Amazing voice shocked the audience and Judges - Ukraine X-Factor

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 5:42
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Author Pingali Sivasehubabu (8 months)

Author The 5SOS Selenator (7 months)
You all do realise this is a pre recorded backing track she is singing

Author 阿灯 (2 months)
又是一个自走autotune= =

Author Bruce Wayne (6 months)
Motherfucker, when someone sings, you don't fucking talk.

Author Tanner Stage V (4 months)
2:23 What.

Author Jon Snow (5 months)
You dont have to speak Russian to see the girl have a huge talent. You take
the top 20 singers on the world chart and without a studio help most would
not be able to sing horse arse without music. The judges were confused
because she was way too good with the music, so they wanted to hear without

Author DonCorleoneQ8 (3 months)
The audience seems to be a little retarded !

Author BigAppleTalentGroup (8 months)
Take that Taylor Swift n Company.... That is a voice.....
A capella after judges did not believe that was her voice...
America... blahhhhhh There are music artists around the world .. that if
given the chance would make Beoynce n Taylor Swift look like

Author pbaylis1 (4 months)
Those judges are sitting there confused like 'we're not worthy'.

Author Indigo41000 (5 months)
if ONLY it was in english, i could enjoy it so much more

Author NewFormofSilence (6 months)
They did apply an echo to her voice in the first part. I can understand the
confusion. But she's really a great singer as she proved.

Author Adam Sompolinski (4 months)
ja pierdole :D Genialne :)

Author Jonouchi Katsuya (5 months)
Wow. Such an great voice!

Author Mentalidade Logica (3 months)
I listened to both versions, the original one by Polina Gagarina and this
one by Aida.
Both are gorgeous girls singing a beautiful song, but this is the one -
gives me goosebumps.

Author PingaloBill (2 months)
What is shocking about this? That she looks gorgeous?

Author Kombaiyashii (1 month)
did she win?

Author Snake In The Grass (5 months)
Can someone tell me the original artist & name of the song please?

Author Renz Melchor (1 month)
im guessing the judges thought she was lip syncing or autotuned

Author jaqjaques (3 months)
Dam it... Theres a tear in my eye?

Author ben1spain (3 months)
No idea what she is singing about, but I would listen to her sing all day.
I will remember her name. 

Author Defender Falls (2 months)
Why the fuck is Winona Ryder in Ukraine? 

Author Dat Nguyen (7 months)
sound like echo effect

Author shuhaab93 (5 months)
That sucked

Author michal bla (8 months)
That is shocking !!!!!! I want her to sign something in english please 

Author Tharaka Chathuranga (1 month)

Author njide chukwumezie (2 months)
I don't understand the words, but she can sing!. She's pretty too.

Author Archangel1991 (5 days)
Its a shame they told her to stop! The newer version is not as good as this
one! She is so cute!

Author KIKTOHERO (26 days)
Pffffff. This is Ukraine ;3

Author Roses Of Time (2 months)
Lovely voice!

Author Lord Tsugitsuhime (16 days)
I just really loved her voice so much

Author UnknownGenius01 (2 months)
2:23 ... is that an old tranny couple??

Author Idalia Santana (4 months)
smooth, clean, lovely vocal notes, like in a recording studio...she has an
amazing voice! wish her success@@

Author Meztly Diaz (1 month)

Author Robo Cop (1 month)
I like the girl at 1:27 who is saying wow!

Author Claude Rains (5 months)
There was no echo effect it was her voice that made it sound like that. It
was why they stopped and asked her to sing it in acopella, they thought she
was cheating.

Author Ahmad Hadder (2 months)
Give the judges a break her voice was out of the world, it worked out for
the best at the end

Author Tar yk (5 months)
HAHAHA judges look amazed and happy ... nice subtitles man hahahaha

Author James E. Njeru N. (6 months)
how do you sing a prerecorded song live and acapella and sound the same?
that voice was magical!!!

Author Tasnim1970 (2 months)
My guess is the judges were Russian bastards who can not accept Ukrainians
are BETTER..fuck you Russians

Author Mercury Red (29 days)
Wow! you don't even have to understand what she is saying to appreciate
that her voice is gorgeous :)

Author charguigou (5 months)
Poor girl, she seemed so confused, they're really biches

Author bestgold888 (3 months)
i admire people with beautiful voice. 

Author jangofet555 (3 months)
mesmerizing, gosh i love her

Author Nothingbutthebest (5 months)
Awesome talent in any language.

Author Gude Balm (5 months)
She's awesome! She really showed them! 

Author alexandra ruiz (5 months)
oh her voice is so soothing i can just fall asleep it's irresistible she's
a hero for showing her talent it's so beautiful she should be very proud of

Author tom pagratis (4 months)
i am in love...

Author Kole Knudsen (3 months)
Ugh i don't speak transformer! Fuck you decepticons! jk haha. 

Author Jaheim love (7 months)
wow, now thats what you call voice of an angel

Author GaryYOfficial (5 months)
Christina Aguilera sighting at 1:08 lol

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