrassed to the core after her unbelievable
performance... this is satisfying to my heart... rude Idiots

Author Pri yon Joni (1 month)
Also, did anyone else think she looked like Allegra Cole from Hitch?

Author Barron McCaskill (5 days)
Even a capella her voice doesn't sound real. It's like she has a sound
engineer in her voicebox.

Author starwarsjunkie7777 (1 month)
She either has perfect pitch or damn good relative pitch. Wow.

Author Luka Slone (5 days)
She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard! Amazing!

Author Vicky Kostenas (19 days)
Brava Aida!

Author Michael A. Buccilli (10 days)

Author Sarahcate Roberson (5 days)
thank god for english subtitles

Author therealjordiano (10 days)
omg .. really love the voice ... its like so smooth and .. yeah nice 

Author rafael alejandro (17 days)
now i believe that these two words really exist "perfect" and "angels"

damn... i can't but keep on playing it over and over again!

Author iCreatiive (8 days)
I don't know what language she speaks/sings in, but that voice has to be
one of the most beautiful singing I have ever heard, it's amazing... Too
bad these days people like her gets overlooked for Britney Spears, Lady
GaGa, Niki (whatever her last name is).

Author Jorge Rosero (3 days)
Que hermosa voz de Aida, es impresionante el parecido con la artista
original Polina Gagarina realmente me gustó. El tema es lullaby

Author Pauline Nanjala (19 days)
She is amazing. Wow!

Author monkeyDvang93 (1 month)
What's the name of the song she is singing ? 

Author Mauimuzik808 (12 days)
Man, who could NOT like this video?! She has amazing vocal ability. I will
admit that when she first started singing, my jaw dropped wide open. She
has the voice of an angel. No, I do not understand a word, but I did not
need to. Her voice alone was enough. I hope she pursued this as a career.

Author rkrkrk31 (4 days)
This is called as Making fool of yourself.I could see the embaressment in
the face of the judge who boasted tht she was using a phonogram.

Author Vag Tag (8 days)
μπραβο της!!

Author rafael silva (6 days)
" In the very first moment...I felt it was indeed a false ...And behold
...the second part came through which is became significant and is alive
and kicking."

Author Tanya ward-robinson (21 day)
A beautiful song remains beautiful in whichever language it's voiced in.

Author Xeng Xue Yang (1 month)
love her voice...even though i cant understand what she was singing

Author Derrick Drayton (9 days)
All these hateful replies i hate that the world is so judgemental may God
bless all of you anyways she must of fell from heaven i know good is
pleased to see her sharing her gift on earth beautiful and talented I've
been blessed with listening. 

Author DoLoMyte000 (1 day)
Oh my god her accent is so sexy 

Author Fahdzuli Sumadi (14 days)
i may not understand what she is singing. but that voice was awesome in
every single way. she wasnt only singing, her singing made me feel what the
song meant by the title. i couldnt stop replay-ing the song, i even
compared to the original singer. and gosh aida is amazing. all the best! 

Author Leonardo Groeneveld MF (1 month)
Before the war

Author Sandra Meesala (1 month)
The look on the judges faces.... lol What song did she sing?

Author tony22990 (22 days)
i have heard a lot better voices.. nothing special

Author Rockster (17 days)
And she was also utterly stunning to behold. Such a beautiful girl, she
reminded me of Winona Ryder in a way. Absolutely wonderful, I hope she gets
all the success she deserves.

Author arvin nivraks (13 days)
Wooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!! very lovely beautiful girl and a very powerful
voice!!! LOVE U AIDA :)

Author Larry Dillon (6 days)
She looks scared to death to even smile or she will be beaten.

Author Ruslan Almaty (4 days)
Razgony ty tosku vo mne and so on.Then:Poprosi u oblakov

Author TheDammned (6 days)
She is so nice and she has got a Talent !

Author Cha Lor (17 days)
sexy ass voice

Author Onjira Ekson (12 days)
3.27 I couldn't stop laughing lol but amazing voice!

Author MyAqaa (21 day)
I've listened to this song a handful of times now, and I love her voice and
the song. I have no idea what she's singing, but I guess that's the beauty
of music right. 

Author Major Singh (22 days)
Aida Nikolaychuk !! I really really love your voice so much !! mwacchh love
from india

Author Sandeep Nagarkoti (12 days)
Freaking Amazing voice babe...Love from INDIA !

Author Loren Pittman (1 month)
Really good, but they are kind of over reacting. I've heard better.

Author Trailer World (11 days)
1 05 when she puts here hand in the air THAT WAS SO SEXY

Author Devin Harris (7 days)
Beautiful on all accounts.

Author OSTeroMe (6 days)
Absolute perfection!!!

Author Alex Kay (14 days)
Was she asked to sing it again without effect ..?

Author EpicSceneX (7 days)
1:28 - 3:00 it' not looks like same.i think its fake

Author Reapers Grim (1 month)
i hope those judges apologized to her for being so rude.

Author Katherine Nguyễn (22 days)
could anyone tell me the title of this song? it sounds great with her voice

Author Амир Ермаков (16 days)
c'mon, fellas! can't you hear it? it's all fake)

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