Amazing voice shocked the audience and Judges - Ukraine X-Factor

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Runtime: 5:42
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Author jangofet555 (4 days)
mesmerizing, gosh i love her

Author Kole Knudsen (6 days)
Ugh i don't speak transformer! Fuck you decepticons! jk haha. 

Author DonCorleoneQ8 (9 days)
The audience seems to be a little retarded !

Author Mentalidade Logica (9 days)
I listened to both versions, the original one by Polina Gagarina and this
one by Aida.
Both are gorgeous girls singing a beautiful song, but this is the one -
gives me goosebumps.

Author jaqjaques (14 days)
Dam it... Theres a tear in my eye?

Author Nick Peterson (15 days)
this would fit in a kingdom hearts music clip so well

Author GarudaPrince (20 days)
Holy sh...
That was amazingly perfect, wow. She's so pretty too.

Author Tanner Stage V (29 days)
2:23 What.

Author Idalia Santana (1 month)
smooth, clean, lovely vocal notes, like in a recording studio...she has an
amazing voice! wish her success@@

Author D. Paul League (10 hours)
It took awhile to understand what was happening until she sang without the
music. They suspected she was singing the music until she sang acapella.
I guess some of the contestants lip synched in the past. She's an
excellent singer.

Author Cleyan28 (5 hours)
i cant understand the song but i can feel it

Author giorgi melelashvili (13 hours)

Author Louigie Basas (37 minutes)
Simplicity is beauty! Go girl :)

Author Rosa Soqui (3 hours)
i dont understand but it does sound mesmerizing :o wow

Author Claude Ouimet (2 days)

Author QuantumAvenue (11 hours)
Reminds me of a young Olivia Newton John

Author inna soo (3 days)
she sings even better without the music hahaaha n by the way dont you guys
think she looks kinda like Winona Ryder!! however she is prettier but she
looks kinda like her :P

Author Nguyễn Hợp (1 day)
giọng hát tuyệt vời quá 

Author Tian Laur (1 day)
jeez i didn't understood a single thing she said but,,,,damn her voice
opens up the gates of heaven!!!WHADDA she's amazing

Author Kiyante Kaneswaran (3 days)
I think they thought she was lip syncing so they made her stop and do it
again probably bc it was to good to be true

Author Strider Soft (2 days)
Finally, after listening for 1 hour to voices across the world, FINALLY
someone that can sing!

Author Steve Roberts (1 day)
Hauntingly beautiful. Aida's truly mesmerizing with her presentation and

Author FF12Grandmaster (4 days)
Wow, the judges thought it was a recording which is why they made her sing
again without music. She should take that as a huuuuuuuge compliment!

Author Michaela Weisbarth (3 days)
So.. I have no idea what any of them said, but did they not believe it was
her singing? Is that why they made her sing with no music? Now that's
talent right there. Wow!

Author mieguistumas (9 days)
Sounds like radio edit. Damn.

Author OniLink977 (5 days)
These judges acted quite odd.

Author Keith Hecker (10 days)
Can she sing in English to? OMG!

Author Marcin Pudrzynski (12 days)
M A S A K R A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author jaroslav durdon (12 days)
to bybyl tak krasny klip o přirodě a zemi ,nadhera

Author MrRoadrunner888 (11 days)
Was this a magic night or something? This was fantastic. Some of the best
I ever heard. Thats why I have listening to all of her songs. It is all
good, but nothing even come close to this one performance. Has the
"professionals" destroyd something pure and real?

Author Lee Yang (11 days)
truly gifted.. when the judge stop she was like'' did I kill someone with
my singing?'' lol.

Author bao trung (9 days)
wow amazin

Author osman zubeir (15 days)
The voice is so intemedating

Author Juan quiroz (19 days)
Perfect voice

Author Gantugs Suhkbaatar (20 days)
Judgers xDDD

Author Randomnick123 (18 days)
Ok, honestly, I've NEVER heard such a clear and amazing voice! It's like
madonna after studio mixing. Holy crap, unbeliavable voice and so pure!

Author ALEX ISHII (18 days)
That's the reason I like it! Harasho!

Author Rina Shahrina (13 days)
How to turn on Subtitle CC?

Author Kseniya L (1 month)
Ok ppl seriously need to get things right russian and ukrainian sound
diffrent, since i am both i know, but u cant just make an assumption that
this is ukrainian, its russian. Geez!!!

Author Lonnie Christopher (1 month)
They didn't believe it was her doing the singing. I heard the English
word...'acappella'....meaning, 'without instrumental
accompaniment'.....then it was as good as anything I ever heard in

Author Geraldine Gabriel (1 month)
What is the name of this song? its nice to listen to :)

Author Dj Macy (18 days)
what is the song called that she is singing? Its really pretty and bet her
version of it is better :)

Author Luciano Rezende (22 days)
Really shocking!

Author Mohamed Kamarul Yahya (14 days)
this world is full with incredible people 

Author Sisyanor (28 days)
Where can i find her full cover of this song?

Author Kristiany andalas (15 days)
Her voice really amazing.

Author Stefanie Mallari (15 days)
hypnotizing.. just wow. amazing. you can do cover of visual novels songs.

Author NuttoGaming (1 month)
What a beautiful language :O is it hard to learn?? 

Author Ano Nym (5 months)
I guess "phonogram" should be "gramophone" ;) makes a bit more sense ^^

Author Kllillie (5 months)
I don't know what she said, but it sure sounds good.

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