Amazing voice shocked the audience and Judges - Ukraine X-Factor

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 5:42
Comments: 4888

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Author Tide Vang (1 month)
Made me cried. 

Author Leighla (27 days)
It sounded like she did have added effects when she had the background

Author Corban Myers (1 month)

Author musicafan (1 month)
she got the looks AND the voice? talk about unfairness...

Author CheesecakeCaptain (1 month)
It's because they put effects on her voice when the music was playing. I
don't think they were meant to do that?

Author Kombaiyashii (4 months)
did she win?

Author d'henscky (5 days)
What happened to 2.30 - why she had to sang a capella? She sang so
beautifully. And she is beautiful!

Author Citannah Elise (2 days)
One of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my life, there have
been songs that entice emotions in me but this is the ONLY song that has
ever made me shed tears!!!

Author Jehoshua Olivier (6 days)
She sure shut them all up...

Author Matt Olson (1 month)
Is the audience not allowed to show emotion?!?! What is wrong with them? If
this were in the USA people would be losing their minds!

Author meanyen mesakren (9 days)
can anyone tell me the name of the song? thank you

Author marshey123 (16 days)
This was very beautiful

Author Stevie Baby (17 days)
I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Author harshwinder singh (1 month)
what is name of the song plzz can anybody tell me........

Author Renz Melchor (4 months)
im guessing the judges thought she was lip syncing or autotuned

Author Sidney Fortunato (1 month)
The judges owe her an apology for stopping her singing.

Author FaustTheVIII (1 month)
and the Putin took her

Author TheSmiler62 (1 month)
Stunning voice......Certainly made those judges sit up and listen...Love
this ;)

Author Ernie G (2 months)
Does ANYONE know if this video can be subtitled ANYWHERE online?? I want to
know what the judges were saying!! Anyone? Anywhere? Can someone PLEASE
translate and do this video w/ subtitles?? PLEASE!! ;)

Author Shell Gozen (1 day)
wow this just....i... i can even express myself! word DIVINE

Author albertico (3 days)
damnnnnnnn...this woman is too good. don't understand anything but her
voice sounds amazing.

Author mark jc escalon (4 days)
So amazing voice..............and to all bad commenters dont think that is
effect ,joke or something because that was god give to her the nice talent
and like angel voice right :)

Author Bader fahad (12 days)
my heart got melted

Author Mohmed Elrozy (6 days)
The 4 judges have the same eye color !!!!!!!!!
it is obvious artificial lenses 

Author Hamza Pk Hamza (7 days)
Which language

Author Reddoguk (19 days)
Does sound tuned up though tbh.

Author Pedro Ribeiro (14 days)

Author molealto (10 days)
That's put the judges in their place. WIN. (As you can hear the crowd
chant "MO-LO-DETS" i.e. "BRILLIANT")

Author ciure ioan (12 days)

Author aloha4260 (9 days)
WOW.......... Amazing voice :)

Author Tia Hunter (9 days)
They thought she was lip syncing it <3 <3 <3
Her voice is amazing!!!!

Author Mikah Lurima (20 days)
Really? For an audition? Wow! 

Author Dalibor Vrhovac (18 days)
Glas andjela

Author Dorian Cosma (21 day)

Author Edi Dav (12 days)
The best vocal since the late and divine Whitney Houston

Author Dimitar Arsov (19 days)

Author William S (24 days)
Some fucking subtitles would be nice

Author Rudelyn Oclida (21 day)
The judges thought Aida was lipsync..hahaha that was so funny..She had a
golden voice that no one have..A pretty face ,,WOW.. BRAVO..

Author Sheeraj Bassant (22 days)
her voice is a tune recording voice

Author Suzana Andjelkovic (20 days)

Author Айсулу Анесова (25 days)
самое лучшее выступление

Author Projectz wnb (23 days)

Author brati111 (18 days)
What is she doing now??

Author SouMr (19 days)
LOOOOOL !!! So..these ate the Judges of Ukraine X-factor?!they Didn't even
know if it was Playback or Not !!! ahahahah

Author Slobodan Jovanovic (20 days)

Author ayoub mohamed Maliki (23 days)
the most soft and kind and beautiful voice ever

Author muzammil butt (20 days)

Author Joco Ivanovski (23 days)

Author Nikki Plays (23 days)
2:20 what the heck was that?!! KILL IT!!

Author tambulag (26 days)
Damn it, white people, stop that clapping!!!

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