Amazing voice shocked the audience and Judges - Ukraine X-Factor

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Runtime: 5:42
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Author Kombaiyashii (2 months)
did she win?

Author Ernie G (11 days)
Does ANYONE know if this video can be subtitled ANYWHERE online?? I want to
know what the judges were saying!! Anyone? Anywhere? Can someone PLEASE
translate and do this video w/ subtitles?? PLEASE!! ;)

Author Renz Melchor (2 months)
im guessing the judges thought she was lip syncing or autotuned

Author Spasa Mijin (2 months)

Author HUAN TZA-LEE-NEH (2 months)
wtf why they said to her a capella?

Author Christina Fylonenko (3 months)
She actually sounded better singing without the record. She is Ukrainian
but why do the judges speak Russian?

Author 阿灯 (3 months)
又是一个自走autotune= =

Author Sarah Daniel (3 months)
I don't understand what she's singing, but overall, her voice is stunning.

Author njide chukwumezie (3 months)
I don't understand the words, but she can sing!. She's pretty too.

Author PingaloBill (3 months)
What is shocking about this? That she looks gorgeous?

Author Tharaka Chathuranga (2 months)

Author syol SYOL40@YAHOO.COM (3 months)
Just love her..Aída, you are amazing.!!

Author jaharned1 (2 hours)

Author Ariel Gustavo Dasso (1 day)
divinaaa, hermosa, y genial
como se llam la cancion?

Author RU12 (2 days)
She looks like Wynona Ryder

Author Victoria Arispe (3 days)
don't understand a word but damn that was awesome/.

Author foom5 (3 days)
Bill Gates in the jury wow

Author Moshiur Rahman Munna (4 days)

Author SpoonPrelude (5 days)
Wow...the judges couldn't even tell. Lmao! Kinda sad really. She has a
beautiful voice. Almost angelic.

Author Arthur Y (6 days)
Ennie they all 4 judges said YES 

Author Anya Manher (7 days)
The thing that happened was that she sang so amazin they thought that the
music in the song was helping her voice or there was someone that was
incharge of the sound track helping her out.

Author Imron isa (8 days)
what a voice......

Author coyotte36 (11 days)

Author Zael Devyon (11 days)
Her voice reminds me of Origa. So basically. Pure sex.

Author Defender Falls (3 months)
Why the fuck is Winona Ryder in Ukraine? 

Author felixlancelot (13 days)
Really amazing!

Author Jayvy Roy Rosendo (13 days)
nice voice...

Author Noelani Anuhea (14 days)
I have NO idea what she was singing about...but it was frikin BEAITIFUL WOO

Author manolo amir (16 days)
she bears a strong ressamblance to angelina jolie .

Author Ver Dad Kaysee (16 days)
Thank you so much for the English subs. Wow, she is a fantastic siinger,
and her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing.

Author MistressJu (17 days)

Author Trent Timoy (17 days)
I've never seen this on a talent show. The judges Didn't believe her
singing (with the music) so they ask her to sing cappella?? She deserved
the dam Golden buzzer and then send her straight through to the

Author thiruvetti (18 days)
Waiting for her to hit the top of Forbes top 10 paid singers, if she hasnt
already :-)
.. My god what a combo of looks and voice. Made for greatness.

Author Daniel Gaunt (19 days)
She didn't use Autotune...she sounded the same without music

Author DonCorleoneQ8 (4 months)
The audience seems to be a little retarded !

Author Jilien Giovani (19 days)
High class voice..even if i dont understand any words she says..

Author marco herz (19 days)
she is amzing wow

Author Albert Maez (21 day)
Is there an english translation available?

Author cherwin laureles (21 day)
love this girl!

Author Phil Anderson (21 day)
Phonogram? I believe my great grandparents had one in 1905! Good to see
Ukraine finally have them now too. In a few years you should hear about a
new invention called an aeroplane. Don't freak okay, stay calm and just
think peace!

Author Robert Matelski (3 months)

Author Michel Nassar (24 days)
Can someone translate please?

Author ben1spain (3 months)
No idea what she is singing about, but I would listen to her sing all day.
I will remember her name. 

Author roger palmer (25 days)
so judge's thought she was a phony... WELL AIDA SHUT THEIR MOUTHS....DIDN'T

Author Yvette Ugalde (26 days)
Her voice was so good and true to the original song that the judges thought
she could be using a pre-recorded device, and asked her to sing acapella.
She then truly impressed them when they saw that it was her real voice.
Amazing singer!

Author Jenny Pereira (26 days)
winona ucraniana...

Author Gr33d50 (26 days)
why is Stephen Harper on the judge panel

Author Keith Hecker (4 months)
Can she sing in English to? OMG!

Author Edward Alexander (27 days)
This video blew my ass away a long time ago and always blows my ass away
each time i check it out. pure.......

Author alejandra leyton (27 days)
bella y encantadora

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