Nkauj Hmoob Sam Neu

This is My dance group's Thai song! it was really good!!!! the stage was also burning hot sooo it was hard for anyone to dance on bare-feet!

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Author nashlubjr (5 years)
yea i know amy was such a dork ahha yea the otehr dance with just me and my
sis we went barefoot too and it hella burn ahhaha ..did you guys post a vid
of you girls dancing cuz i didnt get to see it and i would like to see it ..

Author Linda Khang (5 years)
i was wonderin wat this song was..... then i remembered that my aunt has
this movie....

Author 00aNiMeDuDe00 (5 years)
This one is my favorite out of your dances! You Guys did great even though
it stated early! haha i hear kassidy saying "jaydon foo!" at 0:08-0:09!

Author thao303 (5 years)
nice job.... loved it...

Author Houalor01 (5 years)

Author Houalor01 (4 years)
Its' Called Pleng Ruk Rim Fong Khong .

Author kabnpaujvaj (5 years)
ahaha!! i see amy chewing gum!! rofl but you guys are good.. keep it upp!!

Author xxdimond (5 years)
love the song! but the dancing is kinda boring to watch

Author Houalor01 (5 years)
Thank You!!

Author vajchicka1 (5 years)
woot woot! go hour n der n amy n everyone else in the group..ehehe...i was
watching it from far far away...eheheh....

Author Seobie Xiong (5 years)
Wow does anyone know the name of this song! It sounds pretty good!

Author Plakatwarrior (4 years)
good dancing and they should put a carpet mat on top of the stage to
prevent it from burning too hot.

Author MayaCherry Heartily (3 years)
I like the dance, it's very Simple and beautiful at the same time..

Author kashia (5 years)
Tell amy to spit her gum out next time. LOL! ^_^ -yes, the stage was group was stupid and we almost died with bare-foot.

Author pangfoua22 (4 years)
does anyone knoe the title of this song

Author yolilmama1 (4 years)
the dance was great but the hands on some girls needs to be arched a little
bit more

Author lovegurlcha (4 years)
do you know the songs

Author natasinhoregon (4 years)
one of my fav songs...but gotta let ya'll know it's a thai and lao
song...the guy sings in thai and the girl sings in lao....nice job

Author Houalor01 (5 years)
It's called Pleng Ruk Rim Fong Khong by: Weir and Alexandra Lakorn

Author 414wi (4 years)
miss this dance

Author Kelley Herr (4 years)
such a nice dance with this thai song love it

Author lucievang (5 years)
nice dance moves. i like the two first moves that they use on this song. it
goes really well together and how they all move together as a group. Other
than that just keep it up=)

Author mimi luvsko (4 years)
They all look nice But DANG I was focusing so much on that BLONDY Look at
her hair

Author clee12 (3 years)
wow its a really good dance

Author VoiceOpinion (5 years)
I remember this's the tournament at Denver, Colorado. I was
there a year back I think? Hahaha! Cool...bout time they get a platform for
the dancers to dance on.

Author 00Boyher (4 years)
omg i am loving thee song! and nice performance!! but yeah just loose thee
sandals then its good!

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